My Princess’s Birthday!!

Seems like the birthday season is on its peak, because the celebration of my birthday hasn’t ended yet and see who is getting in the run with a crown in her hair, dressed in an exquisite and striking gown looking pretty as a princess. And oh, did I just mention ‘princess’?
Well, no other words would go well, coz my ladli princess is incomparable! And yes, it’s her birthday today! =)

Now I wont go khaali haath in her birthday party!!! Lets see what have I got!! 😀

Happy birthday, who would have thought?
Inside the box, guess what I brought!
I’m sure you’ll like it, more as you age,
You are the focus, on center stage.

The gifts I crought aren’t attractive but clear,
Once you see it, I’m expecting a Cheer!
I know you will need them, on your Adventures,
Inside the box, a new set of dentures!

LOLZZZ.. Kidding I was, but jee gurya rani, if you skip your meals on a regular basis, I think I’d have to gift you a pair of dentures on your next birthday! 😀 😀 😀

Haan jee Rida princess,
you always complain that I scold you, so today, today, today, today is special, so today a bonus daant! 😀
Aray first blow the candles!! Lets have come cake! Meetha mu hoga tou daant bhi meethi paregi 😀


The gifts I brought for you are the ones I found from life. What it taught me, is what I want you to learn at the start of this year. Whats gone is now gone. But whats ahead is what you can own!
So, lets not that that salty, a little spicy and a little sweetness will work I guess! 😀

-The gems I found, which I pass on to you-

Once me and my friend were having a discussion on life and its brutalities, the lesson I learnt from that conversation- is what I want you to remember forever!
Life starts with the birth day and ends on death day, there is only a travel left in between, what’s the reason to make it splendor by our own means, it’s moving on by the line, will take its own turns and destiny is no more longing; actually very near.

. “When you will die, your grave will have Two dates; your Birthday date and your Death date, the only thing that will make them apart is a small DASH, so be Dashing, What’s harm in it.”
The line onwards, I started “Be Dashing”……. !

“Sorrow is the nail which once put in the heart can never be snuff out by the hammer of any joy.”

What is the purpose of living a life with a saddened soul? Teary eyes can blur the vision of the clearest and brightest snaps, so why be sad? Why prefer isolation when we know that once it grows its roots in here, no matter how hard we try we cannot go back to the past.. and be the same again..
Smile is a curve, but keeps everything straight..
Stay smiling gurya =)

“Life is cherishable with Friends; Keep your circle alive to not break the chain of precious friends, It’s a Treasure you can never search again.”

Friends- good and bad, will coe across throughout your vuyage, but what you have to do, is pick the best ones, and be there with them, but that doesn’t mean only YOU are for them, they are there for you too.. trust in this bond, its priceless. Good friends are hard to find, yet its easy, very easy to make them leave.
don’t go away from them, and don’t let them go away from you.
their presence will light up your life!

The ones who care for you, the ones you want in your life, and the ones who have gone.. are the ones which add a little color to your life. Without them, it would be dull. With them, the road may be bumpy, but the journey will be joyous.
Princess, no matter what happens, NO one will be there for you forever. Other than the one who is your Creator. BUT that does NOT mean that other people you meet, if they aren’t permanent, then you should live life alone. If it was supposed to be that way, then God would have never sent us in this world without relations. Each person we meet has a unique part in our lives, and we MUST cherish their presence. When life is finite, how can we expect our sorrows to be everlasting? Khushi aur ghum har jagha hongay, lekin un rishton ko, jo humaray paas hain, humain nahi bhulana.

Last but so not the least!
NOTE: This is a combined threat from all the people you know.
“Dare to skip your meals again,
and we..wont talk to you then!”

Your life is what God has given you, its just your duty to live it the way HE wants, and that includes ‘taking proper care of yourself’. If not for us, not for your family, not for the pain you are suffering from, then for HIM. YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE. For once if you start doing this with a niyyat of making Allah happy, trust me, He will start making things happen the way you want them to be!

Uff, I can give such long lectures! 😀 ab its time for you to eeeenjooyyy!!

Today is your day,
You can scream and shout,
So I would like to say,
I love you and there’s no doubt.

You deserve everything I can give,
But I can only give you a little,
I’m happy that you can live,
You make me as happy as a skittle.




  1. hai yeh kya horaha hai jee n kb hua yeh
    i m astonished thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    n dee surely i will act on your advice 🙂
    u made my day including goofyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    itne ache friends ansu in my choti choti eyes
    n meal ka i will think bhae 😉
    to eat regularly is difficult for me 😛
    ALLah mian thank u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i tnae pyare pyare dost diye hain app nae
    app logggggggggggggg bussssssssssssssss zbardasttttttttttt hai n bht bht ache hain
    ap fikr na karen n i blow all the candle
    yummmy cake 😉

  2. […] I m lucky tohave a friend like u next thanks goes to my best friend Saba fazlani she send me this  I want to thank one more personality  my greatest DEE in the whole world  here is the link just check it out what she did 4 me u r stunning awsome […]

  3. Speechless, 1 of the most beautiful post ever read 🙂 No thanks being my barbie deserve more than that [more ‘Daant Dapat’ as well :-D]
    BTW long long lectures proves ‘Masoom Masoom Kiddies Are in Danger because of Their IT In-charge 😛 [Thanks for beautiful lecture as its for everyone not only mean to my sweet angelic Barbie :-)]

    • LOLZ…..u should feel sympathy for me….they are such horrible kids …i never came acroos such freaky kids….. 😛

      • Nope, I Feel For Poor Angelic Kids 😛 And Perhaps Aunt Forgot Her Childhood As Well The Freakiest One 😛

  4. wow ! such a wonderful beautiful birthday wish 🙂 … Rida is indeed so lucky to have such caring and loving friends 🙂

    • in fact one always have such friends in life…we just need to sense…. 🙂

  5. aww… this is so cute. I hope she had a good day 🙂

  6. Hey Happy bday to her :)..I am bit late though..

  7. this is divine 🙂 I haven’t bee around my friend blogs for ages – sorry about that and belated wishes 🙂 hope you made her day glow 😀

  8. Hey happy birthday to Rida, though I’m late for which I’m sorry, but I hope she had an excellent day IA :-). And this is an excellent post. Says a lot!

    • Hi Haris…how r u doing…??? and ue birthday wish is accepted…. 🙂

  9. First of all i am being honest, i couldn’t read the whole post, but i can see it was Rida’s birthday, Happy Birthday Rida, what’s was the date ? 5th November. so you are Scorpio too, same as mine but i am 11th November 😛 and yes they are damn good people 😉 though i guess not in my case 😦

    • 🙂 everyone is good enough ….. these are differences in thoughts which make everyone different….. 🙂

      why are you placing yourself in “NOT GOOD” people…. 🙂

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