Folk tales and music make me more intuitive and open the dimensions of wisdom for me.

My eternal world is transforming my soul somehow into Friar.


Few Splendid Moments from the Past!

Let’s go to canteen but Maa’m is coming, Oh come on we will hide behind the Pillar….
Yeayy she crossed now Run….
Uncle, Samosa and Pepsi and Chocolate, Do you want anything else…..No No…Rush to the class..!
Stay outside, where were three of you, Maa’m my badge got lost so we were trying to find, Grouchy faces…. 😉
Ok, Come in but no excuse next time. Ok Maa’m, we replied in Chorus…. 😀

I didn’t prepare English test today, Me too…. 😦 What about you Parhakoo??? I did but I am confused.
Ok, Ok so today we are going to bunk the class. BUNK! No no…Oh stop it Parhakoo, we will and you will be with us. But! Quiet now.
Roll # 12, Present Maa’m, Roll # 32, Present Maa’m, Roll # 34 Present…!
Hey now sit down under the table and run from the back door….. But but, Oh shut up Parhakoo, But….Big tears in eyes! Come on Parhakoo, We won’t have this adventure again.
Threw bags outside from back door and we three RAN…..!
Class off, only we three bunked the class, it’s not good….. Hey what are you doing here? Girls behind the tree asked and we became Ouch….!
Hahahaaa….Only 10 girls attended the class and rest of us…. 😉 BUNKED……

Hey why are you crying? What happened bacha…??? Computer teacher shouted at me though it wasn’t my mistake… Sad face… 😦
Oh, Don’t cry …Ok Come on I am giving all of you Pepsi and Samosa treat……Cheer up now….yeayyyy…. 😀
Hey, Please try to cry…. Why? we want Pepsi and Samosa treat from teacher…. Hahahahaaaa…. 😀

Today we are having one dish party. But who will take to Gardina? Ok one by one but it’s class time…Aghh forget it. Run !
Ok we three are leaving first, you three follow us after 10 minutes. Ok!
Hey where are Shami and Sppaggaties??? we were starving so….. 😛
Brutus ….! Now you can’t leave without giving us Pepsi treat, yes yes….Come on! Hey Kaka! bring us 6 Pepsi and Samosa and ketchup….Yummy…… ! 😀
Hey sir is coming, yikess….heads down!
6 of you bunked the class, now bring me Pizza so will allow you to take next class…. Yes Sir, Grouchy faces 😀

ضد یا مقددر

کیوں کھڑی ہے یہاں ؟ کسی کا انتظار ہے یا وقت نے یہاں لا کھڑا کیا ؟ اس کے چہرے پہ ایک اجالا سا تھا اور آنکوں میں چمک . لاٹھی کا سہارا لئے لیکن قدم مضبوطی سے زمیں پہ جمے ہوے .

کس راہ کو کھوجتی ہے ؟

وہ خاموشی سے اسے تکے گیئ .

راہ کا پتا معلوم ہوتا تو ….!

انجانے راہ کی مسافر ہے ! اب کے اس کے ہونٹوں پہ ہلکی سی مسکراہٹ بکھر کر معدوم ہو گیئ . منزل کا پتا ہو تو دشوار راہ بھی بھلی لگتی ہے ورنہ تو کھوجنے میں زمانے بیت جاتے ہیں .

میری تو منزل اور مقدّر دونو ہی کھو گئے ہیں ، صرف الجھنیں ہیں جن کو سلجھانے کا سرا ہی ہاتھ نہیں آ رہا ….! مقددر کو منزل مان لے ، کیوں ضد کرتی ہے ؟ جس دن ضد چھوڑ دے گی، سمجھ لینا منزل کی راہ مل گیئ !

منزل ؟

ہاں !

ہر فیصلہ ہو چکا پھر مان لے ، سکھی رہے گی . ضد کرے گی تو سب یہیں دہرا رہ جائے گا ، نہ منزل ملے گی نہ مقددر !

الله سایئں نے راستہ بتا دیا ، اب تو فیصلہ کر لے ، ضد اپناے گی یا مقددر !

الله سایئں !

جا گھر جا ، مقددر تیری چوکھٹ خود پار کر لے گا !

بابا لاٹھی کا سہارا لئے لوٹ گیا ، پر جانے سے پہلے اسکی منزل کا نشان دے گیا تھا .

الله ہی تو ہے ، بس وہی تو ہے . میں کس کا انتظار کر رہی تھی ، کس راستے کو کھوج رہی تھی جبکے سب راستے ایک ہی منزل کو تو آتے ہیں ! الله سایئں !

