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Bow down and pray, bow down and beg, bow down and request; all belong to human to bow down in front of Allah Almighty.

Humans are humans, they can never be as generous as Allah, they will never listen which never goes in their favor, they will never accept which will never benefit them but Allah does; he listens and keep on listening until and unless last breath speak out. He is a good listener then why don’t we talk to him? why don’t we expect him?, why don’t we demand him?, why don’t we weep for his mercy and love?

Because we are lose in our faith or we don’t mean what we say? We believe in Allah, we believe on his strength; no doubt he created the universe in six least days then how can he not turn the way of our luck. Then how can we not be fortunate to win his love and mercy upon us.

“Aik teri chahat hai aur aik meri chahat hai, gar tu de de mujhey wo jo meri chahat hai to me de du ga tujhey wo jo teri chahat hai aur agar tuney nafarmani ki to me tarsa du ga tujhey us mey jo teri chahat hai aur phr hoga wohi jo meri chahat hai”

Are we really fulfilling what he asked? Are we really doing what he desires from his creature or we are just sheep in the skin of humans who are just moving on their way for their own benefits but not trusting Allah.

I say I trust him but Do I really? I say I have blind faith on him but Do I really have? Am I doing justice with my words? If I do then I shouldn’t have doubts, I shouldn’t have scares, I shouldn’t have desires for tomorrow. Am I low in my faith? Why?

We ask human for their sympathy and Love but their only one word throw us from sky to bottom then why don’t we ask Allah for his Love; he will never refuse. Do you still have doubt? Then try atleast…!


When Brain storming resist the conscious at esteem and let unconscious to wake up to float not only on the upper surface but also going deep below the crust where concealed truth becomes unhidden or only flawless fascinations become the reality until and unless conscious take over the brain and brings the one back to the open eyed unveiled drama of life.

Ofcource Dreams;

Dreaming cuts the invisible link of conscious with subconscious, therefore subconscious plays the vital role in reverie.

Human dreams about various sculptures; Dreams without meaning, Fantasy, Nightmare and meaningful.

Mostly human dreams about what he passes through the whole day or thinking about before sleeping. Unconsciously the imaginations and fantasies also get bona fide during snooze time which he enjoys to have them actually but not genuinely. Nightmares are the Evil thoughts which conspire during entire snoozing about ghastly happenings.

Meaningful dreams are rare to happen which are the omens and can be interpreted but only by authentic valid sources. Only few can understand and get the Omens otherwise they remain unsolved queries behind the mirror image of intellect.

Unanimously Dreams are Dreams which happen to most of the livings; most of them forget the half night passed realities; the remaining gets blurred with glory of time.

To be concluded; Dreams are Dreams, Let them Dream!