A Road trip to home

Traffic jam traffic jam; a big hurdle to reach somewhere specially to home back from work. The time when person gets extra grouchy and wish to fly over the buildings to home, red signal breaks all dreams and bring him in crowd….Peee Paaaannnnnn……..Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………….chickh chickhhhhhhhhhh……Grrrrrrr…Grrrrrrrr…………..oh god headache. Someone get the hell out of sight, oh no out of ears.
Suddenly, I caught the picture of a man aside of signal, was looking dignified, sober and descent. Wearing white shalwar qameez and having “Motia Gajrey” in hands, he was moving one by one to every vehicle and asking them to buy. Yes. I was shocked too, he was selling flowers on signal; a man who was looking noble, gentleman and stately by family as his appearance and dressing was defining him, he was selling flowers in hot summer and heavy traffic.
By the time I felt sympathy for him, but suddenly a word came into my mind, “Izzat e Nafs”, though he was jobless and might be sole earner, ofcource needy but he didn’t extend hand as a beggar neither he felt shame for selling flowers in hot summer by the traffic signal but he hold his respect and grace while trust in Allah and selected a way to earn Halal, no matter it’s odd or not but it was keeping his self respect and he was working hard for his meal.
I couldn’t find anyone else who could think like rather people feel shame and disgrace; but only in their own country whilst out of country, no one is seeing, you can earn by any means… Isn’t it?
Our so called self respect.


Big City (Islamabad)

Islamabad the capital which opens the doors for Students and working people, most importantly ladies but brings the countless problems along. People from areas around Islamabad prefer to work and study in the capital but as they put step inside the boundary of the capital, numerous problems open up along their way which they either have to face with courage or forget their dream to reside in Islamabad. The biggest of all junks is the “Residence” which is also the most subjective one while one has to have select place to accommodate himself/herself. But where; there are only 3 or 4 options.
Either Rent a flat or room as a paying guest, or look for working women hostel or become a part of family with relatives residing in Islamabad or twin city Rawalpindi.
All are not feasible, cause if you select option one, you should make up your mind to get aside a heavy amount range from 15k to 20k for rent in not very posh but economical area of Islamabad, like G-9/3 or I-8 etc.
Second option is hostel which is the most pathetic as you have to share room with at least 3 to 4 girls while paying 8k to 12k, you have to follow hostel timings or you will be fined by the warden, you need to digest the unhygienic and tasteless meal and if your stomach can’t bear the crassness then you better look for hotel meal but mind it that you have to pay the meal charges to hostel mess either you go for it or not; too bulky on your pocket.
Last but third option is little feasible to avail, cause staying with relatives will not only give you relief from paying heavy rent charges but also more secure then initial two options which are not only costly but also insecure.
Along residing, one should be ready to face uncountable issues such as Transportation, traffic jam cause as big Islamabad as heavy traffic jam and blocks which can go more challenging if you are working in Islamabad but living in Rawalpindi, you better need to have 2 extra hours to travel from Rawalpindi to Islamabad and from Islamabad to Rawalpindi. Another key hitch is food which is as costly as other primary needs.
So if you are planning to move to Islamabad for job or else, you need to have healthy pocket to bear the expenses of Islamabad as it’s the Capital of Pakistan, city of Ministers, MPA’ s, PM and president so the expenses exactly match their caliber, you need to raise your standard.
Hence Girls better look for the job only when your earning is at least 70k to 80k otherwise become orthodox, be modest and stay in your own room.
Subsequently this is not only observation but also experience which has been suffered earlier.

Dil Titli

It was sun stroke hot weather, grouching, choking, scratching heat when all eyes are towards sky, having hope in eyes. Hope; which could melt the hard rock of summer season and bring shade of clouds to shelter the livings on earth. Flowers were loosing life, birds forgot to chirp, suddenly a little sparrow baby screamed…. Cheee Cheeeee Cheeeeee!
Raining, it’s raining, oh God it’s raining with cats and dogs.
Heat is melting, earth is getting damp, birds are flying, and kids are splashing water. Tiny drops are getting bigger and I………………
I am running; hey really absorbing water…….getting damp in refreshing rain water.
Heat vanishes by allowing weather to open up the doors of breeze, its slow wind blowing.
Dil Titli…….. I am a butterfly stealing rainbow colors…..


Today I want to write everything which is jumbling in my mind, but can’t as I couldn’t arrange lines. Everything is messed up so I started writing whatever my hands are typing on.
I am forgetting everything and it’s all crowded but crowd is unrecognizable. It’s pathetic. I hate such situation when stuck on some point and not feeling myself to portray what I want to. Gosh I planned so many things for Sunday but time is running out and I am still here did nothing except cleaning mess of my room.
I am wondering here and there now, stood for a moment with my plants, they better need finishing but Ahh..Let them as they are, not in mood.
What’s my mood then, yes want to do something different. I should better take rest, mind needs to be relaxed but I honestly took complete sleep yesterday.
Why not complete my shirt which I was designing for Eid, that’s much better if I could complete the pattern today.
I am alone, today is exceptionally no one around to make me die in work, because I am off today. I feel somehow the monotonous day and nights retarding my routine, I should better get off.
What to write, I am still confused and swamped in pool of words.

4 Year Old

I am amazed and sank in the charisma of little angel, kids of 21st century are far better then their older generation. Is it an impact of era or their awareness to things?

Kithe Mehr Ali

Kithey Mehr Ali Kithey teri sana…

I was arranging table for Iftar when just switched tv channel and heard that Qawali in remix version by Tufail Sanjrani and Assad Ali Khan, while it hold me to take a step out of room. I am still mesmerized….

Kithey Mehr Ali by Tufail Sanjrani and Assad Ali Khan

Ramadan Blessings

Ramadan; a month which brings not only blessings but also opens doors of “TAUBA”, as Allah has promissed that non word will be refused in this Month. Trust me, it happens.
I can’t recall single day when Allah didn’t bless me, ask him and cent percent surity lies that you will be granted your every word.
Tauba door is opened in whole month, such a relief for Ummat e Muhammad SWS which is never given to other Ummat, not even to Bani Israel. Then why not take the advantage if blessings are at your doorstep; just open the door and welcome.
Nothing to worry about; you have to take a step, just extend your hand and he will hold it firmly.
I am into practice, will you?