Kuch Choti Choti Baatain

I wonder why I opened to add a new post as my mind is blank right now and nothing is grabbing my attention whilst i am trying to divert it to maximum spaces but it’s centered at one point whose theme is unknown to me, although most of the things are as same as they were but the only thing i am upto is, i couldn’t focus on things.
Kuch choti choti baatain that are coming in my mind; kuch kehna phir kehtey kehtey chup ho jana.
I wonder how people use to forget each other and i am surely convinced that no one will matter you unless and until you wont make them notice you. That’s what I felt in few days and it’s better to realise so as early as possible.
Dost wakt k ass paass…. right or wrong but it made me feel truly that nothing is persistant neither friends nor relatives. They will forget you in no time but if you ask them not to, they might give you a previlage. I am shocked.
Doobna phir doob ker ubharna…. Sun rises in the east; I read and accepted as a universal truth but life rises and sinks, i never thought of but now everything is so clear that there is nothing left to explain.
Sab kuch Allah k hath, wo na chahey to kuch nahi…. Being a muslim i blindly beleive in Allah and his powers and he has made me realised everything and showed me all clearly that how helpless we are and we have to have surrender and nothing goes beyond his will.
Akhri choti baat…
Ask Allah the good fate but not intelligence. “Allah se bakht mango, aqal na mango”
there are number and number of choti choti baatain jumping in my mind but can’t find the courage to write more.



  1. very nice post. although your mind was blank;)

    i will comment and that’s what i have learned, ALLAH say har jaiz cheez mango i.e bakht bhi aur aqal bhi:)

    on the funnier side, i am thinking how should i write mango so that it will not look like MANGO(fruit)…lolz..

    • 😀 Mango season so you can ask Allah for MANGO, it’s a jaiz cheez as well…

      “Allah se bakht mango aqal na mango” is aquote in Pushto
      It’s like “Allah na bakht ghuwara, aqal ma ghuwara”
      but i translated it into urdu…. 🙂

  2. 🙂 Such a cute post this one came out to be sis, I think it’s v v human N natural for us human beings to totally get blank sometimes, N frankly I feel it’s alright as one need to completely switch it off. [but important to not stay black for tooo long though] Basically what happens is that we sometimes have to many things on mind/heart that we feel overwhelmed so we decide to go blank, just like they say: you have lot to do, do nothing 😛 [jk]

    But, Hmmm – Sis, jokes apart you said it all so true 🙂 Yeh Duniya Buhat Ajeeb Si Jagah Hai, Aur Mujhe Lagta Hai Is Mein Koi Khairangi Ki Baat Bhi Nahin Hai, people forget v easily not because the one they forgettin was not worth rememberin, they forget because the lack that precious ability to not forget someone. N beside it’s out expectations that makes us think N wonder 🙂 As for what to ask N not to ask AllAh hmmm, AllAh Khud Kehta Hai Mango, Mujhse Mango – So no hasitations there I guess.

    God bless.

    • so true you are…. it’s sometimes goes fine to get blank and blunt but not often..i do cause i am totally of nowadays cause of my father’s death which is making me abrupt and aloof in myself…..
      I always ask Allah to give me strength so i can bear the miseries of life… he is the most merciful and i am never disappointed of him…. 🙂

  3. Choti choti baatain make such a big difference in life… Waisay the thing about people forgetting us is true, but don’t you think we ourselves fall in the same category. I mean many a times we forget people who probably wouldn’t want us to forget them. Similarly people who we dont want to forget us, actually do forget us. This is a cycle I think. So the time friends and family and relatives are near you, make the best out of it Insha-Allah.

    And I agree with Mishall, Allah says himself, mujh se maango, but we should be careful in what we ask him for, because if that something we ask Allah for belongs to this world, it is only for a short time then, but if it is something that belongs to the world hereafter, the eternal life, than it is worth asking for…

    • we are human and we do make mistakes, one always want to ask for “behtari and khair” of Allah almighty but as our knowledge is very limited, we can’t differentiate between what should be asking and what shouldn’t be… i am saying so cause i have faced the dilemma…
      and yes you are right we often forget those who don’t want us to forget them and fate brings us on the same point where we raise the objection, why have others forgot us but i will again say we are human, if we would have not made mistakes, why wouldn’t we be Angels? We make mistakes that’s why we are humans… 🙂

  4. Well, as for what to Mangna N what not to Maangna from AllAh, I think we can ask him anything that’s “jaiz” N when I say that I think we know very well what’s Jaiz N Not Jaiz, now we won’t pray like: AllAh give us the strength to kill someone or give us the Himmat to do any other a crime – because that is naUzobiLLah insultin AllAh N kind of playin with God. But apart from anythin that’s bad [N as said we’re v well aware of what not to ask] I think we can ask AllAh for anything, this world or world hereafter, Prayers that are not answered have a reason we humans gradually understand N prayers not answered in this world gona be answerd Us Jahan. So the more we ask God the better, BUT we must not forget to be grateful for what we’re blessed with. because I feel that’s something people v easily forget when askin for somethin, do ask but be grateful more. AllAh Se Nahin Mangna To Kis Se Mangna Hai, Humare Dilon Ke Haal AllAh Se Behtar Koan Jaanta Hai 🙂 hmmm, sis AllAh give you strength N patience to bear the loss of your dad, this is life hmm N we got to be v v strong to walk through it. Loads of prayers –

  5. 🙂 Thanks alot Mishaal….. no doubt Allah is the only healer here and hereafter….

    Allah bless you…

  6. Why not ask for intelligence from Allah?

    And I agree with the the part that nothing in this life/world is persistent; be it relationships or anything 🙂

  7. 269. He grants Hikmah to whom He pleases, and he, to whom Hikmah is granted, is indeed granted abundant good. But none remember (will receive admonition) except men of understanding. al-baqarah – 269

    Listened to the above in PTV quran recitation & translation few days back. So I guess we should ask HIM for Hikmah & I assume its INTELLIGENCE in english.

    • Jazak Allah kairan…
      Hikmat I think its “Khair behtari” Raza e Illahi……..

      Once I viewed Ashfaq Ahmed Drama and there was a line in drama
      “Jab akhri faisla a jaye to us pe razi ho jana chaheye, zid nahi kerni chaheye, Razi ba raza ho jana Chaheye”
      I couldn’t got the meaning 10 12 years back but today i can…. 🙂

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