ادھورے الفاظ

اتنے درد لکھے زندگی نے میرے نام ،

اب تو مسکراہٹ کا مفہوم بھی یاد نہیں ،

اتنے خواب بکھرے میرے ہر شام ،

اب تو آرزوں کا ابہام بھی یاد نہیں !



کچھ تو ہوا ہے پر تم بتانا نہیں چاہتے ،
کچھ نہیں ، تمہاری غلط فہمی ہے .
پریشان ہو ؟
نہیں .
اچھا رہنے دو . گھر جا کر آرام کرنا ، تھک گئے ہو .
کسی سے جھگڑا ہوا تمہارا ؟ کسی نے کچھ کہا تمسے ؟ بتا دو .
نہیں ؛ کہا نہ کچھ نہیں ہوا . آخرتم اتنے سوال کیوں کرتی ہو ؟
تم جواب جو نہیں دیتے .
ماں کی طبیعت کل رات سے خراب ہے . سنبھل ہے نہیں رہی . تمام رات جاگ کر گزاری ہے ، اب کچھ آرام ہے .
تمنے پہلے کیوں نہیں بتایا ، ڈاکٹر کو بلوا لیتے ، اگر طبیعت مزید بگڑ گیئ تو ……
تم اداس نہ ہو ، انشاللہ ماں کی طبیعت سنبھل جائے گئی.
ہم !
آخر تم میری زندگی سے چلی کیوں نہیں جاتی ؟ ہر انسان کو آزاد رہنے اور آزادانہ سوچ کا مکمل حق ہے . تم ہر شہ میں دخل نہ دو تو بہتر ہے .
تم ناراض کیوں ہو رہے ہو ، میں نے تم سے کوئی حق تو نہیں مانگا ، صرف تمہاری پریشانی کا سبب ہی تو جاننا چاہا ہے .
کیوں ؛ آخر کیوں بتاؤں میں تمہے اپنی پریشانی کا سبب ؟ مجھے تمہاری فکر کی پرواہ نہیں ہے . تم میری فکر کرنا چھوڑ دو !
مگر !
میرے پیچھے آنا چھوڑ دو ، تمہے کچھ حاصل نہیں ہو گا .

ہوا بہت تیز ہو گیئ تھی . کھڑکی بند کرنا بہتر رہے گا ، یوں بھی اب یہاں کوئی کسی کا منتظر نہیں !

تمام راستے تبدیل ہو چکے تھے ، جن راہوں پر تمنے ہاتھ چھوڑا تھا ، تمنے شائد جاننے کی کوشش نہیں کی کہ اس صحرا کو تنہا کس طر ح پار کیا تھا ……
اپنا راستہ خود تلاشا تھا میں نے اور اب اس راستے کی دھول بھی نظروں سے اوجھل ہو چکی ہے .
تم لوٹ جاؤ اور دوبارہ ان راہوں پر گزرے لمحے تلاش کرنے نہ آنا . ……..!

کھڑکی بند ہو چکی تھی ؛ ہوا کو شور اب مدھم ہو چکا تھا .
شائد طوفان تھمنے والا ہے !

تمہارا بےپناہ خیال رکھنا ، تمہارے دکھ پر اداس ہونا اور تمہاری خوشی پہ مسکرانا ؛ یہ سب تمہارے لئے بیڑیاں تھیں ، میں نے اپنے ہاتھوں سے توڑ دیں .

آباد رہنا اور زندگی کے ساحلوں پر خوشیوں کے موتی چننا ؛ د عا مکمّل کر کے ہاتھ سمیٹ لئے !
راہیں بدل بھی جایئں ، دعا یں نہیں بدلا کرتیں ……

ہوا کو شور آنا بند ہو گیا تھا !

Roadside Cactus…!

Cactus is a plant which I would love to have because it appears beautiful if has been planted in a pot but today I couldn’t stop myself from taking a photo of CACTUS which was grown outside a bungalow.

There is nothing amazing about but I came cross such a huge bloomed cactus for the first time, so thanks to my Samsung Star which has always been there to store something clicking in its memory.. 😛

Peshawar is not a VILLAGE!

