Be Dashing……

I was not going to write anything but suddenly a memory captured my heart to write which is exceptionally exceptional. These were just the lines meant for dialogue when two friends were exchanging words; I and my friend. A friend who is a well wisher and curator, who always stood by whenever I felt so, though unseen and veiled the whole year long but comes up as a jenny to foster my thoughts.

One day while discussing the brutalities of life and miseries to deal with, the sanctions imposed by the abnormalities of behaviors and shadows casted by the sharp ends of normative causalities. Depressive emotions and blind sentiments which always hitch and throw the soul out of box whose cure can’t be formulated in the fog of life.

Where are we standing and where are we heading? If life has to be on its own line, if tender thoughts can’t make it take a U turn, if moralities can be beaten by the jolts of time; why are we wishing to spend it by our norms and values?

Life starts with the birth day and ends on death day, there is only a travel left in between, what’s the reason to make it splendor by our own means, it’s moving on by the line, will take its own turns and destiny is no more longing; actually very near.

Instantly in a silky way, he added. “When you will die, your grave will have Two dates; your Birthday date and your Death date, the only thing that will make them apart is a small DASH, so be Dashing, What’s harm in it.”
The line onwards, I started “Be Dashing”……. !

Dashing Life


Quote of the day (30th Septmber, 2009)

“Start your day with gratitude to Allah that he granted one more day of life and end it with the pray that every endeavor you went through the whole day might be printed in his good books.”


Quote of the day (29th September, 2009)

“Life is as colorful as a Butterfly but Butterfly dies when touched, so is the Life. Life volatiles as soon as its colors are gone astray.”


Line to Achievement

Grouchy and edgy faces with extreme expressions of annoyance and depression always make me restless, not because I am into interfering repulsive thoughts but sadden me in all ways. To keep sorrow aside, I appreciate to take a step ahead and give them relief so their revolting life could be settled in optimistic way and give them some cheery feeling to raise high.

I am not a therapist but a human who always wanted to be human to extract people from insane to sane and cut their emotions to play rightfully instead of wearing their sentiments and move on towards unknown destination.

The more quickly the snow will melt the more rigorously one will move ahead to accomplish, unanimously for what he has been here and granted a life. Life which is more enchanting and enthralling to live rather drowning in the pool of depressive thoughts and melancholy become reluctant to absorb the fragrance of natural dogma.

To live and let others live, to smile and bring the bundles on others faces and let them shine with a ray of hope and cherishing bliss. To bring them high and play mystical notes with moral upto the sky and feathers open to mount the freshness of life; my high term to achieve.

Quote of the day (28th September, 2009)

“Sorrow is the nail which once put in the heart can never be snuff out by the hammer of any joy.”


Quote of the day (27th September, 2009)

“Never underestimate the spirit of one who is lagging behind earlier, he might be composing his instruments to attack and win ultimately without loosing single step.”


Mai Nee

“Kafis that always inspire me and change my mood to take the life in a way it never is but can be turned on the path which leads to the destiny we are destined for.”

It’s all time favorite, just bring out the hidden emotions we forget to memorize daily or caually.