Me, Desktop and Biscuits !

ME, My Desktop and My Biscuits!

This is not just a header, it’s true. Whoever wants to have some Tic Tuc, he rushes towards my room to have Biscuits…..
One of Colleague made me notice that today’s morning and I just burst into laughter. Why not write a note about Me, My Desktop and Biscuits. He said, Ok I will write one day a complete story about but I thought before he writes why not I bring it to front page.
Early Morning, Door open; Office open!

Me and my Desktop!

Usual work, Files, notes, pot it, Scanning, drafting, Equipment and what not! Time to chill…

Here they are; Cookies and cup of Black Tea or Green Tea!

Time is passing on, Tick tick tick, Clock ticking!

Afternoon then Evening, Time to go home sweet home; Biscuits finished! See you, Next Morning.



  1. All I can say is… LOL 😛

  2. being in office is fun.. (*smile*)

  3. Lol: Its funny though… work place is always fun. It takes you away from some deep thinking. And the time goes so fast. 😀

  4. hmmmmmmmmmm, i ‘ve stopped eating biscuits, it was adding too much calories because i don’t like tuc, i like butter cookies 🙂

    nice post and very true, i don’t why this post subject reminds me, main aur meri tanhayee 😛

    • hehe…by the way i wrote this post cause i was alone in my office room and feeling bored 😛

      butter cookies r too yummy but i am missing my biscuits in new job 😀

      • app kay is post ke wajah say main nay bhi josh main a kar ek post likh diya hai aur woh bhi shadeed boriyat kee halat main , post ka subject hai mein aur meri tanhayeee (hehehe)

        visit keejiye aur comment karnay ka ajar hasil karye 😛

      • inspiration… 😀
        let me check your tanhai… LOLZ

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