Road Side Drug Addicts

A mourning tearing humanity on the side walks of bulky roads and un noticed in huge crowd where extreme noise can deaf a person in flow. There the hedges are only protection to hide from the witnessed eye which doesn’t make any difference though it’s seeing or just giving an impression to look at. In the huge crowd of normal and healthy walkers, who cares how many are drowning in the smoke of death drop by drop. Road side Drug addicts; to whom life is left only in the ash of drug filled cigarette or life endangering injections.


Today or correct myself since long time I use to cross those addicts lying on the roads under the hedges unaware of busy life and crowning realities by making themselves lost in the heavy smoke of cigarettes and unconscious to run away from the brutality of thundering life. Never try to take a step back and notice those un noticed mourning lame lives, why are they abusing themselves by filthy addiction of drugs? What make them unconscious and remain of thrashing cursing life? Where do they belong to and how did they get here to cry over their unnamed emotions and unfilled desires?
Life is a curse for them instead of spirit to enjoy the gift of living.
People use to kick, abuse, neglect and insult them like everything, they are the exploited part of our nation and suffering from the intensify disease. Why do we never look at them with pity?, why do we never treat them as a part of nation?, Why are they taken as stinky abusive flog?
They might be the soul earner of family, they might have faced so many hardships to streamline their life and failed, they might have crossed the ugly jolts of relations, they might have hit by the nasty faces of humanity which have ruined not only their lives but also their families, children, parents etc.


Now there is no one crying over their dirty filthy ruined life, now there is no one to show sympathy towards them and try to bring them back, now there is no one to show least courtesy towards them, now there is no one who treat them as a Human and once again try to connect them to this world; Somehow beautiful World.



  1. In a society where there is no sound policy to channelize the energies of youth, where unemployment is rampant, where there is no consideration for merit, where corruption rules,, where people are engulfed by the increasing void between poor and rich, the turning of a large part of our youth to drug addiction is but a natural outcome.

    A comprehensive youth policy on part of the government is the need of the hour where there ought to be special entities of youth counseling in schools, colleges and universities that should help youngsters deal with their psychological problems and frustrations. The eradication of poverty and steps to empower unemployed youth with skills to earn their livelihood could definitely help improve the situation a lot. The promotion of sports and healthy activities could also be effective to stem this growing trend of drug addiction.

    There are NGO’s working towards the same but a concerted effort on part of the government could make a big difference.

  2. NGO’s are just collecting donations and foreign aid on the name of those poor people who can never raise voice for themselves….

    Youth…………its endless speech…….

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