Look Around

Allah you are my creator and you can fullfill my wishes, Please let my dreams come true.


Allah…I want to Play, I want to Smile, Please let me be a Child…..


Allah…I want to Rest, I want to Fly, Please let my eyes Shine…..


Let not only grab the blessings of Ramadan by just Standing in front of Allah but also to help the humanity….. It’s dearer to Allah Almighty more then just making your Day & Nights Sleepless.
These Children are the important part of our Society and they deserve the same luxuries as we do. Allah Rehman O Rahim granted us and now it’s our duty to come forward for the sake of Muslim Brotherhood.
Please look around, you will find hundreds of deprived, help them.

Rest Allah Almighty and his Beloved Messenger SWS knows the Best.



  1. Such a nice thought and post.

    We should look around and help as much as we can. one thing should be in our mind as well, that God has given us the opportunity so that we can give to others, what if we would be in their place? even that is so much painful to think….

  2. Thanks….

    Yes i just wanted others to pay attention to such issues as they look minor but they are not as such….

  3. yah we should pay attention as much as we can… your blog and spotlesssoul looks same:)

  4. Looks same….. how come?
    I feel i have my own way of writing and opinion, isn’t it? 🙂
    or you are talking about theme?

  5. ya theme

  6. It was changed before but then I selected this one as it fascinated me more to organise things better… 🙂

    I will try to change layout little bit…..

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