Chasing the line of space, somewhere you might be interrupted by the words, Only few Words…
Pinching you mind and unsuccessful filling your galaxy of scope, words hit back and forth; Conversion.
Everything is either converted or needs to be in the field of, monotony is over, it somehow is the fact that monotony is not everlasting.
Why not these “Tanga Wala” switch to “Qingi”. If he is bothered about his bread, he has to for his horse before his own; unfortunately he can sleep without single bread in a whole long day but animal wont. The next day he changed his mind and bought “Qingi”, roads are getting saturated day by day with the polluted smoke and murky environment is damaging the lungs of human specie. He entered the race of machines, but what about that “Tanga with horse”, cultural damage.
I hope it won’t bring disaster in case of replacing lively species with machines……..
Life threatening..



  1. ‘monotony is not everlasting’ .. Yes, they say ‘nothing is permanent except change’ so ‘qinquis’ replacing ‘tongas’ has something with the way of nature, with the principle of change. Reminds me another quote related change is that ‘changes are always for better but changes aren’t always better’ so the ‘qiqui/tonga’ scenario is a perfect example of a change not better for the atmosphere we breathe in.

    My city Mardan is littered with this noise machines; on a positive note, they are a useful source in providing opportunities of livelihood earning to a large number of jobless youth, though.

  2. positivity is in a way cutting down the nature….as machines are replacing living souls…
    As far as todays life and earning is concerned, yes machines are good replica of living things but @the cost of lives……….

  3. arz kiya hai,

    hai diL k liye maut, masheeno’n ki hukumat
    ihsa’s-e-muravvat ko kuchal daitay hain a’laat

  4. Aadil & Co. ki sangat ka asar hay … am afraid k koi dewaan na chap jaaye meray haathon … 🙂

    • 🙂
      then hats off to Adil, he has a major role in converting an Engineer into Poet…

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