Unconditional Love

We all believe in Love in unanimous ways. Not only humans but all the creatures are surviving because of Love.
Love is nature & no one can deny the existence of nature.
Humans, Trees, Flowers, Birds, Animals, Clouds, Mountains, Oceans, Deserts, and Sky etc, all are symbols of Love. They all are the followers of love in various forms i.e. Flowers blossom when wind blows & touches the petals, tree grows when water flows through its roots, it rains when clouds touch the mountains, humans smile when it rains & Sky gets colored when rain stops. It’s all because of their love & inspiration which makes them groom & spread the aftereffects to the universe by making everything lush.
Kids are angels, when they open their wings of laughter & joy; the entire universe plays with them.
Same was the case, when a little kid was very excited while playing around the canal & rooted trees in his village. Canal daily used to wait for the kid to come and play around, splash its water on the soil & trees around it. It was the daily routine of Little boy but as time passed, little boy became grown up and left village for studies, Canal was waiting for him to come but he didn’t. One day the boy who had become young boy visited village and passed through canal, canal got so happy and splendor & asked boy to come and play around as its trees are also waiting for him but boy refused that he doesn’t have time cause he needs money for his studies. Canal gave him fishes to sell and earn money. Boy took the fishes and let the canal again waited for him long. After years Canal was getting dry & its water was not that fresh as it was before but waiting for boy to come & play around, wish came true and boy who had become grown up mature man came, canal asked him to play around but man said I am grown up now and do not play but I need wood for my home. Canal asked him to cut the trees around and use that wood for his home structure. Man cut the trees and left. Years later, Canal got dry, soil became rough while trees were already cut; now no body used to come and sit near the peaceful shelter of canal but canal was waiting for that little boy to come & play around. The almost last wish of Canal came true & old man came to visit, canal got joyous and asked him to play but he refused and said; now I am too old to play but want to do rest. Tears come out of canal and said now I am old enough and don’t have water left with me to offer you for drink, nor my trees for shelter but only rough soil you can lay on and rest. Old man laid on the soil of canal and tears went on.
That was the Unconditional love of Canal with little boy who tried to provide him with even it had nothing left with.
Actually that is the Unconditional love of our parents who spend their whole life for their kids to give them the best they want at the cost of their own wishes & life but when kids grow up, they don’t even have a minute for their getting old parents. While parents wait for them years patiently that one day their children will come & fulfill the wish of their parents as well but the day never rises. Even parents shelter their children in the last moments of their life & surrender their own wish for the peace of their beloved without any norms & conditions.
In the end, would like to mention that this Story of Canal & Little boy is inspiration from the one printed in “The News”, which gave me the thought to write about the sacrifice of our parents & divert the attention of readers towards the Unconditional Love of our parents who never asks us for but only gives.
We if could think for a minute about that dilemma will come to know that its not hard enough to take out some lovely time for our parents from the unlimited ocean of Love; they have already given us and keep on giving.


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