This is my Peshawar

Peshawar the great historic city, linked to number of invasions from Khyber to Kabul the capital of Afghanistan, Jamroad to GT Road, onwards to Nowshehra motorway and the Capital of NWFP, Yes this Peshawar.
From dawn to dusk, it is filled with crowd and dust of the riders, where Fort Balahisar covers the main area and reminds of Britian rule, the red brick fort.
My city, my love, don’t get upset, yes I am very true in my speech that Peshawar is my first ever lasting love cause it gave me everything which one could be received from his Lover.
The name, the identity, the value, the sense to be patriotic, the dignity and above all the Life. These are not only words but these are true gestures which are slipped out of my mouth not accidently but in true affiliation.
There is a lot to bring in black & white but with patience…
To the end, Peshawar has a life which is uncompareable and sounds the way so entire Pakistan could hear, I LOVE MY CITY, the only PESHAWAR 🙂



  1. i thnk u have just stepped into blogging 🙂

    welcome! or is it ur other blog where u write and this is dhoka 😉

    so how is Peshawer!

    hello from Karachi 🙂

  2. Yes I do…. It’s my only blog… i started with blogspot but found wordpress more fascinated so switched….

    Peshawar is great

  3. … under mangal bagh’s (symbolically mentioned) & the likes threat these days but soon it will find the way out, back to ‘pekhawar kho pekhawar de kana’

    I would love to visit Qila-Balahisar some day. I don’t expect a chance in near future as they perhaps are using the place again as a Head Quarter but I remember it being opened for visitors for a month or so some 5/10 yrs. ago.

    btw, nice pair of shoes? kahan miltay hain in peshawar? 🙂

  4. Manghal bhag days are over…. Peshawar is as peaceful Alhamdo Lillah as it was before all this Taliban Drama….
    yes Balahisar is the heart of Peshawar but unfortunatly it’s closed for visitors….

  5. Assalamoalaikum, I think Peshawar Is MY first and last love too 😀

    We could fight over it in fact!! :d

    I love my city, is it ttrue that its ok now? My family lives there, they say things are ok, yet thre are others who say they thank Allah when they get home in the evening that they are alive.. Don’t know anything anymore as Im miles away….

    • Wasalam…

      I can bet we will won… 🙂

      yup for me everything is quite perfect, nothing to worry about. Infact the media plays a vital role to raise an issue against anything, so they did…
      Yes in the past days, situation was critical but now it is far better and Peshawaris are enjoying as they were…..
      Cheers 🙂

  6. Hello from Dubai!

    Can you please post pictures so we can truly appreciate Peshawar? 🙂

    • Hi Nadia,

      Nice to see you on my blog and your interest in Peshawar even after living in Dubai, the visitors kam tourists place… 😛

      I will try at my best to upload some as per your requirement… 🙂

  7. Grrrrr, I need the pictures of Saddar, Qisa khwani, jalil kabab in university town, Army stadium 😛

    and oh Chief burger:P

    • 🙂
      It seems you didnt get the chance to visit psh since long….

      I will definatly try to upload for you Inshallah… 🙂

    • Chief Burger & Pizzaz are not the ones jo kabhi hova kartay thay … or perhaps I was made to pay for the last week zabardasti ki treat so Pizza Tasty nahi laga. 🙂

      • 🙂
        yup the scene is changed so far as there are other fast food outlets have already made their place…KFC…Pizza hut…..Italian pizza….. Chaman… bla bla….but Pizza hut is the pioneer…..
        Zabardasti …. even paying for water does bother..rather its a pizza……….. 🙂

  8. folks waiting for the Pizza.

    let me also post the blurred menu for some shanti…

  9. I love my Peshawar.

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