Pakistan’s Nation; Stand by Army!

September; Month of sacrifices, Month of remembrance, Month of honor!

6th September is ahead when we Pakistanis use to recall the great memoir of our heroes, none other than Pakistan Army.

Our brave soldiers martyred on 6th September, 1965 while fighting against the dignity and sovereign of Pakistan. They stood bravely against enemy lines and fought with courage full of Faith and wisdom. The bravery which needs no words to explain its strength.

The same Pakistan army is fighting bravely against flood disaster, helping humanity, routing them to safe place, arranging shelter, food, and medicines. Nevertheless standing by all not only physically but also morally without botheration of their ownsleves. Month of Ramadan brings blessings but this year sad incident around the whole country made it sadistic, as all are engaged not only in collecting the blessings of holy month but also rushing to help and support the effectives of flood who lost their lives in the biggest calamity in Pakistan.

My words don’t hold the strength to capture the entire incident and its marks but I want all to participate in prayer “Allah, Rahim O Karim Please forgive us and show your mercy upon Ummat e Muhammad SWS”.

Stand by Pakistan Army, Nation it’s the time to unite and grab hands of each other.



  1. dee i totally agreed with u
    our nation should be united
    n unity is the strenght of ur nationnn 🙂

    • princess you are a part of it…. aren’t you??? 🙂

      Crying Mama’s baby…how r u??? 😀

      • yeah definetly i m
        n me fine dee comeon fb or twitterr

  2. I miss the childhood visits to PAF base for watching the air show!

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