Alphabets of 2009

I strongly got the idea to write History of Pakistan 2009 in Alphabetical order by INSTEP Mag of “The News”.

Tried at my best knowledge to do justice, rest nothing is perfect so excuse in advance. Moreover A-Z of my readers is welcomed on my Blog, will definatly publish by their names…. 🙂

A for Ali Hamza…

Ali hamza the tonba player and singer in Coke Studio Session II got popularity by his Naat “Madiney Main” and ofcource part of Noori. Year 2009 was surely the year of Ali Hamza as a brilliant upcoming talent.

B for Bomb disposal Squads

Surely 2009 was the year to highlight bomb disposal squads and their activities regarding bomb diffusing and reaching on blast spot after huge disaster…. They might be shown the V for victory to encourage; we hope.

C for Coke Studio “Dastan e Ishq”

Coke Studio Session II shocked the Pakistan by fetched up the polished Ali Zafar singing “Dastan e Ishq”, the melody, vocals and Ali Zafar’s tuneful voice made a bloom in music industry of Pakistan; the Sufi poetry with new age band surely hit the hearts of listeners. 2009 was a complete bracket for Ali Zafar’s “Dastan e Ishq”.

D for Dumb Soaps

Star plus Soaps no doubt casted huge after effects on Pakistani Drama themes which are converted to Indians Paranormals whilst lost their charm and audience. 2009 was the year of dumb soaps with Zero story line and low standard shows but ofcource bundle of jewellery and Sarhi’s which they use to wear at night too and yea how can plaster makeup be ignored in all such dumb plays; thumbs up.

E for Elite DJ’s

Every other show is messed up with DJ’s Vj’s and Rj’s and their nonsense talk can only be understood by themselves, they behave Elite, speak Elite, act Elite; Non of their behavior represents the gesture of normal human. What the heck are these shows only to be watched by Elite class of society or the poor mediocre can have the privilege to enjoy watching TV for quiet less time? 2009 Rocked with Elite Anchors.

F for Foreign policies

Foreign policies were adopted in 2009 not only in political games but also in every other aspect of life… Fashion, media, Dressing, Style, Is there anything left to mention; O really Religion too. Look around, don’t you feel foreign touch in religious behavior? We better need to wake up before it’s too late.

G for Grand shows

I was amazed to watch TV shows, award shows and what not shows, Pakistani shows with Indian Songs, dressing, style and stage acts. Every other channel wants to put behind every next channel to be the most watchable. Are they really? I don’t feel comfortable watching all such nonsense; do you?

H for Hollywood

2009 was the year of Hollywood in my opinion as neither Lollywood nor Bollywood could rock the world. It’s an impression that Bollywood movies seem influenced by Hollywood though they couldn’t be copy cat but their masala drama outweigh…

I for Independence

2009 was surely the year of independence with respect to all aspects, morality, dignity, modesty, religion, honesty and ofcource corruption; our society has become independent of everything, thumbs up.

J for Jal

Jal rocked with their new song “Kash key yeh Pal”, the melodious with rhythm and fragrant vocals; I am a die hard fan or I could die. 2009 vows for jal.

K for Kayamat

2009 was the year to predict Kayamat “Dooms Day” by all nuts, and they ended up on 2012. Crappy predictions by jerks had year 2009.

L for Local brands

Local brands achieved local and international market with bang in 2009, it’s another thing that they could launch their brands in Punjab and Sindh but couldn’t skim in NWFP and Baluchistan. Fashion festival of November 2009 truly proved the grasping International Media.

M for Madhab (Religion)

Madhab (Religion) was the most controversial phenomenon of the current year which suppressed every next issue of 2009, Religion in Politics, Religion in Media, and Religion in Social activities, hence neither was left without making Madhab a hard core issue with respect to every next activity. From humanitarian to Non Profit organizations, From Political agenda to Media conspiracies; unanimously every single took full benefit by wearing sheep skin. “Hum sab Umeed sey hain”.

N for NRO

National Reconciliation ordinance or Nation Ruin Objective; Pakistan is facing and will face the challenges ahead. Hopefully all debts with interests would be released by collecting all loot money back from black bulls. NAB rocked in 2009.

O for Orkut

It’s debatable to talk about social forums like Orkut, facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and so many. I am again switched to Orkut cause of some reasons of my interests but mostly Orkut lost the attention of its users in 2009 by raise in Facebook monopoly. Though both have their own trades to grab maximum audience but Orkut is more skimmed for those who actually want to be facilitated by social forums for not only to be socialized but to learn useful as well.

