Once I came across the lines by Ashfaq Ahmed “Jab akhri faisla aa jaye to zid nahi karna, Razi ba raza ho jana, israar nahi karna, dil ko razi kar laina hai”, that time I might never understood the real meaning behind but today I can say surely I understood the camouflage.

The hidden truth which needs to be figured out by ourselves as we are always in a panorama state which leads us somewhere beyond the truth or we are diluted in the midst of transformation. Truth which unfortunately is never bitter then sweeter but it has to be digested to not engulf in the lost scenes of unawareness. Or we may ever remain flying hands in the air to find our own vacuum to breath; we are in the state of illusion paradigm.

Illusion which hold us in the sanity of our own fantacies till we owe and respond but lead us to devastating situations which could result in loss of realistic myth and one survives in the lost dogma of self confined and impudent holes; never lead to the forthcoming scenarios but restricted in the trance of fusion with souls.

Razi ba Raza is the acceptance of realistic myth whist diffuse the illusions and originate the existence of one in presence with acceptance of all do’s and don’ts.

Practice Tawakkul as far as and as long as one can and absorb the normality to not fall in abnormalities ravine.

We all suffer the illusions in life once in a while when no other option suits to the acceptance of our mind and our sane behavior; learn Tawakkul and be Razi ba Raza or sanity and insanity will make no difference.

Be sane; Acceptance of one and last word from your lord, Allah!

There will be no sound after the last, try to learn Omens you receive until and unless you couldn’t judge the answers; your lord is surely providing with the open signs, the only thing matters is your deepness and emergence from soul.




  1. Feels like complete revolution in blog…..beautiful simple white theme. Nice post. on raza and twakkal

    • Thanks Hassan 🙂

      Tawakkul and Raza. I want to explore more about so i will definatly appreciate the knowledge about from my visitors…. 🙂

  2. i love the theme and your post, blew me off balance. for the good!

    • Thanks 🙂 AD…

      I wish I could convey something better onwards that might bring some good change in others pool of realization. 🙂

  3. I’d second A. Desi, ‘threw me off balance, for good’ 🙂

    Tis hard to digest such stiff philosophical content, though! 😛

    • 😀
      at least its conveying you something… orthodox..
      omit philosphical and give a logical read… 🙂

  4. Nice blog theme I must say. And great post. We get a lot of signs from our lord but only if we could make a message out of those signs… :-(. May Allah guide us to sirat-e-mustaqeem. Ameen

    • The only thing is we never practice to follow those signs…and a day comes when we lose the capability to read signs… 🙂

  5. Circumstance have taught me ‘tawakkal’ as well 😐

    I am loving your new theme. It looks so pure and bright 🙂

    • yes ups and downs in life let us learn to do Tawakkul and its the only way we could come out of our frustration…

      Thanks Ayesha….yes the theme has changed my mood too… 🙂

  6. Tawakkul is my favorite word these days 😀

    • Its the only and only thing we have but we insist on going our own way…but never figure out that Allah has decided and we ar here just to obey and do Tawakkul…. the earlier we know the better it will be for us. 🙂

  7. Beautiful sharing 🙂 AllAh bless – so true indeed hmmm.

    • Ooo..Mishall….where were you, del your blog?
      Thanks 🙂

      • Salaam sis 🙂 No Well, I’ve not del it hmm gonna be back up again with other link name. Just been bit busy, AllAh bless N thanks for askin 🙂

      • yes i was wondering why did u del ur blog… be back 🙂

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