Don’t Cry Again !

Solitude under the thick shade of huge trees;

She took step one after another; acridity of dry leaves under feet broke the silence of inner and outer world; who is there? Eyes were moving around in whim but who could appear, sigh there was none.

She took deep breath; my false diversion, faded moments screened through her eyes.

This world fears me with its all so called shining fantasies; nothing to be afraid of, close your eyes; I am standing by you….
Zoya unintentionally closed her eyes, drop fell; Hassan!

Croak brought her back; you are no where and I am standing alone; did you lie? Zoya was whispering.

Hassan! Dark night and Full moon, I am excited, it always fascinates me…. I, I want you to be with me along sea side, Full moon and Dark night, Will you? He laughed; your innocent wishes, yes I will;

Zoya and Hassan!

Leaves crushed under feet once again; he didn’t lie but he broke me, crushed me like these dry leaves; I am no where, are you listening Hassan, I am no where; it started raining.

Sky and Zoya both were crying; she sat down on the floor of wet leaves, none was there to hear her screams, no hand was extended to map her tears.

Your birthday gift, Happy Eid, Are you coming? When? You are beautiful… Sounds from the past were sounding in her ears.
It was raining more heavily.

What’s wrong Hassan? I didn’t say anything, if you couldn’t walk along, why did you hit my shell? Why did you wake up my sleeping sentiments which I hide deep inside my heart? Why? But Zoya couldn’t speak a word, All words lost there voice….
I wish I could be your life but….!
She was silent, call hanged, all ended; Life ended.

Hassan, Hassan…. Come back, she screamed in melancholy!
There were huge trees, dry leaves, heavy rain, gray sky; croaked again.
Inner and outer rain stopped; Last words for you Hassan, you gave me something….
Tawakkal Allah and Patience!

Zoya stood up; light was emerging through thick shade of trees, they are green;
Spring started, Zoya took step ahead with smile on her face; Hassan was no more there, neither in present nor future.

Don’t cry for the same reason again; Tawakkal Allah and Patience!



  1. and you seem to be in a dark mood!

    Tawakkal Allah and Patience 🙂 and even fairy tales do come true!

    • 🙂 well somehow you are true..its raining inside
      Inshallah Allah may do fairy tales come true… 🙂

  2. It was a nice read!

    Tawakkal Allah is something I need to have more…!

    • Thanks… yes without Tawakkal Allah nothing is possible, not even thing which seems possible all the way 🙂

  3. There is always light at the end of the tunnel… This was a nice write…

    • Thanks Haris 🙂
      well i ll appreciate criticism to improve my writing…specially fiction 🙂

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