P for Pakistan

No one can deny the fact that 2009 was the year of Pakistan with respect to Al-Qaeda, terrorism, Corruption, Political decline, Bomb Blasts, Economy rapture and American’s focal point. No other channel is publicizing without the news about Pakistan whether National or International. But still after being morally and ethically declined, I must say “Proud to be Pakistani and be Pakistani”.

Q for Quaid e Azam

Portrait of Quaid e Azam is restored in Parliament house in 2009, as we all know it was replaced by BB and Bhutto. Did they bring Pakistan on World’s map? Are we breathing in Pakistan cause of them? No one in near or far can replace Quaid e Azam; Voice of Pakistanis, isn’t it?

R for Rohail Hayat

Coke Studio is no doubt the most fabulous version of music to bring for down audience by Rohail Hayat in 2009 which not only grabbed the public but also brought up their fused passion.

S for Saein Zahoor

Saein Zahoor and his vigilant voice heard in Coke studio which lifted up the deprived citizens by his “Aik Alif”. Singer of the year award goes to Saein Zahoor.

T for Twitter

Twitter a socialized forum for short messages and blogs with featured applications signify an impact on entire world by grabbing the people around the globe related to every next profession. 2009 comprise the world in bottle neck by Twitter.

U for “Us”

Us weekly Magazine of “The News” lost its allure in 2009 and couldn’t receive enough reviews in the year whilst readers didn’t judge it to the extent it was expecting; down expectations.

V for Vampire

2009 was the year of Vampire which hilariously mad the watch outs across the globe by “Twilight” and “Twilight saga: New Moon”. A human fall in love with Vampire; truly unrealistic but accepted by the viewers up to max. Go go Vampires; Woohooo!.

W for Waziristan

Which countryman doesn’t know about Waziristan and brutal 2009 history of drone attacks by US on Waziristan civilians, the worst situation started blooming in Pakistan with the situation of war created in Waziristan and adjacent areas. Can anyone deny the fact?

X for X-President

X-President of Pakistan Pervez Mushurraf remained big highlight in 2009 among media and played role to be existent and non-existent directly or indirectly in Pakistani politics, critical situation, Economic downfall, suicide attacks and getting worst than most worst incidents across the country by giving his dialogue time to time. God knows; who will change the fate!

Y for Youth

Pakistani youth with their energetic and motivated obsession to cope with the critical situation and continue to fight for their motherland proved to be the patriotic and passionate with respect to their norms and responsibilities in favor of their own Pakistan. 2009 woke up the youth, hats off!

Z for Zeb and Haniya

Zeb and Haniya shinned as a new talent through Coke Studio Session II by singing “Paimona” and “Chal diye”, made a commendable history in 2009.


Fabrication Musk..

The uneasiness and stinking memoirs are eccentrically parallel to the imaginations that gulp the world in one circle with free will and transactions. That’s truly the world of emotions which make the soul restless upon arising in reality after enough drowsiness in skimming circumstances of bountiful glamour world. Galaxies are more prominent to the most upper hinges of ones mind whilst blinking and shining with the immature ample opinions; non other but Glorious Universe of Imagination.

What goes astray? The only non fiction truth which seems blurred for the matter of time or the haunting thoughtful absentee of moron mentality;

In favor of living the most opt rigid point is to outlive with endure thoughts rather penetrating long lasting irreparable fiction chronicle; which remains grouchy till end.

Fabrication should end before dusk; living superiority.

Ash on Fire ..!

She was standing still in her own profound shell of midst, soundless and frozen without any wave of thought, empty and expressionless but just tears flowing down casting the fog in her dreams world; everything blurred and hazy, extensively fainting the memoirs whilst splinters of broken dreams where smoldering in eyes; as last ash on fire.

He moved ahead without uttering single word but only; I Love you but ….!

Nothing she could sense beyond the bulging BUT.

Navigated meditation, what else left behind; ASH without smoke.

“Few Tears are precious indeed few dreams are treasured which couldn’t be fit in others thoughts, nor can any realize the magnitude but only could be shared with the one who is ever knowing and ever watching; None but Allah.”

Quote of the day (10th December, 2009)

“Make your life potentially amusable so you can fit in your skin without being sympathetic to your own self.”

Few Words of Bulleh Shah !

The messy routine makes one drown in frenzy circumstances where ownself is second to all materialistic priorities and fake world seems the supreme commodity while the soul gets tired of hush hush situations and drastic impudent turns one has to has take to bring the life on smooth track; so called life.

To rid off the after effects, few lines relax the soul and comfort the mind with soothing frequency emitting out of just lines.

Bulleh Shah lines posses such charismatic frequency that raises the mind’s amplitude and bring down the wrath influence of gravy battle of life.

