Quote of the day (12th October, 2009)

“If you can’t control your life, let it go on its way; you might win end of the way, no harm to sit back and learn to play your turn.”

sit back



  1. 🙂 They only one who can control our thoughts N life are none but us – [of course AllAh Ki Marzi Ke Bina To Patta Bhi Nahin Hil Sakta Na] but it’s also true that sometimes we just have to go with the flow to really understand where to go N what to do – Insaanon Ki Insaani Majboori I guess 🙂 AllAh bless, nice sharing.

  2. How long one is suppose to wait? 😛

    • That depends when will be your time to enjoy… 🙂
      wait for the right time….. 🙂

  3. Nice saying……… Most of time life drives us, we been just spectators sometimes in the journey of life……

    • Very True, sometimes we have to have wait for the time, we have to have move in the direction of life…… nevertheless we have no option rather waiting….

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