Big City (Islamabad)

Islamabad the capital which opens the doors for Students and working people, most importantly ladies but brings the countless problems along. People from areas around Islamabad prefer to work and study in the capital but as they put step inside the boundary of the capital, numerous problems open up along their way which they either have to face with courage or forget their dream to reside in Islamabad. The biggest of all junks is the “Residence” which is also the most subjective one while one has to have select place to accommodate himself/herself. But where; there are only 3 or 4 options.
Either Rent a flat or room as a paying guest, or look for working women hostel or become a part of family with relatives residing in Islamabad or twin city Rawalpindi.
All are not feasible, cause if you select option one, you should make up your mind to get aside a heavy amount range from 15k to 20k for rent in not very posh but economical area of Islamabad, like G-9/3 or I-8 etc.
Second option is hostel which is the most pathetic as you have to share room with at least 3 to 4 girls while paying 8k to 12k, you have to follow hostel timings or you will be fined by the warden, you need to digest the unhygienic and tasteless meal and if your stomach can’t bear the crassness then you better look for hotel meal but mind it that you have to pay the meal charges to hostel mess either you go for it or not; too bulky on your pocket.
Last but third option is little feasible to avail, cause staying with relatives will not only give you relief from paying heavy rent charges but also more secure then initial two options which are not only costly but also insecure.
Along residing, one should be ready to face uncountable issues such as Transportation, traffic jam cause as big Islamabad as heavy traffic jam and blocks which can go more challenging if you are working in Islamabad but living in Rawalpindi, you better need to have 2 extra hours to travel from Rawalpindi to Islamabad and from Islamabad to Rawalpindi. Another key hitch is food which is as costly as other primary needs.
So if you are planning to move to Islamabad for job or else, you need to have healthy pocket to bear the expenses of Islamabad as it’s the Capital of Pakistan, city of Ministers, MPA’ s, PM and president so the expenses exactly match their caliber, you need to raise your standard.
Hence Girls better look for the job only when your earning is at least 70k to 80k otherwise become orthodox, be modest and stay in your own room.
Subsequently this is not only observation but also experience which has been suffered earlier.



  1. Very true; you’ve hit the nail right on the head!
    Finding proper comparative low cost residence, transport and sky rocketing inflation are the biggest problems for people pursuing their educational or professional career in isb or twin cities.

    • then better make your career in Lahore or Karachi..might have alll economical levels available… 🙂

      • I’m still ruing a refused opportunity in Lahore some two years back; I had to decide whether I was willing to do it or not in just four to five hours and I couldn’t make my mind to go to Lahore. My mother too was sort of concerned as she didn’t want me go that farther. Islamabad suits my mood I guess plus its very convenient for me to go home whenever I like; in just two hours that is.

  2. then something must be laid back to accept the front one…. and you prefer to be nearer to your home town rather making career in Lahore, i feel far better then Islamabad.
    Mothers are mothers…… 🙂

  3. Captchi, do you also right for the Metroblogging ISB site … I remember coming across a similar or perhaps same post there as well…
    I am kinda getting an option (i need to work out too from my side) to move to ISB, with in the same working place … I am only interested to get a lil closer to Peshawar but when I think about certain issues then i step back & think that Lahore hee behtar hay…

  4. Metroblogging Isb?
    noop…I haven’t been there…..

    hmmmmm….then you need to keep both options in front like Aadil….certainly you have to pick either……

    issues are there so better think with concentration…. 🙂

  5. yes, here’s the Link to that Article

    I have no issue in Lahore other than being 6/7 hrs away from Peshawar. Also its a bit sakoon since when my parents have moved to Peshawar from Pind, whereas pind was even farther…so I guess I should plan to settle down in Lahore. I am already liking it here…

  6. let me check…who is the great one wrote the same article…. 🙂

    as fas I heard Lahore is not that bad, infact you could number of oppurtunities to come ahead, so far its very crowdy and polluted but one can sacrifice for good future….
    Parents can stay with you there as well…. 🙂
    Not a big deal…

  7. Oh!
    I didn’t know this 😮 .. Never been to Islamabad, but my parents have!

    • hey huda welcome…..
      its a hard reality….and known by only those who have suffered or observed such annoying situation…. 🙂

  8. How many times are you going to welcome me? 😛

    • the number of times, i will follow your footsteps on my blog…. 😀

      • Hahahaha!

        sure 😉

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