الله سایئں ! قدم خود ہی منزل کی جانب بڑھ گئے تھے !

Happy Death Anniversary !

Happy Happy Death Anniversary …… !

I had no words to write, I am out of vocabulary, I am Speechless, I am weird blunt nut…. but I have to say so that I am Missing you Abbu…..

Today is 11th Ramadan, how can I forget the last time I spent with you….I know I am very abrupt but I want to say so….. Where are you???
I am angry with you; you got so angry with me that you left us alone…. you got so angry that you didn’t think about us…. you got so angry that you didn’t look back that how will we survive, how will we stay along this brutal world….you got so angry Abbu….did you?

I am so helpless that can’t say COME BACK…. I am so helpless that can’t say; visit us at least for once…. I am so helpless that can’t say, I will do whatever you will say but COME BACK….

I am tied in a moment when you left…. My soul is stuck there, I am not moving ahead though my body is moving with the world but I am somewhere I don’t know myself…. I am still there….. THE LAST MOMENT!

I don’t recall you…I don’t Miss you….. When I do, Tears roll back through my eyes as fastly as the moment I asked you, WAKE UP!
I hate tears now….. I have made my hide outs…. This blog is also my hide out….. No one knows me here…. I am someone for them I am not for the family and friends…. I am someone I actually am or actually my soul is alike….

I have stopped thinking and caring about everything…. I have become feeling less…. I am careless about surrounding….

But I Miss you Abbu….. I know you are happy in Janna’h and you don’t miss me… that’s why you don’t come to meet me….

I don’t want to Miss you Abbu… Stay happy and in Peace…….

Allah hafiz Abbu………

Is there anyone?

It’s moist!

Where am I? I was in the kitchen but how am I here?

Abrupt questions and answers. Her voice was shivering.

Tried to rise up on her feet but stumbled against something hard, Stone; her trembling voice appeared.

It’s not stone, it never is! Oh Allah! Open your eyes open your eyes. Who are you? Are you listening? Why don’t you answer? Who are you?

Help! Hey help. Anyone help, please. Open eyes, Help!

She screamed but there was none to listen.

Oh Allah! Where am I? How could this happen? Dadda! Dadda! Help…

Her voice lost in the tears.

Girl! Are you listening? Get up, let’s go. Hey! Stand up. She was looking with oddity. My Dadda and Yusuf; where are they? Who are you?

Stand up girl, let’s go. We will find them. Flood took everything but we will find them. Come we have to leave this area, ship is about to leave. Come!

Everyone was quiet as they were afraid of telling and listening each other’s incidents.

It was evening when they reached at relief camp. A man was standing nearby wooden table and noting down something on paper.

What’s your name Girl?

Upon her quietness, he asked again. What’s your name?

My name?



Ok, and do you have anyone with you? Your family member?

No! She whispered.

He looked at her, your hand is wounded. Doctor! Doc, please check her. Go with him and move to the old man who was about to fall. Stretcher!

She lost her left hand finger after operation. I am sorry Zainab but ring was totally delved in your finger so we had to cut it. It was necessary otherwise poison would have spread in your hand and arm.

Doctor told her but she was still quiet.

Dadda gave that ring to Yusuf and he wore me. She might be talking to herself.

Where is your Dadda? Is she with you?


I was standing in kitchen because Dadda wanted me to cook Yusuf’s favorite dish. He was coming after a month and Dadda was saying that she will ask him to marry and take me with him to City.

Dadda, Zainab! I turned to him; he was smiling.

She became quiet.

Then? What happened then?

I don’t remember. When I woke up, it was all mud and water around. Dam broke; people say.

I will try to find both, don’t worry.

Zainab didn’t reply.

Zainab will you go with me? We will take Dadda with us. Yusuf asked and she became blush. Say something.

What do I say? If Dadda will allow, I will; I mean …..

So if Dadda won’t allow, you will leave me? He was smiling.

No; I meant, I will go with Dadda and…. And me? Won’t you go with me?

Zainab, Yusuf! Dadda was calling them.

Zainab! Doctor called her. Are you ok? She came back to the present. Yes! Yes I am.

Do you have relatives in City or anyone else? No! She replied.

Don’t worry. Again same words.

Zainab; if you come to know that I have died, what will you do?

Why are you saying so? Why will you die? It won’t happen. Ok; it will never happen. How can you leave me alone? How…. She couldn’t complete her words; tears were flowing out of her eyes.

Zainab; don’t cry. Ok sorry. I was just asking; ok I apologize.

Why are you crying Zainab? Doctor asked her. Hannn!

