40 Points

It’s been ages I didn’t write about myself, Ayesha tagged me in her post and gave me the chance to explore my life a bit more 😛

1. My uncle once: gifted me 36K and I bought Laptop… 😛 when I needed it the most.

2. Never in my life: I could ride on horse, though horse riding has always been my passion but opportunity didn’t knock.

3. When I was five: Dumb was the exact word for me. 😛

4. High School was: the time when I enjoyed carefree life.

5. I will never forget: the lessons life taught me, maximum were harsh but life moves on.

6. I once met: myself and found that I am not the one as I am. 🙂

7. There’s this girl I know who: is truly extraordinary and could be inspiration of any great but her own life is whirled as a tornado.

8. Once, at a bar: Me and Bar, Gosh No way; Am I looking you nonsense.

9. By noon, I’m usually: Busy at my Job. 😛

10. Last night: slept at 12:30 AM, its been ages I awoke till late, mostly do at 9:00 PM. 🙂

11. If only I had: the confidence of _______ , might I would be among the luckiest too.:)

12. Next time I go to the Temple: I am a girl and not allowed to go to Mosque as this darn SOCIETY has limited the limits of females.

13. Rakhi Sawant: is an actor, dancer, host…Don’t know more than that.. 😛

14. What worries me most: is the state and provision of Muslim Ummah in current era and afterwards.

15. When I turn my head left, I see: A wall.

16. When I turn my head right, I see: A bed.

17. You know I’m lying when: I don’t want to introduce misconception between two and try to settle their score without any misunderstanding.

18. What I miss most about the nineties: simple, descent and sober media; Our own PTV.

19. If I was a character in Shakespeare, I’d be: Mmmmm….Don’t know, I didn’t read him more.

20. By this time next year: Don’t know whether I would be alive or not. Planning, Nea I don’t believe in planning.

21. A better name for me would be: I just Love my full name and its meaning so I would never want another name for me. 🙂

22. I have a hard time understanding: Chemistry 😛 I ever hated chemistry cause it never matched with my chemistry.

23. If I ever go back to school, I’ll: I would try to enjoy each and every bit of what I never did cause I was so DULL and DUMB.

24. You know I like you if: is there any requirement of “IF and BUT” when you like someone? 

25. If I ever won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: the one who will present me that award.

26. Sachin Tendulkar, Mozart, Sonia Gandhi & Ronaldo: None of my interest.

27. Take my advice, never: trust HUMAN.

28. My ideal breakfast is: Cup of tea.

29. A song I love, but do not own is: None

30. If you visit my hometown, I suggest: to try to understand people cause they aren’t as horrifying as their image has been built.

31. Tulips, character flaws, microchips, & track stars: Tulips and Tube Rose. 🙂

32. Why won’t people: appreciate someone by his nature, why do they always have so called standards.

33. If you spend the night at my house: You will come to know that I am such a SLEEP addict so can’t keep my eyes open after 9:00 PM; there is a reason, wake up at 5:00 AM. Tiring day makes me lethargic.

34. I’d stop my wedding for: Wait wait…. Why Do I? it’s not a joke but life time commitment.

35. The world could do without: Quarrel and War if human would not be so voracious and inhumane.

36. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: Yeakh ! I don’t take risks to indulge into such silly bets.

37. My favorite blonde is: None.

38: Paper clips are more useful than: Stepler pins, ateast they don’t inject the paper rather treat it gently. 😛

39. If I do anything well, it’s: Nothing; I feel I am just good into making mess so I try to keep my mouth shut infront of those who don’t know me TRULY.

40. And by the way: I am not that conservative and bored as I seem to be but I don’t compromise on my ideology. 😛

As a rule I am tagging Haris, Huda, Dua, BMK, Aadill and Yasser.


Don’t Cry Again !

Solitude under the thick shade of huge trees;

She took step one after another; acridity of dry leaves under feet broke the silence of inner and outer world; who is there? Eyes were moving around in whim but who could appear, sigh there was none.

She took deep breath; my false diversion, faded moments screened through her eyes.

This world fears me with its all so called shining fantasies; nothing to be afraid of, close your eyes; I am standing by you….
Zoya unintentionally closed her eyes, drop fell; Hassan!

Croak brought her back; you are no where and I am standing alone; did you lie? Zoya was whispering.

