Adaptability or Fear ????

Just a day back got the chance to travel in Daewo from Lahore to Peshawar and came across some coincidences. Just a click in mind to share the one.

On Lahore Daewo terminal in a huge crowd man with his wife and mother sitting in a car next to ours was waiting for Daewo to arrive and board; was from Punjab I am sure by his dressing. Anyhow his mother was wearing long Chaddar which put me in surprise as his wife was modernize lahori; had goggles on head, streaked hair, polished nails and minglish (Urdu plus English) accent wearing dopatta on shoulder and bag on another.

By the time Daewo arrived, we took luggage to board so did they and finally in Daewo; boarding in Daewo is a problem cause of long security checks. Fortunately got the chance to sit on the last back seat which was little high than other seating, so I could view all and noticed their activities and it was a great fun; first time I thought.

The time we were about at 2 hours drive to Peshawar; the women got my attraction as she was wearing ABBAYA; yes the long black ABBAYA with Black Scarf and I was amazed what made her doing so. But I found the answer, she was basically Peshawarite might be living since time in Lahore so was following “Jaisa dais waisa bhais” and now was moving to own Backward, old fashioned and conservative city Peshawar, so was adopting. But still I am in confusion, was that really an adoptability or just a fear of Pukhtoons; infact fear of Taliban threat rumors or critical situation of NWFP was hitting her mind to get dressed as extremist say. Haaaaa… !

What the hunk they think of themselves, though I don’t wear ABBAYA but posses my identity; not actually an identity but Islamic believes and Muslim woman norms and values…

I must say we are distracted and we are lacking in faith so much that now human threats are more fearful to us than Allah’s orders. Where will we go on the Day of Judgment?

Isn’t it fearful? Or you are taking me Pessimistic ? 😀



  1. want to ask one things, is this daewoo car i.e 5 seater or something else like hiace?

    shuker karo woh lahore wali kuri duppata pehni hui thee, usually in lahore defence and gulberg no duppata, also in clifton and defence in karachi as well.

    and yeah i believe women should be mentally strong irrespective of what they wear and what they argue, with in the naqab and burqa bhi bahut saray aisay kam hotay hai jo nahi honay chahiye, so burka is not the solution of all evil, first evil should be removed from our minds, that’s it, but i believe illiterates don’t understand it.

    • 😀 yes dopatta issue is not the only one in lahore karachi clifton gulberg but islamabad too….infact very common… n yes u r right even burqa wearing are not the ones we can call pure of all… i just want to say to be what you are rather portraying urself something else…
      b what u r and that’s the true one u r… 🙂

  2. and yes in contrary to literacy line i wrote above someone has said quite beautifully

    “The more the fruits of knowledge become accessible to mankind, the more widespread is the decline of religious belief”

  3. “… we are distracted and we are lacking in faith so much that now human threats are more fearful to us than Allah’s orders.”

    That is exactly what’s happening everywhere. Sad, yet true.

    • yes, we are going away from where we should be directed and I am afraid that thing will completely ruin muslim generation… I am afraid about the future of muslims..
      there is always a line that World war 3 can only be prevented and we should try hard to prevent it but unfortunatly we are going towards it either directly or indirectly and muslim decline is a sign of that… :S

  4. When my friends reached Lahore (on trip) a few years back… their (including mine) duppattas sliped from head onto the shoulders 😀

    I guess it is purely ‘do in Rome as Romans do’.

    • yes true….

      we used to do the same when i was in college university but now i have been changed alot…

      infact i m new one 😀

  5. These are some of the signs of our weak Imaan. But I rather feel or I want to feel that she wore an Abaya only because of the fear of Allah subhanwata’la.

    • Yes we are weak in Imaan… Allah pak increase our faith and guide us the right way…Ameen

  6. seems there’s no “women liberation” in your world..

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