Growing Frustration

Almost all social issues are ethical & legal to discuss instead of taking a safe turn & get aside, rapidly increasing frustration in today’s society is worth noticeable among them.It’s not only seen while crossing roads or shopping stuff but also during heavy traffic, offices, Educational institutes, public places as well as religious places. People behave worst once get annoyed & start yelling on each other without showing courtesy or formality to their natives. What could one think; why all such situations are grabbing attention? What are the factors causing humans to behave as barbarians towards each other?Rapidly changing climate factors or pollution? Inflation rate or race against money?These are the key factors causing depression not only in grown up but also in kids & young generation. Young people are more getting into technology, want to have everything latest in the market technology related without concerning whether the stuff is useful enough for their need & requirement or just become a Status symbol. Classes & Status has filled the remain hole in society & specially among our new generation. One wants to ride the most luxurious one instead of paying attention to make future & career. Educational institutes have become symbolic figure to grab jobs in the market instead of built In talent of Students. Multinationals are welcoming only those studied from most expensive & symbolized institutes while not giving a penny attention to others without considering their hard work which is the biggest cause of unemployment as only 10% can hardly accommodate their children in high class institutes while rest of the 90% have to have study from mediocre ones.What’s the mistake of those 90%? These and many others are the fundamental to promote hyper depression in young generation, least but not last are the utmost cause of major frustration in their behavior. We all need to think and take prior action to decrease the behavior aggravation


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