Smile with Flowers !

Flowers have ever been my inspiration, I love to stay among wouldn’t be a wrong line… 🙂
it was a story of 3 days back when i was on my way back to home from office after spending the whole tiring day there, when suddenly a flower selling boy caught my eye. though it was 6:00PM in the evening but due to summer, sun was still there to throw its hot rays on earth which had already made the coal road burning like coal itself but that young guy of aged almost 13 or 14 was selling flowers in scorching heat. “VARICELA FLOWERS” put in a string tightly while little came and asked “Le lo baji sirf 10 rupee ka hai” Please buy, it only costs Rs. 10.

In writing honestly, his words didn’t catch me but an old memory. My sweetheart Mother is always fond of Varicela flowers and she always loved to have them but it is the story of long long ago, before thinking twice I just put Rs. 10 on the hand of little boy and bought a string.

As soon as I reached home, ran to my Maa and said, hey Maa look What have I brought for you. Nothing could make me as happy as I was at the moment when saw a SMILE on Maa’s face, it was the most loving, gorgeous, beautiful and pretty smile. 🙂

Smile which was totally different, which was out of this world, which was the most amazing and precious one.

Nothing worth more than seeing a smile on the face of loved one and more worthy to bring on.. 🙂
Do try, Our parents deserve more than anything and it’s the only smile. Can’t you do so? 🙂
Just a Smile 🙂



  1. I loved two things in here.

    Most lovely: The smile on your loved one’s face.

    Less lovely: “Baji ye lo please” hehe =P

    • Specially on Mother’s face…. the most beloved relation of ALL.. 🙂

      LOLZ… Baji ye le lo and english version… Please buy… 😛

  2. =)
    a priceless moment..

    on a funny note,
    if I’d do a similar thingy with my dad, he’d say,
    ‘ghar mei kachray kum hain?’ 😀 i’d better try something else!

  3. Simply beautiful 🙂

  4. dats great..Just to see your father and mother with smiling and happy face has a sawab equivalent to a maqbool haj. We must keep our loved ones happy and smiling..

  5. dats great..just to see your father and mother with happy and smiling face has a sawab equivalent to a maqbool haj. we must keep our loved ones happy and smiling..Gud work 🙂

    • very very true Majworld… Owais..if i am not wrong… 🙂
      what if I could be blessed with this SWAB everyday… 🙂

      • its awais..u r wrong..but forgiven..see how kind hearted i am 🙂 and yes, may we all be blessed with this swab daily.ameen

      • 🙂 thanks for kind heart forgiveness 🙂
        Owais….oopsss Awais 😛

      • 🙂

  6. i have been yearning to put that smile back on my parents faces – i guess i m not trying hard

    • Then you should try Divaa…. it worth more than anything else…. do try hard.. 🙂

  7. Nice! 🙂

  8. nce post definetly flower bring smile on our loved one face
    n we think little for our mother that make them to feel special n when i do such thing 4 my mother she always like it n the smile on her face is awsum

  9. our mothers just need little things to be greeted with n what they always do for us is unremarkable

    • we can never pay them back…. its more than nothing, if we could bring just little smile on her face… 🙂

  10. A smile is worth so very much!

  11. Thats a nice write. And it feels so good to know that you’re the reason for the smile on your loved one’s face (Y). May Allah bless you and your family Insha-Allah.

    • Thanks HAris and good to see after long on my blog…hope could see you more often here 🙂

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