Pyar Deewana Hota hai !

On the request of Majworld who wants me to post Happy Wappy songs….. here is the Kishore Kumar…. 🙂



  1. 1 of my favorite song but I personally think your friend doesn’t want you to act happy but be happy 🙂

    • I like almost all songs of Kishore Kumar and Raj Kapoor…. 🙂

      Good observation 🙂

      • Good to know that 🙂

      • Why dont you have posts on your blog???

      • Because I don’t have any post :-$ I publicly do sharing on my facebook & twitter profiles plus occasionally write on my group blog “Writing for a Cause” 🙂
        Kindly do join us on our facebook page plus I would really like if you can contribute a bit to our blog as well if you can have some spare time 🙂

      • Ok…yea i checked yesterday…surely i would like to write on it…there are so many issues to discuss 🙂

      • Thanks a lot for contributing to our blog with really nice post 🙂
        Hope you’ll contribute in future as well 🙂 Kindly do suggest our facebook page to your friends as well.

      • Thanks Wasif…. I surely will Inshallah…. 🙂

      • Thanks once again 🙂
        Kindly next time while posting make sure there is no other post schedule on same day or next day being we want to have 2 posts per week so people should not be irritated 🙂

      • where do i check the schedule…..???

      • When you’re writing a post at that time you can go to “Edit Posts” tab where all the posts with dates mentioned so you can make a suitable schedule for your post 🙂

      • yes i found finally and thanks for helping me out… 🙂

      • 🙂
        I’ve posted a post on Independence Day, Kindly do read, share your valuable views on that and share with your friends as well through facebook fan-page if you like 🙂

      • Nice post you wrote…. great thoughts…. 🙂

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh this one is grttt
    see proffesorrrrrrrr dee like happy happysongs 2

  3. Oh i juz saw that u posted this video and got smile that u posted such song..nd then read that u did on my request :)..thanks thanks..gud to c ur blog happy now 🙂 so stay happy.nd i reallly like this song..

    • yes i actually dedicated this post to you….. 🙂 and thanks for liking

      • thanks a lot CU 🙂

      • you are welcome Awais….. 🙂

        I heard the name “Owais” and “Awais”…whats the meaning of both and whats the difference??????

      • 🙂

    • well, neither I know the meaning nor the difference except spelling 🙂 I never found meaning of Awais anywhere. Only know that Hazrat Awais Karni was a sahabi and heard about him..U must be knowing..Rest, few people spell from O but mostly from A..I do from A 🙂

      • Yes i know about hadrat Owais Karni but i thought you may know the meaning as well….. 🙂

      • No, meaning aaj tk nhi mila 🙂

      • Thanks Wasif… 🙂 it’s really useful knowledge….

        Awais; Wasif told the meaning of Awais and Owais….. 🙂

    • Sorry for getting into your conversation with captureuniverse brother, Good to know your name and just wanna advised you to use “Owais” spellings for your name rather than “Awais” being both are Arabic words with different meanings in just bit difference in pronouncing.
      Owais means “Gifted/Bestowed/Helper/Companion” and Awais means “Chief of Wolves”.
      (ALLAH knows rest)
      Take care.

      • Thanks a lot for sharing the meanings Wasif…It added to my knowledge..Well, its difficult now to change to ‘O’ at this point of life :)..But thanks for sharing the meaning. JazakAllah 🙂

    • Welcome Brother … 🙂

  4. I have posts on my blog, but NO one read it 😦
    nice song DEE

    • hey salman…you are back….dont be sad….you will gain visitors very soon 🙂

  5. Universe sis, Hmmmm Ive known almost always that such music N songs are not allowed in Islam N being a muslim we should not be into listening all this still Allah mercy we did not stop! Few days back Me N hubby went to a seminar in mosque N by goin there N listening to the lecture Allah did put some Hidayat N fear in our hearts so now we are not listening to songs, as the scholar said the one who will listen to music N songs in this world will not be able to listen to the “song” in Jannat hmmmmm – Isn’t that a poor sauda? Why don’t we listen to Naats instead, that will lead us more closer to Allah N our Imaan instead of pushing us away from the right path hmmm. Allah bless, Universe.

    • very true Dua……………you are 100% Right and Inshallah I will try my best to leave my habbit of listening music………..

      Allah may always guide us to right path……..Ameen……..

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