Few Words of Bulleh Shah !

The messy routine makes one drown in frenzy circumstances where ownself is second to all materialistic priorities and fake world seems the supreme commodity while the soul gets tired of hush hush situations and drastic impudent turns one has to has take to bring the life on smooth track; so called life.

To rid off the after effects, few lines relax the soul and comfort the mind with soothing frequency emitting out of just lines.

Bulleh Shah lines posses such charismatic frequency that raises the mind’s amplitude and bring down the wrath influence of gravy battle of life.

Parh Parh Ilm Hazaar Kitaaban,
Qaddi Apnay Aap Nou Parhiya Naee,
Jaan Jaan Warhday Mandir Maseedi,
Qaddi Mann Apnay Wich Warhiya Naee,
Aa-Vain Larda Aye Shaitan De Naal Bandeaa,
Qaddi Nafss Apnay Naal Lariya Naee.

Yes, Yes, You Have Read Thousands Of Books,
But You Have Never Tried To Read Your Own Self,
You Rush In, Into Your Temples, Into Your Mosques,
But You Have Never Tried To Enter Your Own Heart,
Futile Are All Your Battles With Satan,
For You Have Never Tried To Fight Your Own Desires

Baba Bullay Shah Farmayya,
Kaliyan Ishq Kaman Okha,
Kisay Nu Yar Bnana Okha,
Pyar Pyar Tay Har Koi Bollay,
Kar K Pyar Nibhana Okha,
Har Koi Dhukhan Tay Hass Lenda,
Kisay Da Dard Wadana Okha,
Gallan Nall Naye Rutbay Millday,
Jogi Bhesa Wadana Okha,
Koi Kisay Di Gall Naye Sunda,
Lokan Nu Samjhana Okha,

Baba Bullay shah said
It’s difficult to put step in Love,
It’s difficult to make your beloved,
Though All can speak of Love,
But difficult to surrender while Love,
All can smile at grieves,
It’s difficult to share sorrow,
One can’t achieve standards by words,
Whilst you have to adopt saint life,
No one listens to other,
It’s difficult to make people understand.

Masjid Dha De, Mandir Dha De, Dha De Jo Kucch Dainda,
Par Kisi Da Dil Na Dhain, Rab Dilan Vich Rehnda

Tear Down The Mosque And The Temple; Break Everything In Sight
But Do Not Break A Person’s Heart, It Is There That God Resides



  1. That is pure soothing stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. it is meaning in every word!

  3. Isn’t Punjabi right?

  4. I don’t understand it. 😦

  5. Tried to Translate Punjabi in English for readers, I hope i did justice, forgive me if i am mistaken… 😛

  6. Ermm:) I dunno what to say.

    • hey spotless welcome on my blog.. 🙂
      where were you, we all had been waiting for your return 😛

      • Ermm:)

        Hain? Waiting for my return?:o Kheriat?
        Jahan tak mujhe yad parta hai, maine tow aap sab mein se kisi se qarz nai liya!*scratching head* jo aap ka udhar chukana ho:p Rather kisi se bhi kuch bhi leinay ki adat nai mujhe!:)

  7. Parh Parh Ilm Hazaar Kitaaban,
    Qaddi Apnay Aap Nou Parhiya Naee,


    good selection.

  8. You know? Every time reading it makes me surrounded with a new layer:) Ermm… i seriously am speechless. Dunno what to say.

    JazakAllah for sharing!:)

    • thanks Spotless….yes i feel the same, whenever i read, words take me in different round… 🙂

  9. Lovely!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Amazing lines for introspection ! Just loved the lyrics 🙂

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