Memory of being Mother !

Compliments are the goals we achieve by not only efforts but love and affection, memories were crossing through my jungle mind and suddenly stiffed when a good one jumped off from the roars of past. It was the story of time, when i was addicted of using ORKUT. unfortunately found an amazing person, new-born Muslim I would call him but with more refined thoughts and values which were primarily reflecting his nourished state of mind. He used to take advises and suggestions from me about life and its passages when one fine day he gave me the most amazing Compliment i ever had…. 

 “You would be the most caring, loving and amazing MOM if you would ever get married” 

That was a great great compliment for me which I received from someone not even belonged to my country.

Mother is the most beautiful and lasting relation that one could ever have and being Mother is the most amazing feeling a Female could live.

I was really shocked i must say and joyous of having such a nice compliment. As life grows up, we use to forget most of the things with the passage of time but today A MEMORY RECALLED.   🙂

I pray that I could live that feeling and Allah the most merciful give me the privilege of being a Mother.  🙂



  1. Nice compliment! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    BTW, I’ve never gotten such compliments 😛

    • It just came in my thoughts… 🙂 actually beautiful 🙂

      you might get someday or you might actually live that feeling 🙂

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