Quote of the day (7th October, 2009)

“When sun rises, face it to absorb the liveliness to survive till dusk. You may be granted calm night to liberate suffocation.”




  1. The image is cool … its evening time na? I would like to see it in wallpaper format.

  2. But only winter sun 😛

    BTW, I like night better for a sole reason that I’m high on creativity (writing) then 🙂

  3. PS: I liked your header too much! Did you take this snap?

  4. But in our country people prefer working on night. All the addresses to nation by the current Govt is mostly done on 3:00 a:m;)

    By the way Image is really nice, and i give 5/5 for your surfing capabilities, if there is any vacancy for R&D and Surfing Director, nobody deserved the post better than you(Y)

    • 🙂 yes whether it’s presedential Speech or some law enforcement order, our gov is so active and dynamic that they use to publish everything in second half of night… thumbs up to them…..

      thanks for the compliment… 🙂

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