Quote of the day (27th October, 2009)

“Don’t make your reasons so high that nothing can accommodate them; Be flexible to be accommodated and not left in gulch with your own created shell.”




  1. yeah flexibility is an important factor in one’s life, especially building up relationship with family and friends.

    • true… 🙂

      • But the girl in picture doesn’t seem agreed with your quote or does she fall in rigid categories??? 😀

      • she is not agreed that’s why she is lying in the shell of her own…ALONE 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I’m the culprit of all the donts that you’ve mentioned above but kya kiay ja sakta hay, I receive my share of punishment too, so things remain parallel at the extent of my distress 🙂

    • Oops! *at the expense of my distress* .. apologies ..

    • well Aadil… sometime we couldn’t figure out how much we have remained flexible to things to bring change but resistance somehow make us reluctant to stretch more…
      you might have crossed the phase and now feeling yourself culprit…
      Punishment lasts with us till end whether we are flexible or not… 🙂

  3. I think I’ve become quite flexible with time. Okay, I hope I am not fooled by my own impression… because often when the time comes I find myself as rigid as ever 😉 😛

    • 🙂 well Ayesha…. it’s very natural, we do make ourself fool by saying we are flexible enough to accomodate changes but when the time hits, its as much difficult as to bend the metal each side.

  4. Great quote! well said. 🙂

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