Rona Kabhi nahi Rona, Chahe toot jaye Sapna Salona…!

Memories remain fresh and fragrant till end whether time crosses through harsh nodes or routes smoothly, nevertheless reminiscence drag us in the time back whose strings are still in hand but stretched as long as we have crossed the junctions. Memoirs and their sweetness or bitterness create hinges which are unbroken and threaded in a way which are undisclosed paramount. The attire remains sleeked and glossy.

Memories hit me in the morning with the enclosure of song “Rona kabhi nahi rona, chahe toot jaye sapna salona”, heard that song years and years back in childhood but its soothing effect cast comforting sound in my ears, though its not playing but humming somewhere; in memories.

Heard and enjoyed it as a Just Song years back but now it’s telling the story of vital truth, lyrics are giving the impression of essence which is noticeably divine and celestial.

Might it be the voice of someone else too…..!

But my heart is throbbing with the beat and yours? 🙂

“On my friends demand, song video is added in the post 🙂 “


Adaptability or Fear ????

Just a day back got the chance to travel in Daewo from Lahore to Peshawar and came across some coincidences. Just a click in mind to share the one.

On Lahore Daewo terminal in a huge crowd man with his wife and mother sitting in a car next to ours was waiting for Daewo to arrive and board; was from Punjab I am sure by his dressing. Anyhow his mother was wearing long Chaddar which put me in surprise as his wife was modernize lahori; had goggles on head, streaked hair, polished nails and minglish (Urdu plus English) accent wearing dopatta on shoulder and bag on another.

By the time Daewo arrived, we took luggage to board so did they and finally in Daewo; boarding in Daewo is a problem cause of long security checks. Fortunately got the chance to sit on the last back seat which was little high than other seating, so I could view all and noticed their activities and it was a great fun; first time I thought.

The time we were about at 2 hours drive to Peshawar; the women got my attraction as she was wearing ABBAYA; yes the long black ABBAYA with Black Scarf and I was amazed what made her doing so. But I found the answer, she was basically Peshawarite might be living since time in Lahore so was following “Jaisa dais waisa bhais” and now was moving to own Backward, old fashioned and conservative city Peshawar, so was adopting. But still I am in confusion, was that really an adoptability or just a fear of Pukhtoons; infact fear of Taliban threat rumors or critical situation of NWFP was hitting her mind to get dressed as extremist say. Haaaaa… !

What the hunk they think of themselves, though I don’t wear ABBAYA but posses my identity; not actually an identity but Islamic believes and Muslim woman norms and values…

I must say we are distracted and we are lacking in faith so much that now human threats are more fearful to us than Allah’s orders. Where will we go on the Day of Judgment?

Isn’t it fearful? Or you are taking me Pessimistic ? 😀

Quote of the day (18th November, 2009)

“Happiness is a butterfly with colors; sense and absorb sagacity but don’t touch or it will evade its colors and pass on.”

ISHQ….. Transformation!

The feeling when nothing is left to see or to be seen, where emotions have crossed the edge and lifted to the horizon of extent where sentiments don’t remain sentiments but dwelled in the nothingness, dreams have started spoken the language one never crossed by and inner hideouts are appearing with the intensity which couldn’t be absorbed by the universe. Where nothingness begins with the relations; emotional attachments are disappeared in the fog of senseless continuity, here it begins the Love; real Love without pain and gain, Eternal Love.

Eternal Love; the supreme emotion of mystifying thoughtless silence and speechless words and one is purified by the frequency of blues. ISHQ

ISHQ; connection more then love where only presence matters without implication of gain in return or transformation of soul into itself, harmless and innocuous behavior towards the myth of life. Transformation of Love into ISHQ is the gain of strength which could bring down the matters and their effects; the influence which is unanimously never underestimated but uninhibited by the creatures of God. The loneliness soothes the internal living of senses and silence becomes the harmony to swing over without the rush of single wave when even tiny pebble can make tides in shores but when one is fusing in the situation, no wave can bring any tide even upon dropping stones one by one.

All the hinges are broken and edges are crossed, flying free in the air with nothingness but only purified heart; ISHQ….!


