Black & White

You look fairer and world is yours beyond every restriction or you are a burden that won’t be hold by any specie; Fact or just illusionary truth.
Whatever; the descrimination begins with the mentality, not of living things but of humans, so far end in the complete ruin of one’s life. One may agree or not but my observation doesn’t lack behind in this issue, wherever I tried to change my thinking, a big giant reality came and stand by me. Poor souls who are punished for the act which was and never their fault.
Human needs to better change their bifurcation mode of thinking.



  1. 😐
    This post was so serious!

    • :)…yes it was such sort of serious contect….well i think we should be serious for a day in a month..isnt it…. 😀

  2. the giant reality comes cause you want it to come.. hush it and think about good!

    • WElcome to my blog Unaiza….keep visiting… 🙂

      well the reality remains as it is, no matter we ignore it for a time being or turn our face to other matters….what has to be happened..will happen…. 🙂

  3. When I born, I black
    When I grow up, I black
    When I go in Sun, I black
    When I scared, I black
    When I sick, I black
    And when I die, I still black

    And you white fellow
    When you born, you pink
    When you grow up, you white
    When you go in sun, you red
    When you cold, you blue
    When you scared, you yellow
    When you sick, you green
    And when! You die , you gray

    And you calling me colored?

    This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2006, Written by an
    African Kid.

    • Yup BMK…I have heard this before…. the beautiful poem written by little one… 🙂
      Thanks for sharing here….

  4. Hmmm serious yes, but needed indeed – this world need lot N then I mean lot of such individuals thinkin this seriously on matters that really need our attention.

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