My School Snake

Once upon a time I was in School, now it sounds so different that I have also passed the school 🙂
One day during morning sermon our principal announced that a big snake was found at the back yard of the main ground so avoid going there or playing hide and seeking. We all little ones were listening with extreme curiosity and astonishment that SNAKE was found in school….Ooooooooooo
A big one “O”……
It was a hot day actually so a girl standing in the last row got faint cause of extreme heat and all little fairies thought that snake had bite her and they started flying, screaming 😀 and ofcource rushing out from the assembly ground.
The school staffs including principal and teachers were also running out and it was a big mess all around, Screams and screams “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Snakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”
After half and hour School peons and guards came to know after a huge search in all grounds that she got fainted cause of heat but not snake and then What; A big bang 😀
Explanation call was issued to entire school and poor little fairies used to pay the penalty by attending Principal’s lecture of 2 hours at least. I wished that time; Oh god, why don’t I have cotton buds 😛
We little angels are suffering of “Dant dapat” Lecture 😀 but the story didn’t end there, we also supposed to listen a class time “Baizati” Lecture from every teacher.
And know what, Principal totally denied that she and teachers got afraid and rushing out to save themselves instead they were trying to let the kids understand; it’s not snake but summer heat that made the little girl fainted. 😀
It was one time school fun. Memories and memories 🙂



  1. oh yeah, humpty dumpty becharay alsar luRak ja’tay hain aisay mauqay pe. 🙂

    & a Universal Truth: All principals of this world are POSTIZ. 🙂

  2. That was so funny! I can picture the chaos so well.

    BTW, which school you went to? 🙂

  3. LOL :-P. What would the girl who fainted be thinking… OHHH Shit, I’ve been bitten by a snake…. Only later to find out that heat struck her :-).

    The guards must have questioned that little fairy about where did the snake byte her and she must be thinking, shere exactly do I feel pain 😛

    • 😀
      She took off that day….little fairy was exhausted cause of heat….lolz

  4. you know how long it has been since i left school? since 99… now you count 🙂 10 years!

    wow it seems like tthe fun and memories dont even exist in my memory!

    • long time fade the memories little bit but they remain as it is till end. 🙂

  5. School time was the best!! 😀

    • It’s teh time one use to make max blunders of his / her life with such an innocence…. 🙂

  6. Ahh those childhood days and school time… memories are always confusing…snake really rocked the assembly….. 😛

    • 😀 not only rock but made all danced on stones lying on the ground…..

      • rofl…. 😛 I am glad no snake adventure i faced in school…..

  7. hahahahaha I can feel the atmosphere of the school ground when all the kids would be rushing here and there and the authorities running after either to control them or to save their own lives 😛

    • 😀
      they were not trying to control the little crowd but they were trying to protect themselves…. thats another thing that they denied to accept it later…. 😀

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