Satan is always around to distract but Allah is always there to hold us and bring us to the path of Sirat e Mustaqim. We have to keep faith and trust that nothing is beyond Allah’s reach; whatever he does is for our good will and if he delays, do believe that we are truly fortunate cause he created all his creature with Love and he never wants to destroy any except those who follow Satan and leave the way of Mustaqim; Allah shows his anger towards them, be among the ones who follow him rather those who earn his anger and rage.

Fight with yourself cause human is the enemy of himself; either you will win or lose but all depends upon the Faith you owe. You will always have whatever is written in your fate; to achieve that Allah has given two ways, Right and Wrong. Whilst you are given the knowledge to use and chose on your own to reach that fate, whichever way you select, no doubt you will have the same thing but your selected way will put you in right or wrong skin. Loved or hated by Allah Subhan’O’Tallah.

Do pray that Allah may always bless you with the knowledge to be among the righteous ones instead of those who go astray.

Allah may always bring easiness in our ways…Ameen!



  1. Ameen! Nice post, mashaallah.

  2. Nice read! 🙂

  3. Lovely thoughts N beautifully expressed 🙂 Whatever happens, happens for a reason, a reason only Allah know – the sooner we realize the better for us. N I loved the part about fighing with ourself, so true sis, if we can fight out “Nafs”, we need nothing else. God bless you N your loved ones.

    • hey thanks Mishaal 🙂
      I hope you also could grab some lesson from it… 🙂

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