Peer e Kamil

The inspiration, the stimulation, the brainwave, everything suits to the must read Novel Peer e Kamil by Umaira Ahmed. I was referred by one of my colleague three years back saying :If you haven’t read Peer e Kamil, you read nothing”, the statement amused me to the end that I ended up issuing novel from library and started first page but the Story haunted me like I couldn’t resist to read it till last word in one go. It was not infatuation but seemed reality that remains to be converted into reality by many but no one dares to take a step.
From the cover page it seems a book based on Islamic values or religion but it’s more then its cover portrays. Writer brought the story in black and white in a manner that couldn’t be done better then that anyway. It just grasps the person in its illusion and mesmerizes the world which gives the affection as everything is unreal and we are just lying in fantasy of being Muslim. We are impudent living in a shell of our own designed life along materials and luxuries.


Story of Elite class girl, who left everything for the Love of Allah and his messenger Muhammad Mustafa SWS; her origin was different, her values were burdened over her by her family; Qadyani.
Story of Elite class boy with the IQ Level 150+, but who learnt to follow the Sirat e Mustaqim by the person with ordinary IQ Level. Who was living hell and beyond ecstasy was the only question for him, but his origin was Muslim Family.
Umama and Salaar; characters will teach you how to straighten your lines and where to head, who is there to follow and what can bring you out from Darkness. Where is the light and what should be the motive.
Vocabulary will be ended but words couldn’t count the immense novelty of Novel. For me; it changed my life in many ways. I bought it, read it uncountable times and every time I feel more stirred of it.



  1. The most most beautiful book ever 😀 I just loved this one, so much to learn from this – I remember how much I just hated Salaar in the begning of the book because of his character N his attitude – I found this book extremly touchy N beautiful 🙂 Umaira Ahmed is my fav writer N I just love her all books – Sis, her book “Thoda Sa Aasmaan” is also worth readin, every bit of it. I learned so much from it which I now see how it help me with different phases in life. Do check it out, you’ll love it. God bless 🙂

    • I also heard about Darbar e Dil ………… i am trying to get some time to read out… 🙂

      • darbaredil is gud novel

  2. I have also been recommended this book, but her book Amar Bail (from where I get the name of my blog) is still queued up for me to read completely :-(. Will definitely read Peer-e-Kamil and Thoda sa Aasman once I get time and get through the studies Insha-Allah…

    • I will recommend you to must read before any other…i am sure you ll love it… 🙂

  3. Thank you for the book reviews, I’m looking forward to reading this.

  4. My goodness just the other day I was thinking about it. I thought to make a post and ask people’s opinion about it. I have not read this book but every now and then I hear people raving it. It is many people’s favorite book.

    After reading your post I think I should get it asap. Tell me one thing is it like ‘Raja Gidh’? (That is one of my all time favorite books)

    Second, have you read ‘Ghulam Bagh’? I have read good reviews about that book too.

    The other coincidence is that I too wrote a post about my two favorite books 😉

    • Nice coincidence…. 🙂

      I just love that book,,infact its more better to say I am in love with it…. 🙂
      it’s not like Raja gidh, i have a little glimpse of that but it’s different….

      Ghulam bagh…no I haven’t been through it, will definatly now 🙂

      Really…let me check….

      You must get this book prior to any other…. I bet u ll find it magnificent…. 🙂

  5. I read it 3 years before. I love this novel. When we’ve true faith in Islam then Allah not only protects us but also help us. Specially jab salaar usse dhoondhta hai that was great to read.

    • Infact the whole novel is heart grabbing…..but when Salaar triied to find the heartly contentment…..he observes muslims and non muslims,…basicall y tries to find the meaning of “What is next to Ecstasy”….. the entire reading transcended me…. 🙂

  6. is it lengthy? i am sorry for sounding lazy:(

    for me e-book would be great do u have it?

    • Yes I do….
      It’s lengthy but once u will start reading, i m sure u wont put it down till u read its last line… 🙂

      • well there must be something in it, so many pal have recommended, i definitely want to put my hand on e-book of it as soon as i can..fingers crossed -:D

      • Definatly…. go ahead

  7. i guess this is the best stuff for me … n i waz surprised i read this novel in less than 4 days …. there waz a constant attraction in every single page of it …. n i have suggested to all of ma frenz n spacialy my father to read it ..

  8. well this z an awesome novel ………… of the best novel in urdu literature………..i have read it about 25 times……

  9. I am of a rather different opinion. Read my blog to find out.

  10. Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this post.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  11. can u tell me what is the impact of novel on urself after u read this???

    • I don’t understand, is it a question or … Read it you will get it… 🙂

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