25 Random Points about Me….!

Huda tagged me in her blog to write 25 random things about me, well actually I never tried to figure out 25 random things about myself but let me explore today.

According to rules, to whom I will tag will must continue the chain with their 25 random points.

So I shall start 🙂

1. I am a girl actually but Allah might have wrongly put me in a girl skin, that’s my sweet mom actually thinks; I should be a boy.

2. Since childhood, I use to be friendly which somehow hit me badly too but still I didn’t learn from my mistake of making friends. But no actually I am Alhamdolillah always blessed by Allah that he always granted me with beautiful bunch of friends.

3. As huda says, she is extra caring; Not I but people think of me extraordinary. 😀

4. I love smile and love to put on faces though for a moment even. 🙂

5. Actually I learn from my mistakes, atleast try to so I may not stumble again by the same stone.

6. Overall laugh out loud sort of, fun loving, caring and sharing, always try to gain and gather golden shiny memories rather grouchy moments.

7. Always want people to remember me in their good books and no one might ever recall me by any saddening thought.

8. MMMMmmm…yum yum… Rice lover…All time, in every form… Biryani, Pulao, chicken, chinese, Russian….Rice always make me start eating them without looking here and there. 😛

9. Was very studious; Book warm but now no one can think me a reader even. 😛

10. Was intelligent but now I feel loosing that skill. 😀 “Umer ka taqaza hai shaid”

11. My all time one line; we never make and find friends, they are always decided for us to whom we meet in different circumstances and can’t live without them onwards.

12. My friends are very precious for me and I always keep them as a bunch of flowers; infact a priceless treasure which can be gained by the hard efforts and can never be substituted by any means.

13. I was a music lover and I am little bit but now my priorities are changing somehow. 🙂

14. Yes I am moody sometime and when my mood swings, nothing can stabilize it until and unless I want myself.

15. I am a NAAT lover, loves to listen which really makes me drowned in some mystical pool and I love to float along waves. I am an AASHIQ of Hazrat Muhammad Arabi SWS. 🙂

16. I am a peace lover and hate violence, rage and extremism. For me life is too short to be occupied by negative aspects; live it simply.

17. All time fan of Shalwar Qameez, dopatta and scarf. Simple and comfortable. Yes ofcource fashion can be adopted but I have my own limits which I never cross neither allow anyone to cross through.

18. Very homy sort of; Love my home, my family and my belongings; can’t breath without them.

19. I am little bit reserved and quiet with whom I am not familiar with and remain if I want to be.

20. Like to write and read stuff; whatever but of my interest.

21. Anything can inspire me but not everything.

22. I love nature and everything belongs to nature; Trees, Water, Flowers, Birds and yes Little angels (KIDS) 🙂

23. And very saddening thing, no kid like I am cent percent saying not single one get afraid of me; actually they give me threats and blackmail and me poor soul always on their chance. 😀

24. Cool minded, peace lover, chilled one but once my anger shoots to the point of height; FHEWWW, I am afraid no one can dare to put ice on. 😀

25. Very disciplined and punctual; infact line goes parallel to me that rules are made to be followed 😀 the line was so true but with the passage of time and to accommodate in space, somehow rules are made to be broken 😀 but not all time. Mostly I stick to my first line. 🙂

Here I ended up my 25 points and according to rule have to tag, so now I am going to….








  1. LOL @ 23…

    It was a nice read.

    Thanks for the tag… I had already written a post early this year, will link it 😀

  2. Most of them are nice traits, mashaAllah!

    Thanks for tagging me name. I’m not sure whether I’ll go for it coz I’ve written enough of personal posts on my blog I guess, besides I’m feeling too one dimensional to write 25 random things about me at the moment.

    Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this post of yours! 🙂

    • Thanks Aadil…..but that’s a rule, if i have tagged u, u must have to continue the chain…. so i m definatly looking forward for ur 25 points… 🙂

  3. v.nice traits, according to me you will fall in good girl categories 🙂

    hey thanks for tagging me, but for me it’s very difficult to write about myself, u know what on every networking site my about me is either “who am i ” or “if i know i will tell myself first” 😀 well on 23, just wondering, how kids are able to blackmail you? 😛

    • thanks Yasser 🙂

      Kids blackmail me… its a long story… 😀 but thy do like… do our this work or we will hide ur novel or we will take out the DSL plug and hide…. thy have lot of to blackmail me… 😀

      As far as 25 points are concerned, you have to have mention your own…it’s a rule of the game…. 🙂
      I am looking forward for yours…

  4. Hahahaha, good stuff! you did the tag eh, thanks!
    And You should’ve told me that you did it 😦 I don’t even have time to read blogs anymore. Tough Midterm exam schedule!
    I need to catch up a lot but it was a nice read! 😀

    • hey thanks Huda for reading and liking 🙂

      Ohhh…sorry honey, I missed to tell you… so sorry….

      Yea it’s your time to pay most attention to your exams and study, blogs will be there ever to read… you can get the time some other way… 🙂

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