Quote of the day (12th November, 2009)

“Take a U turn in life when monotony is dominating the solitude and solitude is pinching to be escaped but bound.”

Monotony and Solitude


I was surfing sites when I got an idea to write so and so and let others do so…. 😀
So I am tagging all my list to to write their so and so…. they might get the chance to explore themselves…which might they have never got 🙂


Name: ……………………

Zodiac: Libra

Lucky Stone: Diamond (though I don’t believe in stone story)

Element: Air

Metal: Aluminium

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky day: Friday

(I don’t believe in so and so……….) 😀 😛

About Me:

Are you books freak: Yea I was but not now. Like good stuff to read

Are you shopping freak: At times, not always.

Do you like to party: Depends on mood but usually NO.

Do you like to hang out with friends: Yes, My friends My Treasure.

Do you like to sleep in spare time: Annnnn, not always until and unless I am hell tired.

Your Favorite hobby: Internet surfing and watching some good movie but with Peace, no disturbance allowed.

Do you like to celebrate: Annnn, not always but enjoy surprises 

Do you like to face: Depends, somehow try to avoid misfortune but if it’s obvious, well yes.

Do you know: I feel, I know many things but most of them couldn’t be practiced or not allowed to.

Your Own:

Your Religious View: Totally spiritual

Your Possession: My Belongings

Your State of Mind: Liberal; never like extremism

Your Strength: My Flexible nature to adjust and adopt; but only

Your weakness: My Possessiveness

Your Life: Full of experiences and learning

Your childhood: Simple and among text books

Your teenage: Pure stupidity and unawareness; Among text books… I
was a book worm. 😀

Your Vision: Unorthodox

Your Love: Allah

Your Desire: Freedom of speech and thought

Your Nature: Mystical, Simple, complicated, optimistic, pessimistic odd one out. 😛

Your Thought: Smile and let others smile.

Your Mood: Swings

Your Acceptability: Rite Now minor though it was Major in recent past.

Your Dream: …………………. Don’t want to open my secrets, not one infact.

Your Approach: Learn by your own, don’t watch out for the words of others cause they have their own ways of experiences.

Your Wish: I might not be confined to live and spend time by others will. Want to explore life and its dimensions myself.

Your Excuse: Why am I a girl? 😛

Your Mentality: Acceptability of everything with positive thinking. Never judge people wrong. Sometimes the way we see also deceive
us, so think rationally. Look for the hidden truth.

Your last but least: Why do I lack observation power and become dumb????? 😛



Once I came across the lines by Ashfaq Ahmed “Jab akhri faisla aa jaye to zid nahi karna, Razi ba raza ho jana, israar nahi karna, dil ko razi kar laina hai”, that time I might never understood the real meaning behind but today I can say surely I understood the camouflage.

The hidden truth which needs to be figured out by ourselves as we are always in a panorama state which leads us somewhere beyond the truth or we are diluted in the midst of transformation. Truth which unfortunately is never bitter then sweeter but it has to be digested to not engulf in the lost scenes of unawareness. Or we may ever remain flying hands in the air to find our own vacuum to breath; we are in the state of illusion paradigm.

Illusion which hold us in the sanity of our own fantacies till we owe and respond but lead us to devastating situations which could result in loss of realistic myth and one survives in the lost dogma of self confined and impudent holes; never lead to the forthcoming scenarios but restricted in the trance of fusion with souls.

Razi ba Raza is the acceptance of realistic myth whist diffuse the illusions and originate the existence of one in presence with acceptance of all do’s and don’ts.

Practice Tawakkul as far as and as long as one can and absorb the normality to not fall in abnormalities ravine.

We all suffer the illusions in life once in a while when no other option suits to the acceptance of our mind and our sane behavior; learn Tawakkul and be Razi ba Raza or sanity and insanity will make no difference.

Be sane; Acceptance of one and last word from your lord, Allah!

There will be no sound after the last, try to learn Omens you receive until and unless you couldn’t judge the answers; your lord is surely providing with the open signs, the only thing matters is your deepness and emergence from soul.