I am not gutsy to tell the one, how much I love him, infact I don’t have nerve. Ahhhh!… young lady that’s your delusion cause you never come across the one who will hold your breath and make your heart beat in singular rhythm.

Whatever, I don’t believe in so and so….

love 1

Wait for the time your soul will merge with the one and you will run after him to open your heart in poignant way.

He is leaving and she stood still voiceless, sounds were waving in her ears; Run stop him; never cry over splinters of your heart. Go; time will never knock at the door again.

Listen; I today with the tickles of time confess that My heart will beat in a rhythm of yours till my last breath and my existence will fuse into yours till the day end. I have lines to speak about but your time is more prized then my words; to end MY LOVE, Will you Marry me?

Time stopped and breeze froze, existence vanished and the hollow remained; She and Him.

Nothing is beyond..!

No words, no silence but Rhythm……..



  1. For me it was affectionate and really a true Love.

    Picture is so passionate as well…

    My Rating of 5 n Excellent…:-)

    Nice Post…

  2. Beautiful, Sis!

  3. That is so beautifully written!

    I liked the thought, the words and expression… 🙂

  4. I’d actually appreciate the choice of words in this post… Nicely expressed (Y)

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