Lesson of Life!

“All students will come in formal dress tomorrow, as you all know we have organized parent’s day function tomorrow.”
Right Ma’am….!
But “Tomorrow” I just forgot and dressed in uniform, on a way to School with Abbu I fell due to unintentional hit and my uniform messed up. I instantly started crying and demanded to take me back and change my uniform but We were almost about to reach and Abbu asked me don’t worry I will talk to your teacher and she won’t say anything but upon reaching the school, we found all in formal dressing and I felt embarrassing cause of forgetting, didn’t say single word and sat on the bench at the end of the hall; Alone and Scared.
Girl sitting at the front bench was making fun of me and mocking but I ………..

My sister’s teacher called me and said she is very naughty. It doesn’t seem that she is your sister and I replied, yes Ma’am …Do I leave now? Bang! ….She slapped me and said I am complaining about your sister and you are making excuses to leave…….
Told everything to Abbu at night and he smiled. Called my younger sister and scolded her in light mood while warned her to behave as your sister got slapped cause of you. I can’t forget the Smile on his face at the moment.

Abbu, bring me new school shoes and bag. Why? He asked. Because School is new and girls make fun of me so I also want new shoes and bag.
Let them do what they want; you should concentrate on your studies.
I couldn’t reply and was standing clueless.

I was crying like anything after Metric result cause couldn’t get high score, Abbu came and started watching TV. I noticed and said do you know about my result? He didn’t bother and remained quiet.
Got admission in the College where I never wanted to but ……….

I have to get admission in bachelor, how will I make it? Go, get forms, fill and submit…. Said Abbu. But do I go alone as Ammi couldn’t because she got operated few days back. Yes! Go alone.
Was I really scared that time to go alone? I guess, No!

Boys are nonsense, why do they behave like jerks? My daily routine to ask same question from Abbu.
He always remained quiet but once he smiled and said I will be really happy on the day when you will say that some guy is sensible, nice and descent.
The day won’t come… Huh!

I have to come back home, don’t want to live in hostel, it’s ridiculous. I am leaving job and that’s final. Ok, come back. After 6 months he replied.
On the Daewoo terminal, he came to take me. It was heavily raining and he was holding umbrella. We hired taxi, he loaded my luggage in taxi and we were on the way to home. Silent!

Are you going to office, did your office driver arrive? Ok, Allah hafiz.
Daily routine to repeat same questions and my same answers…. Yes!
Are you back from office? He was sitting on the same place he used to sit every day.

I and Abbu watching TV and he abruptly asked you spent a whole day away from home at your friend’s place. Yes but I usually go there and you know that, don’t you. Yes but you missed one complete day with me. I was astonished but……
I am leaving today, he spoke these words and sitting on the same place where he used to sit every time and I was standing on the last step of the stairs, called Ammi.
Let’s go to doctor, No!
Seven up with lemon, held glass in his hand and he was looking at me quietly as wanted to say something but couldn’t.
Single moment and everything collapsed with the highest magnitude jolt……!
Saw LIFE converting into DEATH for the first time and it was none other but ABBU.

I learnt lesson of life; “I wanted you to become brave and confident so nothing could block your way. Learn to live without support and face Life.”
Abbu taught me lesson.



  1. Full of unseen & untold emotions, don’t know why are Abbus (dads) usually quite persons? :-/
    Abbu left us also with same message and I’m still looking for him everywhere being he left so many things unanswered 😦
    May ALLAH Keeps Him Under HIS Blessings, Rise Her Among The Good-Ones on Judgment Day and Grant Him Place in Janat-ul-Firdous Accompanied By Family & Friends Along With HIS Prophet (SallALLAH-o-Alaih-e-WaSalam) – (Ameen-Sum-Ameen)

    • i second you….fathers are always quiet and don’t express emotions….which always left us speechless

      • Yes may he be BLESSED =)

      • Yup, they’re but he left me with not letting me understand his spiritual part and kept saying 1 day you’ll understand and its been 4 years now :-S

      • Ameen….thanks for prayers Salman 🙂

      • 🙂 he was write….ou will understand one day but you have to show patience….be patient and wait for the right time……Spirituality is the matter which we use to gain with time and strength to bear its burden….. you father was bearing it so he knew the actual feeling behind….. you will learn your part with time…..learn to wait.. 🙂

      • You’re right … Thanks for the precious advice which I badly in need of 🙂

      • My Pleasure….. Any time… 🙂 if i could help you out anyway….

