Story Never Ends!

You are not supposed to talk to me in arrogant way; I have no time for your crappy long lasting lecture.
The confront was stunned.
Cell phone was ringing continuously; alright alright, just coming.
He heard the door shut behind his back; fell on the Study chair.

Dad! Yes my son.
What are you doing? He smiled at his little one; I am cooking a meal for you sunny. What are you cooking Dad? It’s you favorite Pasta. Oh really! You are cooking Pasta for me; his eyes twinkled.
Where did you learn it from? Dad burst into laughter; your simple questions made me learn all that. Yeah! But Dad; When did I teach you, I don’t remember;

Son; phone rang….

Hello; oh Murad, how are you doing? I am great, thanks. Oh! Sounds great but I am sorry, couldn’t make it. No no, it’s Sunday and whole day for Zark. Yea, you are right; apology from my side. Haha, ok Bye.

Hey Dad, it’s boiling.
Don’t go close, stay back Zark. He rushed towards stove.

Son, get ready, we are going out; really Dad, Oh I Love you. Zark jumped off the bed.
What’s wrong sunny? My laces are giving me tough time; Zark replied in grouchy mood. Oo! Let me handle, so simple.
Can you Dad? How do you make it? Wao, you are too good.
He smiled, should we leave now? Sure, let’s go!

Your bed time story, Mama and little bear. No Dad, I don’t like this one. Which one then? Paa and little Johny, Zark whispered.
He was telling him the story; crawling fingers in his hair, “Johny came up when Paa..” Zark Snoozed.
He kissed him gently, me and little Zark; Night moved on.

Hit on the Door woke him up.
Zark, is it you? Zark!
Again knock on the door, he moved towards the door and opened!

He couldn’t sleep for 3 days, restless and agitated, till Zark opened eyes.
Zark, Zark! Doctor.
Take him home, he is fine now; Doctor smiled in professional way.

He lifted him out of car, hold him and let him laid on bed.
Past recalled; Dad my bed time story.
Are you sure want to listen Mama and little bear?
No, I surely want to listen Paa and little Johny.
He looked into his eyes; tear spotted, hey sunny! You are my sun shine and I will never let it gloomy. Your smile is my life and …
My stupid questions teach you the cooking; right Dad? He quirked.

Yea; yes, they do. Little laughter.
I am sorry Dad.
Are you?
Zark dazed at him.
Dad Smiled; Both Smiled.

Is it the end of the story Paa? Rayan nodded his head.
No my dear, Story never ends, it goes on.
How Paa?
Dad, Paa and little Rayan!



  1. Story never ends but here it moved very fast :-P… A nice write (Y)…

    • :)i just tried to collect River’s water in a pot… 😛

      in fact it was just a try, might i could write long stories but not thinking about it right now so…. 🙂

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