Never Been Accepted (Part III)

On the last day of 2010 wanted to leave behind every fear and destruction, also to show the world the picture of their cruelty and fake expressions which apparently seem glitter but they have never been gold.

It’s just a picture which appeared in my mind at night with its clarity and focused zoom and made me to write the third part of “Never Been Accepted” in continuation of Never Been Accepted Part I and Never Been Accepted Part II. Hedges are so closed and transparent so I couldn’t resist typing the words bumping upside down in fragile Brain of mine.

The era has reached when every person of the family requires to earn for his/her survival without any hesitation of being called mediocre or BRANDED high status ELITE. There is no shame in doing job whether one has got degree from some local university or foreign SYMBOLED institute but somehow foreign returns are prior which is not more than our mind illness or degrading our own country Pakistan.

Anyhow, returning to the point of interaction which is JOB. Obviously it’s never a smack on someone’s face whether you are tagged good looking or stigmatic ugly faced. Though I am bit or highly bitter in using words but that’s a profound reality which I have come across in every single step at stages of my life and which made me to expose few lines of my life not for the sake of gaining sympathies or drowning someone in the pool of hatred but to reflect the actual picture from its NEGATIVE.

It’s been more than FIVE years in job and during the tenure switched five organizations and by the grace of Allah, has always got the opportunity to work in the best organizations regarding its ground. But it’s the UNIVERSAL TRUTH that all glitters are never gold and there are always black sheep in the meadow to destroy its beauty.

Am I prolonging the topic? 😛

I am amazingly joyous here and enjoying like everything. It’s totally new experience for me. My team is incredible so do my heads. I adore them for each and every cooperation. Thank god, I am not answerable to the head where I am presenting my services or I would have rushed without any second note. Six months passed away and probation period over with appreciative certificate and prize for the “Employee of the Month”.

But before I could celebrate the happiness which I had and as per my head “None of our employee in even three to four years job at your same position could work so well as you did in just six months of your probation period. We are pleased to have you in our team”, organization shuffled the employees and transfer me to the placement I was working on and now the BIG day mare was reporting to the HEAD of the Placement. :O

Sir I am not going to continue here, it’s genuinely tough to work with the people of the office, not because I can’t work but because they won’t let me.

Now you came under me and now I will let you know how to work and answer me. It’s up to you, how will you survive? :O

Hey don’t leave, still you are working for us but sadly reporting to the head of your placement. We don’t want to lose you; you are an asset for us. But sir…… ! 😦 try for just one month, will you? OKAY…!


Late sitting till 7 to 8 PM, completed all tasks, counter checked all. Mailed to every Head, reported all the tasks and final moment to take just SIGNATURE on document from the HEAD.

How dare you brought the document to me for the signature? You are placing all the responsibility on my shoulders. How do I know whether it’s correct or not? You don’t know how to work. How can you bring to head for the signature? Why do I take all the responsibility? Sir, you are heading us and department wants your signature, not mine and I have mailed you all the reporting facts and figures. Yes but I don’t have time to read all the mails. Sir, she didn’t do anything, all is done by I and she is tagging everything with her name. What? Sir you are misrepresenting, it’s my job and department knows that. No, you are not aware of work, first you need to collect acceptance certificates from all the offices and then you have to bring for the signature to the Head. But sir, it’s not like that. I am not signing it; wait for me till I return from a visit. But sir it’s already 6:00pm and I need to leave. It’s winter and getting dark. I don’t know anything and left.
Next day, Sir I stayed in office till 8:00pm and collected certificates from all the offices and she left and was abusing the organization. What? You did so. No sir, I didn’t. you simply don’t understand your work and your position, you are no more than ordinary employee. Do nothing and just wasting our time and energy, department always complain about your tasks. You are rubbish.

Zipped lips and just called previous head, don’t know what made me crying and said just one word. Let me go sir, I am not going to stay here anymore.

Come to my room, she abused our organization, never completed her tasks, always complain about duties etc etc. Some invisible force held my tongue. Who you are, NOTHING. We gave you job just because we feel pity for you because your father died and you were earning only 10K. It is us who gave you good job with handsome salary of 20K, but sir I was getting 18K with other incentives in previous job. Huh, We are giving you bread and butter and if you are leaving mistake, it is saddening but doing a big mistake of your life. Otherwise your work is totally ridiculous, RUBBISH. Your appearance, Huh…. You are not good looking, neither your getup nor your features. Simply you worth nothing. You are not eligible to work in our prestigious organization but only because of sympathy we hired you or else we could have hundreds in line much better than you in every respect. More presentable, good looking, well dressed and acceptable. ACCEPTABLE.

ACCEPTABLE was the word that always played a sharp character in my LIFE’s drama. There was no defensive word in my vocabulary and just left without saying “wasting” single line.

The very next day, put resignation on the table, called departmental head and said sorry and thanks. Sorry to not continue job and thanks for complimentary reward and prize.

Listen girl, must remember that Life is very cruel so must learn to deal with it carefully. Rest I wish you high peaks of success in your life for your future.

I am sorry sir but I will must count your words. 🙂

That was all about “Never Been Accepted” but yes didn’t forget to say one line to the immediate Boss “You are not giving me bread and butter, neither you nor your organization but it’s only Allah who has this responsibility and I am always obliged to him for giving me everything, my bread and butter was written in this organization so got job here without any reference and now it’s over so Allah is always there to provide me the substitute. I AM NEVER EVER THANKFUL TO YOU”. Sometime that makes me sick to feel that this line will never go out of my senses but surely there is one who watches and looks carefully to each and every creature of him.

