Sharing Experience

Experiences to share….

Sometime we fortunately come across people and become comfortable dealing with them to the height that we never realize that WE JUST MET.

So was the case with me when I met not actually met but just had conversation on phone once or twice and found him so HUMAN and nice that I didn’t catch the time for an hour, came to know when my BOSS called me for some task…

He is also one of my colleague but not in the same city I belong to, we are miles apart and he is years senior to me, never met him neither knew about but found him so cooperative and friendly that made me talk to him more comfortably instead of freaking out, ofcource he is one my HEADS…

We shared experiences at job, friends, life, family etc etc…

Sometimes he appreciates me for being so humble and advise me how to make space in culture when you find yourself NOT ACCEPTABLE, no doubt I learnt otherwise would have quit  :P, on the other hand I asked him not to be revengeful against even your worst enemy….  “If you can’t digest your anger for someone then how Allah will pardon you and not show his anger towards your wrong deeds”.. he just smiled as I felt and said: “the beautiful thing you taught me”..  🙂

Did I ???

it gives me pleasure to bring some good change in someone’s life. Smile on someone’s face and shine in someone’s eyes.

Still we have some good people on Earth..  🙂


Wola !

Ban ban ban…..!

I was moving on smoothly when a sudden roar of BAN made me stop and listen for a moment what was it all about…Sigh… Facebook

Ah! why it happens when we get use to or if i am not wrong saying being ADDICT of, the thing all of a sudden comes down and mirror breaks….

Mirror Mirror on the wall; tell me who is Right and who is Wrong????

Did I change the question? Oh! yes I did cause our Politicians and scholars (Are they really scholars?) are trying to make difference between Right and Wrong…. Wonder how will they? as they don’t have sense of nonsense even.

Ban! is it the only solution or I should say “Is it a Solution?”

Why not anyone has the courage to ask them “Do you really know the meaning of Islam and Muslim?” and do they really know the ethics of Islam and Muslims? I am sure they don’t otherwise they wont have casted such a childish action of banning the Facebook. It’s only causing a big roar in media internationally instead of making Obsessors realize that they are abusing the one’s religion and their attachment with their values.

How many pages would they block? How many Sites would they ban to access? How many bars would they close? How many Pubs would they seal? How many RESTUARANTS and HOTELS which are converted into prostitute’s civilized area would they demolish? How will they break the Bottles of wine? How will they stop the smuggling of Drugs? How will they make awareness in society that womanizing is NOT ALLOWED in Islam?

Overall, How will they bring REVOLUTION????

Ah! Am I wasting my time or will it make any difference? I only know that I am writing my own thoughts, my opinion, my point of view and I have freedom of disclosing my words….


Weird Lines

I have nothing in mind to spread philosophy in black and white, so few weird lines are making me satisfied that at least I wrote few jingle bell sort of words; jingle bells like ringing.  🙂


Is there any creature more devilish than KIDS  😉


Splash in Summer, Drink it and pour it out if hot. 


Thinking to burn more severely than ever;  It’s hot or craving to be hot?  🙂


I am pouring out the whole day nowadays. Swinging mood.   😛


Ah! I am crazy to buy.


The most beloved activity of mine.  😉


It’s something I never want to disclose. To hide it is also my possession. 


I have my own, not fond of any.


Lies in one’s eyes. 


Stay away from.


Out of this world.


Disconnected from the body.


Means to beat.


Are you?


Can’t be any.


Hide and expose feelings.


To learn and understand to be HUMAN.


To get some Papers called DEGREES.  😛


When Sky cries.  🙂


The thing all feel at times in their life.




Blankness.   🙂

گر اتر سکو تو

 گر اتر سکو تو ؛
روح  کی گہرائی کو ماپ لینا ،
دل  کی لطافت کو جانچ لینا ،
دیکھ سکو تو ؛
ٹمٹماتی لو کو دیے کا جگر سمجھ لینا ،
کیوں بھٹکتا ہے بھنورا لو کے آس پاس ،
اس راز کو افشاں کر لینا ،
گر جانچ سکو تو ؛
مور کی بیقراری کو بھانپ لینا ،
کس آس پہ چکور ناچتا ہے ، چندا میں کیا دکھتا ہے ،
یہی ہے سکھ ، یہی ہے دکھ؛ اسی آس پہ دیپ جلتا ہے ،
گر مان سکو تو ؛
بیقراری کا مداوا کیوں کر ہو ،
جب ؛
بیماری کی دوا روح کی پیاس ہو ،
الجھے من کا اطمینان اپنی ذات کے حصار میں ہو ،
زندگی کی ہر راہ الجھی ہو ،
ہر موڑ سراب کی مانند ہو ،
اس راہ سے واپس لوٹ آنا ،
بےمراد ہی سہی ، حسرت تشنا ہی سہی ،
بےنور اکھیاں ہی سہی ،آزمائشوں سے لکھی تقدیر ہی سہی ،
آ جانا ،
گر لوٹ سکو تو ؛
زندگی سراب ہے ، یہ الجھن سلجھا سکو تو ،
گر اتر سکو تو ؛ لوٹ آ نا ! 

