Rainbow is what appears after rain, the Seven Colors Band. It seems awesome to look at the sky after the rain as all appears rinsed and sluiced.
The same could be seen after dark clouds and rain in heart of human, everything gets clear & swabbed.
When heart fills with mud of depression & dust of worries, its better eventually to make it clear with tears. Tears wash away all the fears & uncertainties of living heart, rained out all the qualms while soothing the life.
So, don’t put yourself in harsh conditions, filter out your worries & guilt, let the rainbow appears on your face & make it shining your life.
Always remember that Allah Almighty said in Quran Pak, Surah 6 “Hum kisi jaan ko us ki taqat sey ziada takleef nahi daytay”
Unfortunately, if you feel the pain is getting worst & letting you down emotionally & expressively, let the storm blow as it will certainly bring you to the norms.
As after every storm the sky turns blue with refreshing weather, as same as the heart Blossoms with fragrance of carefree giving.
From Now onwards, let your heart Blossom & shine your face with Rainbow of true colors which prism your inner beauty.


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