Parh Parh Ilm Hazaar Kitaaban,
Qaddi Apnay Aap Nou Parhiya Naee,
Jaan Jaan Warhday Mandir Maseedi,
Qaddi Mann Apnay Wich Warhiya Naee,
Aa-Vain Larda Aye Shaitan De Naal Bandeaa,
Qaddi Nafss Apnay Naal Lariya Naee.

Yes, Yes, You Have Read Thousands Of Books,
But You Have Never Tried To Read Your Own Self,
You Rush In, Into Your Temples, Into Your Mosques,
But You Have Never Tried To Enter Your Own Heart,
Futile Are All Your Battles With Satan,
For You Have Never Tried To Fight Your Own Desires

Baba Bullay Shah Farmayya,
Kaliyan Ishq Kaman Okha,
Kisay Nu Yar Bnana Okha,
Pyar Pyar Tay Har Koi Bollay,
Kar K Pyar Nibhana Okha,
Har Koi Dhukhan Tay Hass Lenda,
Kisay Da Dard Wadana Okha,
Gallan Nall Naye Rutbay Millday,
Jogi Bhesa Wadana Okha,
Koi Kisay Di Gall Naye Sunda,
Lokan Nu Samjhana Okha,

Baba Bullay shah said
It’s difficult to put step in Love,
It’s difficult to make your beloved,
Though All can speak of Love,
But difficult to surrender while Love,
All can smile at grieves,
It’s difficult to share sorrow,
One can’t achieve standards by words,
Whilst you have to adopt saint life,
No one listens to other,
It’s difficult to make people understand.

Masjid Dha De, Mandir Dha De, Dha De Jo Kucch Dainda,
Par Kisi Da Dil Na Dhain, Rab Dilan Vich Rehnda

Tear Down The Mosque And The Temple; Break Everything In Sight
But Do Not Break A Person’s Heart, It Is There That God Resides

Giggles …!

For a while we intricate in phenomenon to the extent so we forget to cherish and replenish our internal harmony which bring cheers to our lives; until and unless a sudden message or writing from someone fills up the world around with giggles.
A little note adds glitter to my phantom which I am excited to share with all;

A kid of first grade is proposing to her class fellow;
Boy: Kyat um mele shath thadi talo gee? (Will you marry me?)
Girl: Nayee (No)
Boy: Pleash tal lo na (Please say yes)
Girl: Nayee na (No)
Boy: Daito toppee dun ga (Will give you toffee)
Girl: Nayee, me ice cleam thaoon dee (No, I want ice cream)
Boy: Tal Bhootee ! (go away)

I am thinking how do Bhootee “Bhookee” will be translated into English 😀 “

I was in deep desperate situation when I received the text and sudden laugh broke my severe vision. It’s a vital truth that Children have their own world and we should never let die a child inside us or our spirit dies and evolves into hard throb. 🙂

Labbaik !

“Labbaik Alahumma Labbaik, Innalhamda wan’namada laqawal mulq la sharik’a”
The most beautiful lines we hear and repeat in hearts as well as by tongue on the day of Hajj e Mubarak, Allah the most merciful may grant every single person of Ummat e Muhammad SWS to perform Hajj and Umrah Mubarak.

The sensation the words create, the love the heart is filled with, the spiritual attachment one feels and inner satisfaction the one absorbs; it’s all in non other than Zil’hajj days. The mesmerism, the cherish and charisma when whole world seems fake and divine truth emerges from the mountains of Arafat and Safa O Marwa joins the hearts of humanity to Allah; the lord.

“Assalato wa’salamo Alaika Ya Rasool Allah SWS”, when eyes on Kaba tu’llah and gates of Haram e Pak are open to engulf the flood of humanity; crying for the mercy, where no one is superior nor inferior but all are joints; holding only rope “Ummat e Muhammad SWS”.

The only supreme is black wearing and golden writing of Kaba tu’llah, the Harmain sharifain, the Zam Zam spring and Hajre Aswad “Rock from Jannah”.

And return; the Hujjaj e Karam.

Do we remain the same, do we repent the same, do we feel the same, and do we fulfill all the promises we did to Allah subhan o Ta’llah while standing infront of him and eyes down cause of shame. He is around, he is looking, he is the guider, and he is the merciful. He called his beloved people to the sacred place of Makkah pak, gave them the opportunity to repent in front of him and make themselves pious of all sins “Kabira o Saghira” but what we do?

Back biting, lies, superstitions, snatching, blackmailing, anger; once again the part of World “ordinary world” which has no reality but all fake; it’s just a mesmerized world of fantasy and we are not realizing that we are here just to participate and clear an exam that will lead us to either Jannah (Heaven) or Dozakh (Hell); our last and permanent destiny. The fatal providence.