Swallowed in Solitude!

I have nothing in minds to write, nor it’s working but I am feeling to write something but the visual is not clear.
Where do I start??? Ummmm…..Don’t know but I am really pissed off, I am tired and I am not exagerating, I really am…. Why don’t anyone understand that I am down but how will anyone understand because I didn’t let anyone know about my inertia… :/
Though I have thousands around but still I am lonely.
I just want to runaway, fly…. fly high with open wings but they have been cut down, no one is blamed of but actually I don’t have any reason to blame any. No one is responsible.
Why I am here and why am I writing. Don’t know…..
I am tired of routine, laugh, smiles, giggles.
Silent road, peace and darkness, top of the hill, lush green hill, a huge tree, full moon and solitude & none other than I.
I am suffocated, let me breathe. Why there is so much noice around, why don’t they just SHUTUP
I am going nuts….
Why did I write all such ridiculous lines…but who cares….it’s my blog and I have freedom to write whatever I want to… Hmmphhh….!



  1. To all your questions, I would say “Happy Monday Morning!” 😉
    Work is again here.

    • 🙂 Work is always around me….or I will get suffocated without it…. 😛 I am surely work alcohlic…. 😀

  2. oh..quite a bad mood…it happens, such phase..comes on everyone..try to relax bit..take bit of break from work for a day or two and enjoy..it vl helpp

    • kahan ki break aur kon c break….mere bacho ka cource reh jaye ga to wo poora karaney ap ayain ge….. 😛

  3. Living and surviving in that crowd and multitude of millions, we still find ourselves lonely. Such an irony. Isn’t it ?

    I love your idea of seeking peace and tranquality. Top of the hill. Trees. Moonlight. A million stars gazing and staring down. And it triggers such a craving for my rucksack, sleeping bag and hiking tent 🙂

  4. BHAO!

    *runs away*

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