For None !

It felt;

The burst into heart, fall of my thoughts,

When it was rolling on the steeply floor,

Thick red surf,

Not splashing but flood in the narrow ways,

When died in my eyes,

The broken relation, dead soul,

My heart sobbing but disconnected,

Of rusted world and dead pans,

Though it felt but rested in shine of eyes,

Forever; for none!



  1. nice poem i really like it:)

  2. last two lines stole the show 🙂 imagine, it could be turned in to a nice song…with lot of emphasis on felt…like….itt felttttttttttttt….

    • Winner of the day…. last two lines….hats off to them 😀 😀
      thanks alot Majworld… i will try next time to write a song 😛

  3. Hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm 🙂 Very beautiful, N very touchy. [If one read it with their heart they’ll feeeeel it hmmm N I did] God bless, Universe.

    • Thanks Dua…n keep me in your Dua… 🙂
      yea someone could feel only if have HEART 🙂

  4. that’s not you CU.. =/
    or probably that is the real you.. or was..

    • Its me Shagufta… my inner inertia doesnt let me expose myself truly but somehow i overcome it sometime… 🙂

  5. o_O how come my comment not showing? 🙂 hmmmm – anyways, I loved it, it is deep N it is v touchy. If we read it with our heart that is. God bless, Universe.

  6. YESH i did! 😀
    so, u planning to hide again? 😛

  7. Thats a good one, intense and emotive!
    Keep sharing, keep improving! 🙂

  8. wowwww what a poetry!!!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It is nice but sort of hitting o_o

  10. CU, there’s something about bilinggual poetry that’s just amazing to me…

    “fall of my thoughts”

    such a nice image.

    • Thanks alot for the appreciation and welcome on my blog… 🙂

      keep visiting… 🙂

  11. *rolling eyes*

    do i? 😛

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