Peshawar is the ancient city of Asia which is preserved by no effort but fortunately. It has its own individuality and colors which aren’t spread intentionally by the government and media though no one can deny its legendry history and invasions.

Peshawar is not a VILLAGE; the concept is commonly circulated around the Pakistan and it’s not exaggerations but a reality.

Do Peshawar have roads? Oh! I thought it’s surrounded by the hills and people are living in small soil made houses having guns and turbans.

Aren’t these questions enough to leave one open mouthed as same as I was when heard such beautiful remarks about Peshawar from the citizens of Punjab.

“I think we should organize training in Islamabad because Peshawar situation is vigilant and I don’t want to die in bomb blast.” Statement by a Karachi citizen.

Sir, with due respect, is Peshawar situation worst than Karachi where you are daily fighting with your life to give you chance to survive unintentional and intentional target killing, street snatching, murder, fighting over tiny issues and threats by various unknown hidden suspects.

Peshawar is the capital of NWFP though it has become Pukhtonkhwa but I am still using NWFP because I am against the name change strategy of so called government representatives. They are never the representatives of whole population of NWFP, otherwise they wouldn’t have changed the name which was given by the Qaid e millat and his supporters.

Fort Balahisar; the famous and legendry fort which is the superior heritage of NWFP and preserved carefully but unfortunately sealed for the citizens because of security measures and nowadays under the military control. The one thing which I did unlawful is took the snap of it while passing. Obviously it was my good luck that wasn’t caught by the security guards otherwise that would be my last step in the open air.


Took some snaps though are not clear but still I want to display on my blog to make visitors change their opinion abour Peshawar and Peshawarites……!


Shama chowk is a U-turn before Tehkal road and adjacent to Khyber road.


The first entrance of hayatabad is known as Phase III Chowk.


Jeegos is in the center. Phase IV on the right back, Phase I on the front right, Phase III on the left back and Phase II on the Left front.


Zarghoni Mosque at the Entrance of Phase VI.


Mountain view of Afgan border from the top view of my house. Mountains didn’t appear clear from the top floor but instead of not taking I felt better to take a snap…. !

Grrrrr! Boys

I hate men and I hate them like everything…..

O listen, this thing didn’t build up in my thoughts all of a sudden but it crept up with the passage of time like parasite….

Who cares, these are just girls. Nothing matters whatever they achieve in life or where ever they would reach in heights, they will remain girls and they would have to live as others are living. They are not boys to be treated royally.

What if I would have a son, at least he would be a helping hand with whom I could share my feelings, thoughts and can discuss matters. These are just girls and will remain forever.

I wish would have son, at least you would not get onto my nerves; he would keep you in your limits. You argue so much, he would have put a bridle on you.

She got distinction. Oh really but it’s not a big deal, she can’t be boy. So stay calm.

Why don’t you listen to me, I am not suggesting you any wrong thing. It’s all about our future, though I am a girl but I can suggest you some good advices. I have all my senses working, why don’t you keep an ear on my words?

You should hold your tongue and reserve your comments to yourself; you are a girl so define your limits. Can never substitute of a son.

You should be careful, he is a boy. Though he is younger by you and your cousin but still he has supreme position and more beloved to the entire family. Males always have prior place than girls.

I was an apple of the family cause was the first baby of the family but now I don’t even exist for any cause I am not son and he holds a top position. His clothes, his shoes. He is returning home in minutes so make ready a glass of juice. Nobody can have meal without him. Keep good things for him; listen to him, bla bla bla…. but NANO…!

I wish would have one brother, at least we would have family. No I should have son so you would be in control. You are a girl and shouldn’t extend your boundaries. No one will accept you; you should be very down to earth and keep your thoughts limited rather making standards.

When did I make standards? When did I raise my expectations? When did I open my mouth? What’s my fault, that I am girl?

Isn’t it true girls?
Isn’t it a dilemma of 99% girls of our society?

But that thing didn’t raise anything but just anger and annoyance….