Hassan! Dark night and Full moon, I am excited, it always fascinates me…. I, I want you to be with me along sea side, Full moon and Dark night, Will you? He laughed; your innocent wishes, yes I will;

Zoya and Hassan!

Leaves crushed under feet once again; he didn’t lie but he broke me, crushed me like these dry leaves; I am no where, are you listening Hassan, I am no where; it started raining.

Sky and Zoya both were crying; she sat down on the floor of wet leaves, none was there to hear her screams, no hand was extended to map her tears.

Your birthday gift, Happy Eid, Are you coming? When? You are beautiful… Sounds from the past were sounding in her ears.
It was raining more heavily.

What’s wrong Hassan? I didn’t say anything, if you couldn’t walk along, why did you hit my shell? Why did you wake up my sleeping sentiments which I hide deep inside my heart? Why? But Zoya couldn’t speak a word, All words lost there voice….
I wish I could be your life but….!
She was silent, call hanged, all ended; Life ended.

Hassan, Hassan…. Come back, she screamed in melancholy!
There were huge trees, dry leaves, heavy rain, gray sky; croaked again.
Inner and outer rain stopped; Last words for you Hassan, you gave me something….
Tawakkal Allah and Patience!

Zoya stood up; light was emerging through thick shade of trees, they are green;
Spring started, Zoya took step ahead with smile on her face; Hassan was no more there, neither in present nor future.

Don’t cry for the same reason again; Tawakkal Allah and Patience!

Darkness; Hope of Light

Daado !
She screamed, spark of light in veranda.

Its thunder storm, don’t be afraid Baila; thunder is only loud but brings spark of light too.

It had been raining since 2 days; Baila was quiet and watching out of wooden window the heavy rain but today it was thundering which was synchronizing her to the fallen night of childhood.

Daado! Why thunder volume so loud, is it the sign to make yourself prepared for the forsaken forthcoming? Same was the night; do you remember Daado?
She turned back but she was sleeping, Baila didn’t feel to wake her up so laid in her bed again and tightly turned over quilt. She slept sound.

Baila wake up, leaves fell cause of heavy rain, clean the veranda and make breakfast; give me a cup of tea on Takht Posh…..
Baila ! Coming Daado…

It was a day with clouds howling on the sky; gray day it was.
Hope it ends soon, wet things always bring demise; Oh I shouldn’t uphold negative thoughts, her eyes twinkling while she seemed lost in her own self; tea got cold which she placed on the stair nearby.
Knock on the door broke her concentration; Baila take scarf, she looked back and heard Daado’s instruction, placed scarf on head whilst took a step ahead; courier!

It was dark night again, she shut all the windows and doors, heavy rain. She placed scarf on the side saying, Why its raining? it should be ended now.
Baila; nothing is wrong my Love, come here.
Daado, night is getting darker and you remember it always swallowed our fate; I am afraid, it might not bring one another misfortune. No, my dear… when Darkness seems gloom than darkness itself and you don’t find single blink of light, do understand; Lightening is step ahead. White bright light.
Hmmm ! Daado; courier brought cheque so our debt would be released, is this a light? Yes Baila! Be hopeful, who sent the cheque would come soon; Door will be opened, Milkish white light which will absorb all shadows from your life.

Rain has stopped, Baila opened the window; It has stopped Daado… Both looked at each other and smiled.

Light is step ahead!


Satan is always around to distract but Allah is always there to hold us and bring us to the path of Sirat e Mustaqim. We have to keep faith and trust that nothing is beyond Allah’s reach; whatever he does is for our good will and if he delays, do believe that we are truly fortunate cause he created all his creature with Love and he never wants to destroy any except those who follow Satan and leave the way of Mustaqim; Allah shows his anger towards them, be among the ones who follow him rather those who earn his anger and rage.

Fight with yourself cause human is the enemy of himself; either you will win or lose but all depends upon the Faith you owe. You will always have whatever is written in your fate; to achieve that Allah has given two ways, Right and Wrong. Whilst you are given the knowledge to use and chose on your own to reach that fate, whichever way you select, no doubt you will have the same thing but your selected way will put you in right or wrong skin. Loved or hated by Allah Subhan’O’Tallah.

Do pray that Allah may always bless you with the knowledge to be among the righteous ones instead of those who go astray.

Allah may always bring easiness in our ways…Ameen!