Memory of being Mother !

Compliments are the goals we achieve by not only efforts but love and affection, memories were crossing through my jungle mind and suddenly stiffed when a good one jumped off from the roars of past. It was the story of time, when i was addicted of using ORKUT. unfortunately found an amazing person, new-born Muslim I would call him but with more refined thoughts and values which were primarily reflecting his nourished state of mind. He used to take advises and suggestions from me about life and its passages when one fine day he gave me the most amazing Compliment i ever had…. 

 “You would be the most caring, loving and amazing MOM if you would ever get married” 

That was a great great compliment for me which I received from someone not even belonged to my country.

Mother is the most beautiful and lasting relation that one could ever have and being Mother is the most amazing feeling a Female could live.

I was really shocked i must say and joyous of having such a nice compliment. As life grows up, we use to forget most of the things with the passage of time but today A MEMORY RECALLED.   🙂

I pray that I could live that feeling and Allah the most merciful give me the privilege of being a Mother.  🙂

اسے کہنا

اسے کہنا ؛
اک انجان احساس جیسا ،
گیلی مٹتی کی سوندھی مہک جیسا ،
ریت کے ٹیلے پہ تنہا ،
اماؤس کے چاند تلے ،
ملا تھا وہ !
سیپ میں خاموش صدف کے جیسا ،
اس دنیا کی روایت سے بےخبر ،
تقدیر سے روٹھا ، قدرت کا منتظر ،
الگ تھا وہ !
اسے کہنا ؛
 محبّت خواب ہوتی ہے ،
روح کی پیاس بجھ بھی جائے ،
آنکھوں کے دیپ نہیں بجھتے ،
لوگ چھوٹ بھی جایئں ،
دلوں کے احساس نہیں مٹتے !
یہ انکہی کہ ہی دینا ،
من کا سودا نہیں کرتے ،
خوشیوں کی دہلیز پہ ناامیدی کے در کھولا نہیں کرتے ،
وفا تو بہار ہے ، بےوفائی کا لبادہ اوڑھا نہیں کرتے ،
زندگی سے جو روٹھ جائے ، اسے منایا نہیں کرتے !
اسے کہنا ،
کوئی انجانا راہ تکتا ہوگا ،
تنہائی کے جھروکے سے جھانک کر تو دیکھو ،
اوس میں بھیگا ، ٹھنڈی پھوار جیسا ،
اک پاکیزہ فرشتے کی مورت جیسا ،
آس لگاے جگتا ہوگا !
اسے کہنا ؛ یہ انکہی کہ ہی دینا ،
الگ تھا وہ ،
ہاں ، سنو ؛
مجھے ملا تھا وہ !

We Be Moon & Stars…!

Stars were playing when they shrouded by the white sharp spark. In a moment of time they hide by surrendering their glowing moods and turned into black gloomy dots lacking motion attitude.


Shivering words and devastated movement.

Don’t hide; I am alone,

May I join you?

Random Whispers in dark; a star lit up slightly. Who are you?

I am Moon but I am alone, will you take me with you? I am not hurtful, Please!

Another star lit up; gradually all.

Why are you alone? One asked.

I have no friend; Moon replied snappishly.

But we all are alike, you are not among us.

I know, I know but I am very gracious. You will enjoy my acquaintance.

Moon was insisting!

Stars got back their poise. Why do we make you our comrade? What will you do as you are extra ordinary bigger than us? We are little pals.

Yea, yea! We are agreed. We are.

I, I will give you my Shiny bright light. My forte.

Alright but one condition!

Yes I am obliged to accept all. Moon excitedly riposted.

You will stay calm devoid of trek and be with us through every thick and thin.

Sure; will be your buddy forever.


By Heart! Moon Smiled.

Since the day, Moon and Stars became Friends forever and will remain till the last breath of the Universe.

“Can’t we Humans be like Moon and Stars???”