First Day, First Step

One Always needs a loyal & sincere Friend to communicate, discuss the hidden words, the open books & Floating gestures. But Unfortunately, the scenario has been changing rapidly cause no one has time for himself then how can other expects from him for sufficient span of time.

Don’t get desperate, not to loose hope, stand on your toes & look inside you. Yes, you have a friend there “Allah”.

He always has plenty of time to give without any botheration. One can always look forward to communicate & shed tears in front of him without the fear of opening of his secrets.

He is the listener, the helper, above all the friend, one can always retain in his life. No matter how toughest time you face, Allah will never release you from his mercy. The Lord, the Follower, the most precious friend, who is always ready to guide you to the path of success & destiny filled with harmony as well as rainbow of joy.

I found Allah, can you get the courage to step ahead & ask him for friendship. Trusts me, he will never refuse the genuine words.

At least give it a try..!



  1. The Post has already published in different forums and caught extreme attention cause of its understandable meaning.
    For my blog, I posted it here.

  2. good one !!

  3. Thanks for sharing it over here, indeed it’s wonderful N worth reading with open heart N mind. God bless, sis. 🙂

    • You are welcome Mishaal and thanks for appreciation 🙂
      Allah may bless you too…Ameen

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