For None !

It felt;

The burst into heart, fall of my thoughts,

When it was rolling on the steeply floor,

Thick red surf,

Not splashing but flood in the narrow ways,

When died in my eyes,

The broken relation, dead soul,

My heart sobbing but disconnected,

Of rusted world and dead pans,

Though it felt but rested in shine of eyes,

Forever; for none!


Smile with Flowers !

Flowers have ever been my inspiration, I love to stay among wouldn’t be a wrong line… 🙂
it was a story of 3 days back when i was on my way back to home from office after spending the whole tiring day there, when suddenly a flower selling boy caught my eye. though it was 6:00PM in the evening but due to summer, sun was still there to throw its hot rays on earth which had already made the coal road burning like coal itself but that young guy of aged almost 13 or 14 was selling flowers in scorching heat. “VARICELA FLOWERS” put in a string tightly while little came and asked “Le lo baji sirf 10 rupee ka hai” Please buy, it only costs Rs. 10.

In writing honestly, his words didn’t catch me but an old memory. My sweetheart Mother is always fond of Varicela flowers and she always loved to have them but it is the story of long long ago, before thinking twice I just put Rs. 10 on the hand of little boy and bought a string.

As soon as I reached home, ran to my Maa and said, hey Maa look What have I brought for you. Nothing could make me as happy as I was at the moment when saw a SMILE on Maa’s face, it was the most loving, gorgeous, beautiful and pretty smile. 🙂

Smile which was totally different, which was out of this world, which was the most amazing and precious one.

Nothing worth more than seeing a smile on the face of loved one and more worthy to bring on.. 🙂
Do try, Our parents deserve more than anything and it’s the only smile. Can’t you do so? 🙂
Just a Smile 🙂


فرست ملے تو سوچنا ؛
بادلوں کی اوٹ سے جھانکتا چاند،
پہنچ سے دور ؛ پھر بھی قریب دکھتا ہے ،
گزرتا وقت آس سمیٹے ،
رکتا نہیں ؛ پھر بھی تھما سا لگتا ہے ،
روتا آسمان آندھیوں کو روکے ،
گر اجلا نہیں ؛ پھر بھی دھلا سا لگتا ہے ،
ہنسی بکھیرتا وہ بھرپور شخص ،
تنہا نہیں ؛ پھر بھی سہما سا لگتا ہے ،
اندھیری رات کا وہ ایک تارا،
چمکتا ہوا ؛ پھر بھی بجھا سا لگتا ہے ،
کبھی ؛
فرست ملے تو سوچنا !

Girl’s Suffocation !

Why don’t people mind their own business???

Why people or I should clearly say MALES are making society a suffocated cage for females? If girl smiles at them, they enjoy but start back biting at her, if she doesn’t bother to look at them, they become more offensive towards her. If she remains polite, she is vulnerable to listen every sluggish shit.

A girl smiling and exchanging dialogues on her personal calls seems for granted to them. They take her as a piece placing for their bullshit thoughts. Why don’t they get the hell out of other’s personal life?

Change the way you smile and laugh, change your voice pitch. Change your way of conversation, don’t smile, don’t laugh and don’t talk. What the heck? Do you really want a STATUE?

What’s your nonsense problem; this is totally my personal matter to whom I talk, about what and why. Who are you to keep reservations about? Keep your ridiculous tongue shut and stay away.

Just a Day !

Ahh I am so lazy, today I am cent percent agreed to it.. 😛
It was a long weekend, yesterday didn’t do anything cause of load shedding and mood off, sometimes I feel why we have become so dependent upon light? Can’t take a step without…. there is other reality as well, I don’t like darkness or it will be more precise to say that I am scared of darkness, that’s why I always use to pray that Allah may always give me the shine of Imaan… 🙂

Apart from load shedding, increasing heat in summer’s peak is making me lethargic; simply headache.. 😦
So I was telling about my laziness, I felt quiet drowsy the whole day and the only thing I did were making eve tea… I am myself fond of 😛

was talking about my silly behavior cause found Paulo’s novel at my pillow side which I brought almost 6 months back but couldn’t read more than 60 pages…. 😛 ann ann it doesn’t mean I don’t like to read but it means how busy I am that didn’t get the time to read novel of my favorite writer even in 6 months… Gash JOB :@

Today started my day and iron my 3 suits and afterwards checking blogs, writings, twitter but found no one there..Don’t know where my all tweety birds gone 😦 but my mistake too cause logged in after almost 2 weeks…. 😛

BMK is busy in Karachi, when will you be back busy Engineer.. 😀 Aadill busy with hospital administration, Aaghh your posti BOSS :@…. Ayesha busy in studies I feel, no serious updates on her blog except FOOTBALL KAHANI 😛 … Nayni, I am afraid where she is..I hope she would be fine… 🙂

I had to do so many things, let see when will I do but I am seriously thinking on notes to read my Favorite writer’s novel… 😛

Transformation !

Transformation starts when one hits by the jolt which either brings him down on his knees or stumbles him in such badly way that he could never rise up again on his feet. Nevertheless revolution rises in one’s soul territory with the explosion of huge dilemma. Jump to the conclusion with the erosion thoughts in mind that it has brought change upside down without the barriers of north south pole reflections which might work as a torch for the future layouts.

Body remains the same but soul changes its mold and brings up with totally new perfection medium which is the evolving form of transformed thoughts.

New horizons are either negatively extreme heights or positively originated peaks, thoroughly depends upon the weird exertions in result of transformation process. So far everything is as new as for new born or person with lost memory and origin from the scratch, what so ever but transformation brings deadly amusement and totally open armed “I” emerges.

شیشے کی گڑیا

چاہا تھا اسے گہرے سمندر کی مانند ،
اجلی محبّت ؛ سیپ میں قید صدف کے جیسی ،
سنہری دھوپ میں بھیگی اوس کی مانند ،
برستی بارش میں دھلی فضا کے جیسی ،
ایسی مہکی چاہت تھی اپنی ؛
اک حالا کی مانند ، پھوار کے جیسی ،
بس وہی نہ پہچان پایا ؛
جس کے لئے تراشی؛
شیشے کی گڑیا کی مانند ،
وفا کی مورت کے جیسی !