      • Hmmm … I can only help myself to come out of the issue others can show me the way only which I already knows but not taking.
        Thanks again 🙂

      • We should take advice of others but do follow what we want to…… 🙂
        Have good time ahead….

      • Advises should be taken especially when either you don’t know about something or confused over it etc. but yup the final decision should be ours, not just simply rollover on what others suggested or advised 🙂
        Have a good blessed time ahead in life 🙂
        (Thanks for the help offer but I just need the motivation being I know what I need though its been a decade now fighting with myself)

      • Allah may bless you with what you desire and ofcource we all go through hardship phase where we ourselves lost somehow but remember its just a phase….. 🙂

        Keep struggling….Inshallah Allah will help you all the ways…. 🙂

      • Ameen … Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. It’s the nature’s phenomenon that men are generally not so good at expressing when it comes to sentiments. Yours, mine and most of the fathers around would scarcely speak an emotional word. BUT we need to sense the unsaid words … before it’s too late.

    They teach us in so many ways, we don’t recognize. Alhamdolillah, I am the son of an extraordinarily courageous and remarkably brave man. I dont have words to thank him but then I know a father always understands unsaid words.
    May Allah shower happiness on him. Amin.

    I hope everyone understands what you are trying to express, before its late. Beautiful write-up.

    • Agreed with you brother and thanks for sharing really motivational touchy thought 🙂

    • True….. 🙂
      we should try to understand the unsaid words but its not always possible…. sometime we dont observe and sometime they dont let us understand….

  3. Its really heart touching post CU…:(..I pray that may allah bless his soul and grant him high place in jannat.ameen..And stay strong as he wanted you to be 🙂 Allah bless you.

    • thanks alot Majworld….. 🙂

      Ameen on your prayers….Allah may bless you always and ever 🙂

  4. deeeeeeeeeee ur post bring tearssssss in my eyes this one is great n may Allah grant him place in jannat dee ur father will be proud to have a daughter like u
    so stay happpyyyyyyy:)

    • Thanks alot Rida…..and princess if tears could solve everything….this earth would have been drowned ages back….so stay smily 🙂

  5. Hi Capture Universe, Thanks for commenting on my blog post. I love to see people who comment on it. So, visiting your blog. Fascinated me. And, now I am following you. I loved this post. I hope you will do the same in order to share intellectual stuff. Happy reading.
    Aazar Shad

  6. Hmmmmmmmm reading this made me go totally blank for a minute, Maybe because this entry is one of those that touched me in a very deep way! I’ve been thinking about “death” for sometime now hmmm so maybe that’s why this made me bit heavy in heart. Universe, May your fathers soul rest in peace [Ameen-sum-Ameen] I guess we all are here to somehow teach each other something, some would realize it in time others would not. Sometimes we need to see beyond words said, somtimes with time everythin reveal, N then there is a lesson learned hmmm Am glad you’re into blogging, this way you can spread how to be strong through life. Allah bless you N your loved ones!

    • yes Dua…..Blogging makes me blow out everything i have inside myself…. though no one knows me or many wont try to understand but its a way to speak out….so do I….

      Thanks for liking nd prayers….. 🙂

  7. Dee, i hate you that you never told me..
    But i Love you too Dee =)

    It is so feel-full, and full emotional….I wish you the best from your life..
    Whatever he left unsaid, he wanted you to find out yourself. So you can face the hardships too, which he faced, because it will make you more strong..
    God Bless you Dee!!

    • LOLZ thanks for loving and hating me…. 🙂

      Inshallah….I will try to pass through everything if Allah is there with me…. obviously i need Alla’s guidence at eact and every moment…. 🙂

  8. Okay i am speechless. Bas ek news deni thi,
    Abbu sent me to you.

    • 😛 yea you are there for me but i wish i could be there for you everytime you need me…… 🙂

      Huggssssss bacha

  9. Oh, its almost an year since your abbu departed to the eternal world! Hope his soul is resting in the peace of Jannat!

    The loss indeed was great enough to overcome, but your inspiring self I hope, have learned greater things from the tragedy! God Bless!

    • Hey bro….welcome on my blog after long…. 🙂

      Yes i leant the LIFE and keep on exploring with astonished gestures, how could it have so many faces…. 🙂

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