First Day, First Step

One Always needs a loyal & sincere Friend to communicate, discuss the hidden words, the open books & Floating gestures. But Unfortunately, the scenario has been changing rapidly cause no one has time for himself then how can other expects from him for sufficient span of time.

Don’t get desperate, not to loose hope, stand on your toes & look inside you. Yes, you have a friend there “Allah”.

He always has plenty of time to give without any botheration. One can always look forward to communicate & shed tears in front of him without the fear of opening of his secrets.

He is the listener, the helper, above all the friend, one can always retain in his life. No matter how toughest time you face, Allah will never release you from his mercy. The Lord, the Follower, the most precious friend, who is always ready to guide you to the path of success & destiny filled with harmony as well as rainbow of joy.

I found Allah, can you get the courage to step ahead & ask him for friendship. Trusts me, he will never refuse the genuine words.

At least give it a try..!


Walking Down the University Campus

Sometimes past cross through the memory as it has just happened and smile traverse the whole face. Indeed the happening made me share the incident I went through during university time.

Three girls moving for the refreshment after two hours long lecture, suddenly one caught the person focused the three in his cell phone camera. Look at him, he took the snap and boys walked on their way unknowing of the three girls following them. They are going out of reach, hurry! One girl said. The three girls chasing the boys almost running when they saw the guard of their department coming from the apposite side. Uncle, follow the boys and take the cell phone because they focused us. Guard understood the situation, took the cell phone and made them come the department.

Maam these boys pointed their cell phone and focused us, the three were insisting though the guys being a culprit totally denied. Case was reached to the chairman; unfortunately he got annoyed and scolded them of their act.

Guys belonged to the other department of the university and almost got harassed and stressed of the reaction of the chairman because he asked them to leave their cell phone as he would discuss the matter with their parents. The last arrow hit the bird and they started pleading excuse.

Maam don’t let them go, girls let them go cause it’s just the act of immaturity otherwise they can put you in hasty condition by cracking their foolish acts over and again. Behave mature; the pictures are blurred as camera resolution is not unanimous to capture the quality image. Alright Maam; the three asked them to leave by assuring them to be thankful as they are letting them go without creating a mess.

Scene ended. Was it? Not actually.

The girl didn’t cross the road in front of the boys department for almost a month.
Do you remember the day; one asked the other in the canteen enjoying coffee and the three burst into laughter.

Climax. Now the story ended.

Smile screened my face as the memory is still refreshed.

Growing Frustration

Almost all social issues are ethical & legal to discuss instead of taking a safe turn & get aside, rapidly increasing frustration in today’s society is worth noticeable among them.It’s not only seen while crossing roads or shopping stuff but also during heavy traffic, offices, Educational institutes, public places as well as religious places. People behave worst once get annoyed & start yelling on each other without showing courtesy or formality to their natives. What could one think; why all such situations are grabbing attention? What are the factors causing humans to behave as barbarians towards each other?Rapidly changing climate factors or pollution? Inflation rate or race against money?These are the key factors causing depression not only in grown up but also in kids & young generation. Young people are more getting into technology, want to have everything latest in the market technology related without concerning whether the stuff is useful enough for their need & requirement or just become a Status symbol. Classes & Status has filled the remain hole in society & specially among our new generation. One wants to ride the most luxurious one instead of paying attention to make future & career. Educational institutes have become symbolic figure to grab jobs in the market instead of built In talent of Students. Multinationals are welcoming only those studied from most expensive & symbolized institutes while not giving a penny attention to others without considering their hard work which is the biggest cause of unemployment as only 10% can hardly accommodate their children in high class institutes while rest of the 90% have to have study from mediocre ones.What’s the mistake of those 90%? These and many others are the fundamental to promote hyper depression in young generation, least but not last are the utmost cause of major frustration in their behavior. We all need to think and take prior action to decrease the behavior aggravation

Break the Ice

Time is running, somewhat people are rushing crossing the time line; more or less waiting for the span and putting a glance around, crave to go ahead of it.
Comparatively all are involved in their affairs whether life related or subject matters, one has the least chance to hold up for a minute and think over the realities of life. Though the temperature of universe is rising up, still the wind of cool breeze is blowing around while covered the crowd of humans with Ice. Ice which seems unbreakable and indissoluble which couldn’t mild the one for another.
Why are we in hurry? Why can’t wait to look around and know the harms of others around us? Why can’t we hold up to think?
Nevertheless, time is flying but fortunately humans are worth more then running behind the needles of clock.
Look around, try to think deep and feel heartedly, humans are the creatures who make the world and bring life in the gatherings. Develop emotions for each other, make the others feel that they are worthy while not alone in the huge crowd. There is someone, who cares and has sympathies, feel the illness and desperate moods. Give this feeling to your companions, family, friends, and associates as well as those who are none in your life but still make a difference. Unfortunately we never think about those who have no concern with our life but those are still measurable and conspicuous cause we are some how related and dependent upon. Sometime regarding our deals and sometime it counts with our norms and values. Ofcourse perception about our alike is always there and important to encounter. Must respect the identical and give significance while dealing with, otherwise time will make you unnoticeable gradually, likewise you will never be able to find the odd way out.
Certainly, people have meaning and deserve to be noticeable apart from one ownself. If there is no way to give magnitude to the crowd around, learn it; one is going to be obsolete. That one is none other but one ownself.
Perhaps, it’s the time to Break the Ice which have frozen the sentiments and feel the warmth of humanity. Nothing is more painful then nothingness, so try to be the drop who will unanimously be preceding the ocean. Be something despite of nothing.
Think over, you may find the way.


