Rona Kabhi nahi Rona, Chahe toot jaye Sapna Salona…!

Memories remain fresh and fragrant till end whether time crosses through harsh nodes or routes smoothly, nevertheless reminiscence drag us in the time back whose strings are still in hand but stretched as long as we have crossed the junctions. Memoirs and their sweetness or bitterness create hinges which are unbroken and threaded in a way which are undisclosed paramount. The attire remains sleeked and glossy.

Memories hit me in the morning with the enclosure of song “Rona kabhi nahi rona, chahe toot jaye sapna salona”, heard that song years and years back in childhood but its soothing effect cast comforting sound in my ears, though its not playing but humming somewhere; in memories.

Heard and enjoyed it as a Just Song years back but now it’s telling the story of vital truth, lyrics are giving the impression of essence which is noticeably divine and celestial.

Might it be the voice of someone else too…..!

But my heart is throbbing with the beat and yours? 🙂

“On my friends demand, song video is added in the post 🙂 “



  1. Good Morning :-),

    i haven’t heard above mentioned song, but i liked the Jal One “Dil tu Rona nahi Khawab Adhoray Nahi”

    everyone heart should be throbbing with beats because if beats stops, the one could be in problem :-P. enjoy 🙂

    • Good Morning Yasser… 🙂

      yes i heard that song too…. one more song old one..

      Rote rote hansna seekho, hanste hanste ronaa.. 🙂

      Yes heart beats and the day it will stop beating, last moment we will catch up in life… 🙂

      • Reminds me a Noori song ‘nahi rona, yara na rona, suno na dil ki pukar, tum hansna hans kay jhoom, zara dholna ab aaye bahar, lagay jag soona, mera dil manay na har’ … what a throbbing song that is!

        I’m feeling like listening to a full throttled Noori song that might just lift my moods 🙂

  2. @Aadill…

    go up…what r u waiting for…

    My personal opinion, if u r feeling down, go for what u like the most, ur mood will be drasticaly changed at once… 🙂

    i haven’t been through noori song… 😛

    • To me Ali Noor of the Noori band, is one of the top three, if not the best rock singer of the country. He’s got a very powerful and amazing voice.

      • voice is good but mostly i dont like rock… cause it rocks mind too 😛
        yes i heard his only song…Manwa n it was damn great 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard that song 🙄

  4. I added video of song… for all of u 🙂

  5. great song 🙂 😛

  6. love the song and even that one ‘nahi mei nahi dekh sakta tujhe rotay huay’

  7. After a long time, I’m finally back 🙂 but not for long 😦

    waisai although I’ve heard the song, I like it cuz I’m pretty much into oldies, quwalies and classic tracks. waisai do write an Eid post, I’d be eager to read. btw I did one too… toodle-oo!

    • Anhaannn Qawali and classics..well ur age doesn’t go parallel with such mature things… 🙂
      but nice…. 🙂
      yup Inshallah I will write one 🙂

      • It’s, well the ‘thousandth’ time I’ve heard someone say that my music taste isn’t the similar as my peers 🙂 But I love oldies, qawalies, classic tracks. What can I do now? I’m already in love with em 🙂

        And do lemme know when you write it.

  8. good selection dear..
    nice choice..

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