On the same day, got a very deferential job by the grace of Allah in one of the best international organization who admired qualification and didn’t count APPEARANCE & LOOKS.

Do strength, experience and qualification make a difference or exterior?

When will we learn to not spoil our youth and admire their hidden talent instead of materialism? Thought provoker, isn’t it?

It’s the END of 2010 and I plead to everyone to stop dismissing your habituates, accept them the way they are. Their skills might lead the world one day, who knows….!

Goodbye 2010! 🙂


What we got & left in 2010…!

we always use to make hundreds of resolutions every year. Some of them come true but most of them by pass un noticed. Here I want to let everyone admit, “What he got and left in 2010?”

Why’z n Who’z n Do’z n If’z

Why’z n Who’z n Do’z n If’z

Was spying at my darling’s blog (Shagufta) after long and found TAG. :O O’My My, I am tagged. Fheww, who will write and write and so many secrets…. 😛
Let me try to lie, sugar coated….. 😉

4 WHY’s:

1. Why are you best friends with your best friend?
Because, we don’t make or search friends rather they have already been decided for us by Allah pak. So why not to be best buddy rather buddy. 😛

2. Why did you get into Blogging?
One fine day I came across WORDPRESS and thought to play HIDE & SEEK. 😉

3. Why did your parents give you the name you have?
My uncle gave me the name I have and hey don’t mess up with me because I just LOVE it not only because it’s beautiful but it’s meaning sounds volume.

4. Why are you doing this survey?
Because, it’s very TINY wish of my darling and somehow can’t say NO. She is my Sweetheart. 😀

Two would-you-ever’s

1. Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you?
Once the door closed can never be opened and if it does, the road will never be as smooth as it was. By the way, not my cup of tea…. 😛

2. Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love?
Scratching head…..*

5 DO’s :

Do you think anyone likes you?
Mother, Unconditionally and without any reason. 🙂

Do you ever wish you were someone else?
No. Am I lying? Neaaa…. 😀

Do you know the muffin man?
Who is he? 😛

Does the future scare you?
Who knows will I be there in very next moment or not.

Do your parents know about your blog?

6 WHERE’s:

Where does your best friend(s) live?

Where did you last go?
Kitchen…. 😛

Where did you last hang out?
UmmmmmYmmmmmm………………. Don’t remember. I am sooooooooo OUTDATED… 😛

Where do you go to school?
University. Why are you laughing, hmmmm! I am serious, my school was inside the University.

Where is your favorite place to be?
I just wish could go there but couldn’t make it. 

Where did you sleep last night?
on the mattress.

3 IF’s:

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
I would have snatched and hide sorrows and spread BIG SMILES on each and every face.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?
it’s not one.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring one thing, what would you?
Cell phone with it’s tower (Khamba) 😉 😀

Are you happy with your life right now?
Why should I be not? 

My all readers are tagged….. (Lag jao kaam pe) 😀

Yogurt Fruit Chart…!

Recipe 1:

1 and 1/2 cup Yogurt,
5 table spoon Sugar,
3/4 tea spoon Salt,
1 table spoon Black pepper,
3 medium size Apples,
4 Banana,
2 chunks of grapes,
1/2 tin Pineapple,
Strawberry if available,
3 Oranges,

Mix Yogurt. Add sugar, salt, black pepper. Make thick mixture.
Cut the fruits in small pieces and add them one by one into mixture. In the end, mix so all the fruits get dipped into yogurt mixture. Keep in fridge for an hour to serve cold Yogurt fruit chart.

Note: 1 table spoon cream can be added to add flavor.

Recipe 2:

1 and 1/2 cup yogurt,
1/2 tea spoon salt,
5 table spoon Tang (Lemon or Orange) according to flavor,
3 table spoon sugar,
3 medium size Apples,
4 Banana,
2 chunks of grapes,
1/2 tin Pineapple,
Strawberry if available,
3 Oranges,

Mix yogurt. Add salt, sugar into yogurt and stir till it get mixed.
Cut the fruits into small pieces and add them one by one into mixture of yogurt. In the end, sprinkle Tang powder and mix them well. Keep it into fridge for an hour to serve chilled Yogurt fruit salad.

Note: One table spoon Cream can be added for flavor.

Friend’s Conversation….!

Why are you so stupid?

Am I?

Yes you are…..

But when did I show any sort of stupidity to you?

I am talking about the overall in general… But, I am not stupid.

It’s your view but not mine.


So, what sort of answer do you want from me? Serious or in my way…..



Well I am not stupid. If things are not on my way and I can’t change them anyway, it’s better to stay away.
Sometime it’s better to swallow everything without bringing anything to anyone’s notice.

So; I was right about you.


That you are stupid.

Ah! You will never understand.

Then let me understand.

You think the same way as others do about me and I don’t break anyone’s heart; I am so generous, you
know me. Don’t you?

Yes I know.

Come on; why are you getting so serious. You have hundreds of intellectual friends, if one is stupid; does that sound volume?


Why Not Me….??? Enrique Iglesias

Hamein Tumse Pyar Kitna (Violin)

I love the rythm of Violin, so do I love this song…..Combination of both….. 🙂