It’s the festivity of Ramadan that we use to come across briliant Slogans and loud calls of various pitch. I ever passed through un noticed and no response but today when i was moving on my way with my thoughts diverting on aspects; i heard a call of Samosa Wala, “Ae 5 rupey da hai te qeema paso ta 10 rupey da” it’s of 5 Rs and if you want of meat, it will be of 10 Rs. I was thinking over Samosa Wala when someone pulled me “kuch ta dey dey baji, roza ae sada” Give me something, i am fasting. “Paneer le lo g, sasta milsi ne” Buy Cheez, it’s very cheep. Peee Paannn, Grrthhhh Grrthhh Raksha, Ting ting Cycle. “Saib le lo saib” Buy Apples. “Khajooran kitne dian” What’s the rate of dates. “Aijey Dahi bhaley kithey na waikh so” you wont find such tasty Dahi Bhalla anywhere. 😀
Samosa Qeema Begger Paneer Peee Paannnn Grrrthhh Ting ting Apples Dates Dahi Bhalla


Give me a break, wait a minute, hold on; Am I looking Fatty or my pocket seems heavy with coins 😀
Mix thoughts and i just forgot what was I thinking about; all I was in the situation to run faster and go out of reach of all such and such.
It’s Ramadan and everyone is dying of buying everything; I Am astonished how do they make thier stomach of largest size to fill it all with so and so. Fruits, crispy, salty, peppery, sweety food and all in one stomach. Please it’s asking for our kindness, I am filled and over filled, don’t blow me off. But amazing how do they stuff it witth all like cotton or wool pillows 😀
and yes in the end chicken wala “Baji murghi le lo, sirf 250 dee ae” Baji buy Chicken, it’s only of 250 Rs. My goodness; is it a chicken or little poor chick without feathers “Be Baal o Par”, at least that little creature grabbed my sympathies, poor chicken ooopss Chick.
Happenings of bazar where everyone just seems to live to eat but not eating to live.
At last “Roza ae baji kuch ta daindi ja” I am fasting baji, at least give me some. Oh…
Are they taking a previlage of Ramadan or Ramadan is really a blessing?
Diverting my thoughts 🙂



  1. The blessed month to a certain extent has become now so commercialised that at times i think it has become ” Stomadan”…

    very well written…:)))

    • welcome on my blog kashkin… 🙂

      well very true…Ramadan is more commercialised then blessing…

  2. The punjabi lines were just too good 🙂

    Actually you’re right. I have also noticed it several times, as soon as Ramadan starts, people start associating the blessings of this month with their business (thats what it is for beggars here as well isn’t it:-S).

    • everything is touching the limits of sky….. inflation high and high……..no down graph……..

      😀 these punjabi lines which they use to attract customer and starved cutomer literally seems “Bhooka” since month and buy each and everything…

  3. haha funny picture…. really i wonder sometimes how ppl able to eat so much in Ramadan

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