I am again into the phase through which I passed an year ago. Loud beat and noise around. Things are getting blurred around, moving into TRANCE.
Want to be free of everything without any Tie and Bound.
I am getting LOUDER once again………..!!!!!!!!!


DJ Tiesto……….JUST BE,……..



  1. Dee! Do I have a right to ask you something? Or even tell you to talk to me?
    I need to talk to you!

  2. 🙂 Why not Salman…..i do talk to you and you can discuss things….. 🙂

    • Last time baat kiye kaafi arsa hogaya hay. The desire to talk to you decrease when seeing you not available to talk. So do take out some time, if you want to.

      • sure…why not……..let me login………wait for 5 min…okay…. 🙂

    • Waiting!

  3. its bit sad nd frustrating when u get back in to a phase u thought u r over from and moved way ahead. It makes u feel down to level zero again..juz be cool..patience and faith will end this noise..
    never thought u vl be listening to ep’ kahan hai tu :p.

    • Few things never leave your back and they randomly awake to remind you that shadows never lag….

      LOLZ….why??? can’t i listen EP…..??? 😀 I also Love hamesha and waqt by EP….and NOORI…. 🙂

      • ya few things leave back late but eventually they do..with time..
        nd OMG u r real rock music fan :p..waisay hi it was bit surprising that u listening such rock songs :D..i like them too..esp noori is my very fav as his songs are motivational..

      • LOLZ…. i think you took me slow motion tortoise…. 😀

        I like variety of things….depending upon the mood…..

        Specially trance…..

      • haha..slow motion tortoise :D..ya, may be i didn’t associate such rock song with u..:)..but its gud to like variety of things :) i got u :p

      • LOLZ…but i am sure you didn’t get me till now…. 😀

  4. History repeats itself does it?…

    • I am afraid it does… though intensity might be low but it does hit and AJ KISSI NE MUJHE KAHA HAI K LIFE BOHT ZALIM HAI…. 😦

  5. hmmmmmm

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