Girl’s Suffocation !

Why don’t people mind their own business???

Why people or I should clearly say MALES are making society a suffocated cage for females? If girl smiles at them, they enjoy but start back biting at her, if she doesn’t bother to look at them, they become more offensive towards her. If she remains polite, she is vulnerable to listen every sluggish shit.

A girl smiling and exchanging dialogues on her personal calls seems for granted to them. They take her as a piece placing for their bullshit thoughts. Why don’t they get the hell out of other’s personal life?

Change the way you smile and laugh, change your voice pitch. Change your way of conversation, don’t smile, don’t laugh and don’t talk. What the heck? Do you really want a STATUE?

What’s your nonsense problem; this is totally my personal matter to whom I talk, about what and why. Who are you to keep reservations about? Keep your ridiculous tongue shut and stay away.



  1. Agree with you!

    • I still can’t figure out whether I am pissed of or cry over there sick minds… :S

      • Ignore it! You can’t do anything much. I was also sick and tired of it so much so that I couldn’t even discuss, write and think about it.

      • No option other than ignore…if i would have started running after such remarks….I couldn’t breath even…

  2. uff itna ghusa…:)..and ya u write, no one has the write to poke in others affairs. Every one has their own personal life. So just dont care and give damm attitude for such people..No tension in ur mind…

    • Not ghussa… I am thinking on serious notes, how will we survive in such suffocation which is day by day increasing…. 😦
      Sick people with sick mentality…. 😦

      • yes, u r right..people are becoming sick mentally..might be with education, this attitude gets changed..Lets hope for the best..

      • but i think with education they are getting more narrow minded and educated illitrates… :/

      • so then how will this get right..any ideas ??

      • they should learn to stop poking nose in other’s matter… Extra caraculum class in School… 😀

      • ok..and u shud be appointed the teacher of that class :p

      • Everyone has a room to live..Why not we give space to others to breath…???? 😦

  3. and this pic is very cute..nd matches well with ur post 🙂

    • I am feeling the same way… 😛

    • Why my comments on your posts are not visible on your blog…????

      • i don’t know what happened :S..few others have said it too..but i didnt get any comments :S…infact comments are open for everyone in my blog..anywayz thanks for commenting..u can try now..i think there wud be some problem that time :S..

      • Change your blog might work cause i tried again but no posting of comment…

      • I hve changed the theme..hope it works now…

      • and just as i changed the theme..i thought to comment on ur blog, nd found its same as urs :)…so i changed the theme again..

      • yes its working now… 🙂 comment posted finally.

  4. such a spot on thought! such men should be castrated 😛 will make them feel relieved and us relaxed!

  5. how did you peep into my mind and put my thoughts into words?

    • I thought to break into your mind cottage and steal few thoughts… Am i successful 😀

      • Successful? and you’re even asking? 😛 CU that was a bullseye shot! 😀

      • LOLZ… naked eye view… 😉
        you taught me to read minds…. 😀

  6. totally agreed wid u
    why should we girlz have to suffer why not boyssss
    sumtimes i feel that we shold kill these people

    • To kill someone is not the solution… this is our society fault… “Built In fault” people like to gossip about girls specially without any reason… FARIGH LOG..Huh

      • yeah u r riteeeeee farig awammmmmmmmmm

      • LOLZ… you can’t shut the mouth of all so better to let them waste their time and energy 😀

  7. yeah we can only do that nothing else
    well why should i waste time n energy on those stupid people?:P

    • Seriously… I am a complete picture of Don’t care but sometime suffocation rises to the heights… 😦

      Why we make life difficult for others…???

  8. Hmmm I think to ignore is the best thing we can do. Because people like this are some pathetic attention seekers. It’s us who decide what we want to get affected by N what to just give a damn about! I know it sometimes is NOT easy, but once we make up our mind not to let ANYBODY disturb our mind, we can do it 🙂 As they say: None can hurt/harm/upset us, if we don’t let them! Be the strong lady you are 🙂 *hugie* God bless.

    • you are very right Dua….such people only create mess nothing else…but somehow divert our mind for sometime…at that time we truly need true friends who can raise our moral… and i must say I do have them… you are here, one of them 🙂
      Thanks for being there 🙂

      • You’re most welcome, sweetheart 🙂 It not at all difficult to motivate someone whos already an inspiration to someone. I know things can get really tough, but I also know that how much of strength you got with you. Whether you’ll capture universe or not, I don’t know. But you definitely have captured my attention 😛 God bless. N keep sharing your unique mind/heart/soul.

      • hey thanks alot girl…its a big big compliment…. 🙂

        So sweet of you…Allah may bless you always and ever… 🙂

  9. You seem pissed, but somehow frankly, i felt a little bit weakness in your feelings, ALL fingers are not the same, Some people are PLAYBOYS, some are NERDS, some are CARING. See for the one you want, and don’t give a damn shit to the ones who back bite about you. It is a common misconception of them, that the girls, to this earth, have came for them.
    Indeed, ok, they have came here for them, But they still have some self respect and there is a proper way to treat them.
    I am sorry that you have such views about GUYS now, but don’t worry, your Mr. Right will prove it wrong.

    • It’s not that easy to blame the gender you belong to and you are courageous enough doing so…

      I live in the present..

  10. And the present hurts.

    • Present bring joys too…though we don’t realize somehow and become a DON’T CARE Picture but every present has its own sorrows and joys..

      • That is a nice perspective, but if you believe it as a joyful moment, then why do we regret the moments of this present when it becomes past.

      • I don’t believe in memories whether good or bad…they always bring tears, that’s why i am saying live in present…. never regret upon past instead learn and never think about future, no one knows whether he would be there in future or not….

  11. Indeed, true words they are. You are inspirational, good to see that. And yes none knows about the future. Case solved =D

    • Life is not a case…. 🙂

      Live’s yours…and what is not yours will never be yours…accept it…

  12. What is not ours, can be ours.

  13. Indeed Patience is necessary, what i am talking about here is not something about not having patience, but to go for the things you like, because maybe they don’t find their way to you. And i know that i am not able to flow now, so i would just shout at them, tell them that i love them…..

    But then, a part of me says, that the one whom we love, always hurt us, but the one who love us, never. So maybe your perspective is true in that, wait for the one who loves you. And so you will never be hurted.

    • Always care of someone who loves YOU truly, he will never hurt you anyway, you would definatly be precious for him…. Wait for the one to flow towards you …and don’t worry…. Allah will show them the way towards you….
      Try to abosrb Peace around you rather panic and agression…

  14. Indeed. Peace. I love your words, Miss…..Universe =)

    • 🙂 Don’t take me to fly on the seventh sky… 😛

      let me be only CAPTURE UNIVERSE

  15. In order to capture the universe, you will have to go beyond the seventh sky even dear =)

  16. Tell me.

    • I am where body and soul are always apart… i am not there where my soul belongs to but i am there where my body belongs which is tearing my heart and scolding me to go and meet my soul….but unfortunately never possible….both are not in hand to hand…

  17. Both are joined together.

  18. Which connection? Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Warid?

  19. Haha, Ufone……Conservative huh? Nice.

  20. Yes, you are. And No they aren’t.

  21. The conversation.

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