No doubt, we come across various situations in day to day life but as a matter of fact, we don’t trouble to learn from aspects. Otherwise a minor instance can make us learn to live.

Same I started to follow few years back when caught the chance during my study period to meet a group of Islamic Scholars from Iran. Though by profession they were Engineers, Doctors or Students of Engineering but their forte was that they were Hafiz e Quran. Among the group, a senior member was Engineer by profession but handicap; he couldn’t stand on his feet. Apart from his expertise, Voice & Smile was his greatest strength. The time, they spent there; I saw him with bright smile on his face which never vanished for a moment even. His magical voice was so voluble that when he recited, made the crowd unacquainted of surroundings. Though he was frail as he couldn’t move without wheelchair but Allah Almighty has granted him with lots of other qualities that made him strongest among his group fellows.

Nevertheless it will be more precise to say that most of the healthy people don’t posses the qualities that could lead them to live happily even they have been granted with enough blessings of Allah Almighty.

From the day, I thought to live with smile and thank to Allah the most merciful for everything I am blessed with. The moral is, if one can’t present anything to other, he can share the smile to make other grin for a moment even. I feel this is the Charity as well.
Allah Almighty may bless us all with his love.

Unconditional Love

We all believe in Love in unanimous ways. Not only humans but all the creatures are surviving because of Love.
Love is nature & no one can deny the existence of nature.
Humans, Trees, Flowers, Birds, Animals, Clouds, Mountains, Oceans, Deserts, and Sky etc, all are symbols of Love. They all are the followers of love in various forms i.e. Flowers blossom when wind blows & touches the petals, tree grows when water flows through its roots, it rains when clouds touch the mountains, humans smile when it rains & Sky gets colored when rain stops. It’s all because of their love & inspiration which makes them groom & spread the aftereffects to the universe by making everything lush.
Kids are angels, when they open their wings of laughter & joy; the entire universe plays with them.
Same was the case, when a little kid was very excited while playing around the canal & rooted trees in his village. Canal daily used to wait for the kid to come and play around, splash its water on the soil & trees around it. It was the daily routine of Little boy but as time passed, little boy became grown up and left village for studies, Canal was waiting for him to come but he didn’t. One day the boy who had become young boy visited village and passed through canal, canal got so happy and splendor & asked boy to come and play around as its trees are also waiting for him but boy refused that he doesn’t have time cause he needs money for his studies. Canal gave him fishes to sell and earn money. Boy took the fishes and let the canal again waited for him long. After years Canal was getting dry & its water was not that fresh as it was before but waiting for boy to come & play around, wish came true and boy who had become grown up mature man came, canal asked him to play around but man said I am grown up now and do not play but I need wood for my home. Canal asked him to cut the trees around and use that wood for his home structure. Man cut the trees and left. Years later, Canal got dry, soil became rough while trees were already cut; now no body used to come and sit near the peaceful shelter of canal but canal was waiting for that little boy to come & play around. The almost last wish of Canal came true & old man came to visit, canal got joyous and asked him to play but he refused and said; now I am too old to play but want to do rest. Tears come out of canal and said now I am old enough and don’t have water left with me to offer you for drink, nor my trees for shelter but only rough soil you can lay on and rest. Old man laid on the soil of canal and tears went on.
That was the Unconditional love of Canal with little boy who tried to provide him with even it had nothing left with.
Actually that is the Unconditional love of our parents who spend their whole life for their kids to give them the best they want at the cost of their own wishes & life but when kids grow up, they don’t even have a minute for their getting old parents. While parents wait for them years patiently that one day their children will come & fulfill the wish of their parents as well but the day never rises. Even parents shelter their children in the last moments of their life & surrender their own wish for the peace of their beloved without any norms & conditions.
In the end, would like to mention that this Story of Canal & Little boy is inspiration from the one printed in “The News”, which gave me the thought to write about the sacrifice of our parents & divert the attention of readers towards the Unconditional Love of our parents who never asks us for but only gives.
We if could think for a minute about that dilemma will come to know that its not hard enough to take out some lovely time for our parents from the unlimited ocean of Love; they have already given us and keep on giving.


Rainbow is what appears after rain, the Seven Colors Band. It seems awesome to look at the sky after the rain as all appears rinsed and sluiced.
The same could be seen after dark clouds and rain in heart of human, everything gets clear & swabbed.
When heart fills with mud of depression & dust of worries, its better eventually to make it clear with tears. Tears wash away all the fears & uncertainties of living heart, rained out all the qualms while soothing the life.
So, don’t put yourself in harsh conditions, filter out your worries & guilt, let the rainbow appears on your face & make it shining your life.
Always remember that Allah Almighty said in Quran Pak, Surah 6 “Hum kisi jaan ko us ki taqat sey ziada takleef nahi daytay”
Unfortunately, if you feel the pain is getting worst & letting you down emotionally & expressively, let the storm blow as it will certainly bring you to the norms.
As after every storm the sky turns blue with refreshing weather, as same as the heart Blossoms with fragrance of carefree giving.
From Now onwards, let your heart Blossom & shine your face with Rainbow of true colors which prism your inner beauty.