Night time nonsense…!

I am getting sleepy but no mood to sleep… thought to pass time and here I am with my thoughts from DUFFERISTAN….! 😛

Worst habit of childhood?
LOLZ….. I was stubborn like everything and used to scream and cry with loud sound to burst vocal cords.

Best habit of childhood?
*Rolling eyes*…Did I have any??? 😛

My worst past time?
The moment dad left.

My best past time?
My 1st year result, literally jumped when heard my score. 😛

What was the weight when first time ever stood on weight machine?
Weight machine screamed 54kg… 😛 I was very healthy.

Favorite flower?
White Tube rose 🙂

Right now I am sitting on???
Mattress with laptop in lap… 🙂

The sms just received from???
My friend, Diano. 🙂

My next day plan?
Have to go to market to buy shoes for cousin’s wedding… 😛

When I feel angry?
Recite Darood e Pak SWS and try to remain quiet or burst into anger like everything. Agghhh my temper… :/

Right now I want to eat?
ICE CREAM 😛 I can’t ever resist ice cream. MY CRUSH 😛

I want to go???
On long drive at night with myself …. 😛 are you thinking about my current state of mind? 😛

The current balance in mobile?
20 Rs… 😀

I am waiting for?
Ummm….Nothing….. Yea SLEEP to arrive at…. 😛 CHUK CHUK Train. 😀

Am I thinking about someone?
Dad…. You are never out of my mind. Sometime I really get irritated, why do you hang out all the time with me… How idiotic I Am… 😦

Am I listening???
Yes, voice from inside. “Rab dill’an wich wasda”

I am dying to read?
Nothing, I am getting allergic of reading. 😦 very bad.

If anyone is reading this post?
Heyyy….Please don’t take me as a CRAZY being, it’s just cause I am drowsy. 😛

Listen folks, you are all tagged so start behaving nonsense as I did…. 😉 😛


قصہ پارینہ

ایک گزری شب کی داستان ؛

صدی بیتی نہ تھی پر ہر لمحہ صدی پہ محیط تھا ،

اندھیرے کا آنچل تھامے ہر پہر سناٹے کی زد میں تھا ،

الفاظ تھے گویا وقت کی دھیمی چال،

رواں یوں جیسے فرصت سے سجی بساط ،

کچھ ہولے کچھ دھیمے ، گویائی سے محروم اسباق ،

یوں دوہراے ، کہیں ٹوٹ نہ جائے حافظے کے امکانات ،

ایسی سسکتی جیسے ہوا کے دوش پی رندھی آواز ،

کٹیں گھڑیاں یوں من چلے ،

ہوا بیدم ہوئی اوس کی جب ہوئی برسات،

فسانہ تھا شب کا ،

ادھورا ہی رہ گیا ،

جب ہوئی تنہائی کو مات،

کیسے لٹاتی دل کا نگر،

بے وجھے، بے رحم ،

جب محرم کا نہیں تھا ساتھ ،

داستان تھی شب ، ازبر ہو گیئ،

نامکمل، ناشاد ،

ہرچند قصہ ے پارینہ ہو گیئ ،

وصل کی وو شب داستان، ادھورا فسانہ رہ گیئ !

Swallowed in Solitude!

I have nothing in minds to write, nor it’s working but I am feeling to write something but the visual is not clear.
Where do I start??? Ummmm…..Don’t know but I am really pissed off, I am tired and I am not exagerating, I really am…. Why don’t anyone understand that I am down but how will anyone understand because I didn’t let anyone know about my inertia… :/
Though I have thousands around but still I am lonely.
I just want to runaway, fly…. fly high with open wings but they have been cut down, no one is blamed of but actually I don’t have any reason to blame any. No one is responsible.
Why I am here and why am I writing. Don’t know…..
I am tired of routine, laugh, smiles, giggles.
Silent road, peace and darkness, top of the hill, lush green hill, a huge tree, full moon and solitude & none other than I.
I am suffocated, let me breathe. Why there is so much noice around, why don’t they just SHUTUP
I am going nuts….
Why did I write all such ridiculous lines…but who cares….it’s my blog and I have freedom to write whatever I want to… Hmmphhh….!

Ongi Bongiannnnn ….!!!!!!!!

Days are getting hectic day by day, routine is almost upset and I Am not getting time to take nap even……

It’s 4:22PM and I am scratching head, rubbing eyes as they are filled with tears (WATER :D), so they are screaming loudly for a nap. 😛

Head on the Desk…..Bang Bang…..Wake Uppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will die, Please get up all of you and leave….. Grrrhhhhhhhhh…. :@
They have created so much mess in my Lab….Hey you all…..fix all the chairs and turn off system… Dam it…

Lalalalaaallaaaaa…… Printing printing printing…..Aghhhh Buffalo mistake….can’t you see….wasted prestigious papers…. 😛

My my…Taxi Chacha calling….Let’s go mara….. 😦 I am tired…. 😦
Come on guys, have to go on function as well…..Please have some sympathy for me….. 😛

Bolo na…..Baghhhhhh…………….

I will kick you all now….. *kill… Rather… 😛 😀 😦 😦 😦

It’s third day and I couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours max…. 😦
How cruel… *with myself…. :S 😛 😦

Hanging Marmalade!

Sugar coated arguments and marmalades are fruitions and delicious, that is not remained a conviction but assurance of acceptance at high peaks by your highness of our society. Nevertheless we are far away from inclined and flexible upstanding and unvalued to bear the losses but still we are here for the survival in devastating and seductive conditions. Infusion of every abnormality in normality is the moralized form of our bitchy glamorous surrounding but unfortunately again the acceptance stands on the spot where winners can’t position there achievement.

Normalization; though it’s not the terminology of Database only but it has its own space in vocabulary rush. The word has lost its meaning decades ago and we are just recalling the dead motives just to attain the amusement and appreciation among rulers. Apparently and unseeingly, both reside under the burden of soil and lost their breath due to suffocation and ofcource once dead can’t be alive but still we are holding the string for the miracle to happen.

Why are we desperate after electing the ELITE? Choice and decision are made and now we should remain firm with our selection for realizing the world that you have left with enough grace and morality.

Go Nation!

آلود ا ع

اے مسافر ٹہر جا ،

حیات کے چند لمحے ادھار تھے ؛ وہ چکا دے

بس کچھ ساعت کی مہلت کچھ لمحوں کا تاوان دے ،

ہاں مجھے اقرار ہے محبّت تمہی سے کی تھی ،

یہ الفت تمہی سے کی تھی ،

وعدہ ے وفا کیا تھا ؛ صرف تمہی سے پیار کیا تھا ،

وہ ساتھ تمام لمحے تھے ، جب تم ہم سے دور چلے تھے ،

اتنا ہی کہنا تھا، اب لوٹ جا ،

ہمارے بیچ کی راہوں میں تمام سسکیاں دب چکیں ،

اے مسافر تو اب لوٹ جا !