No I am not and touched her face. Tears!

She became stable in a month.

Don’t cry Maa ji; take me as your daughter. I will live with you. She was consoling an old lady in camp.

Have water but you brought it for yourself. No, baba. Have it, I don’t need, just brought to keep. You can drink.

Baita don’t be afraid, stay with me. Where is Maa? I will find her, ok. Don’t get scared, stay with me. She was trying to soothe little boy.

Zainab; you are very brave. You came out of your depression so easily. I am really happy for you because you overcome your troubles and helping these poor beings. You are a new hope for them now.

I Lost Dadda and Yusuf. They won’t come back, I know but I don’t want any other’s Dadda and child to get lost in the fear of losing someone.

Dadda and Yusuf are gone forever but they taught me a Lesson to live for others. It’s not time to cry but to bring new hope of living.

Is there any Zainab in the Crowd?

I Don’t feel Sympathies !

Flood, Disaster, Calamity, Death, Starvation and Ramadan…!

All channels are covering the stories about such a big disaster in Pakistan, talk shows, anchors, news, each and every channel is broadcasting the same issue.

Students are playing their part by collecting funds and charity not only from their own institute but also from other institutions. Civilians are screaming for charity, have opened their relief camps and distribution cells while motivating others to take part and help the effectives. NGOs are more affectionate, visiting the affected areas, trying to solve their problems and providing them shelter.

Though everyone is playing his role in such crisis situation but I….

Either I have become absurd cruel Animal apart from Social Animal or it’s the surrounding that is making me think on these lines.

The day before yesterday, was watching Aaj news and Talat hussain program. It was all about taking the victims of flood across the disserted village to the safe place through ship but my mouth remained open when heard that shipman was asking for 10,000 Rupees from those empty handed effectives to take them to safest place.

I was waiting for taxi or Rickshaw to go to office when Rickshaw driver asked me for 80 Rupees, the distance for which I use to pay 40 Rupees. “Isn’t it raining”, his answer when I argued with him.

It means if it’s raining so it’s their legal right to blackmail the passengers for their helplessness.

How much tomato Costs? I asked a shopkeeper. He replied, 80 Rupees per kg. What? Speechless.

Don’t buy meat from the market for at least one month but its Ramadan. Yes it is but butchers are selling Haram meat. What? They are selling the meat of animals died in flood and their bodies are flowing over water.

Do you have words to say something now?

Sunny day! Have to go to Saddar, how much will you charge? 70 Rupees. What, it’s hardly the distance of about 6 to 7 kilometers. CNG rates are raised to 120 Rupees per kg. So, do you mean I should pay you the cost of 1 kg CNG? It’s just the distance of 40 Rupees but….

How much these Dates Cost? 300 Rupees per kg. Astonishing but they were of 150 Rupees per Kg. you are right but now rates are changed. If you want to buy, take them or leave.

Shelter less victims of flood need Tents which are selling at the rate of 80,000 per tent which was of 15,000 Rupees earlier. Do we posses Red blood in our veins or White? I am sure White.

I have to buy Dopatta for my suit. How much it costs? 300 Rupees. But it’s of only 180 Rupees. Isn’t it Ramadan? Wordless.

Are we Muslims, Do we possess hearts? Do we really have the passion of Muslim brotherhood?

Do we really deserve to be treated sympathetically? Do we deserve to be helped? Do we need grants?

No! We don’t but we only want to open our eyes and mind.

We need to ask mercy and forgiveness from Allah. We need to bow down and recite Astaghfar. So Allah may show mercy and shower his blessings. So he may take us out of this Adhab and we may be absolved.

Muslim Um’mah…. Stop crying and screaming, instead look at your deeds. Do your own catharsis so you may get the answer of all miseries.

Rest Allah is all knower and all seeker, Allah knows the best.

Dedication to Bacha !

“Dedicated to Great Lovely Emotional Pretty Sweatheart friend of Mine…. Shaggufta Abbas…..” 🙂

Hey girl!

Just a girl write profoundly,

Amicable, polite but manic sigh,

Deep but open, blue ocean and sky,

Girl open wings to carry all eternal joy,

Spirit to smile and spread grin,

Never make anyone alone and cry,

At the cost of her own happiness,

She filled everyone’s life full of joy,

Lost star on the earth,

As she seems a tiny twinkling but shy,

Gloomy and grouchy but giggling the next moment,

Lively and sparkling; emotional my,

Friend of friends, bliss for all,

Wondering on earth as birds fly,

My doll, My birdie,

Chirping and tweeting, I love to love high!